What is the strength of the supreme Lao Jun? Why did Sun Wukong do nothing when he made trouble in heaven?

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What is the strength of the supreme Lao Jun? Why did Sun Wukong do nothing when he made trouble in heaven? The following Chinese story network Xiaobian will bring you detailed answers.

In Taoist mythology, the supreme Lao Jun is the founder of Taoism, and his status should be ranked first in Taoism. So many people don’t understand why the Supreme Lord should help the Jade Emperor. In fact, their identities are not the same. Although the Jade Emperor is also a Taoist figure, his identity is the master of the three realms. High status does not mean high magic power. Theoretically, the supreme Lao Jun is the same age as heaven and earth. His strength will not lose to anyone, let alone be fooled by Sun Wukong. In fact, supreme Lao Jun still has many abilities that have not been brought into play, and he has secretly changed the fate of many characters.


The Jade Emperor is the leader of the three realms, but the most powerful person in the three realms is the supreme Laojun. People are often misled by some clips in TV dramas or original works. They think that the supreme Laojun can’t even hold the monkey and makes the monkey fall upside down. In fact, it’s not. It’s because the supreme Laojun is too strong. He destroys the sky and the earth with his hands raised, which makes the three realms tremble. He treats the monkey king like a little grandson, Can it be said that the little grandson took the adult’s bench away when the adult was unprepared and let someone fall, which means that the child is better than the adult?

In fact, there are also some details in the original work, which reveal the true cultivation of the supreme Laojun. It mainly mentions three things: one is to incarnate Pangu to break the earth, the other is to incarnate Nuwa to refine stones and mend the sky, and the other is to transform Hu into Buddha and open up a Buddhist sect. These three events show his great power, which can not be matched by any immortal. This also explains why Lao Jun, as the founder of Taoism, not only doesn’t stop or even helps the Buddha’s Buddhist Scripture collection plan, because people don’t care whether you have more Buddhist or Taoist territory.

Lao Jun is quiet and does nothing. When he is free, he likes to refine pills and cast utensils at home, and this home is the dourate palace. The reason why we have all impressions of this residence is that after Monkey King’s big peach banquet, he was so drunk that he couldn’t tell the way. He came to the dourate palace unconsciously.

In fact, if we carefully analyze it, Sun Wukong never came here because he said he had lost his way. Just like he couldn’t fly out of the palm of the Tathagata anyway, Lao Jun exercised a magic power to let him go to the palace no matter how he went. Is there any basis for saying so?

Yes, first, although Sun Wukong has been in heaven for a long time, he has never visited the Supreme Lord. Why can he come here when he is drunk? You know, although he drinks a lot, he still has a sense in his heart. In his heart, he knows that he has committed a crime, and now his idea is how to escape. However, the distance between Dou rate palace and heaven is very far, and it is very difficult for Sun Wukong to find it.


Second, the Dou rate palace is the residence of Lao Jun. it is impossible that there is not even a doorkeeper, but on the day Sun Wukong came, there was no one in it. Although the original book has explained that the Supreme Lord Laojun was invited by the ancient Buddha who lit the lantern to attend the class, he has never heard of it. After listening to the class, he took the whole family with him. When Zhenyuan Daxian listened to Yuanshi Tianzun’s lecture, he still left two Taoist children, Qingfeng and Mingyue.

Third, the Supreme Lord has the ability to predict the future. How can he not calculate that someone will make trouble in his house? If it is not intentional, Sun Wukong does not even know where to open the door.


Fourth, the Dou rate palace is full of treasures. If people can easily sneak in and steal the treasures, the impact on the three realms will be very huge. Just imagine that a brick in the alchemy furnace will become an eight hundred mile Flaming Mountain on earth. Other treasures will certainly be stronger than it. Then it is a catastrophe to the three realms. Therefore, I will not ignore it.

To sum up, the reason why Sun Wukong came to doushou palace and stole the elixir easily is that the Supreme Lord used a magic power similar to that of the Buddha, so that no matter how he walked, the next stop was doushou palace, and then deliberately let monkeys eat the elixir to promote his cultivation into an immortal body. The Jade Emperor knew this very well, so when Sun Wukong escaped from the Bagua furnace, he no longer asked the old lord to surrender to the monkey head, but asked people to invite the Buddha. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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