What is Wu Gang’s identity? Why does he have to chop cinnamon trees endlessly?

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Do you really know Wu Gang? China story network editor provides you with detailed relevant content.

It is said that there is a cinnamon tree with luxuriant branches in front of the Moon Palace, and a man named Wu Gang is waving an axe under the tree to cut wood, day after day, year after year, endless. Whenever he cuts a gap in the cinnamon tree, the cinnamon tree will become intact in an instant.


The legend of Wu Gang cutting trees is well known in our country, but why on earth should Wu Gang compete with a cinnamon tree? The legends of Wu Gang have different versions.

First statement: Wu Gang cut laurel in order to practice magic.

As we know, the Han Dynasty was popular, and Wu Gang was born in such an era. Wu Gang is obsessed with Dan Dao and longevity, and he doesn’t work hard all day. The emperor of heaven heard that there was such an ignorant and incompetent guy on earth, so he summoned Wu Gang in the heavenly palace. When he heard that Wu Gang desperately wanted to practice magic, the emperor of heaven made an agreement with him: as long as Wu Gang could cut down the laurel tree in front of the Moon Palace, he would teach him magic.

Wu Gang was overjoyed and immediately came to the moon to start his work. As everyone knows, all these are the lessons of the emperor of heaven to Wu Gang, because the osmanthus tree can never fall. This saying comes from “Youyang Zazu · Volume 1 · Tianxia”.


The second statement: Wu Gang was convicted of murder for cutting laurel trees.

Wu Gang, whose real name is Wu Quan, is a famous scholar in Xihe area. Wu Gang has a wife and a happy marriage. One day, Wu Gang heard that there was a fairy who taught magic in the distance, so he said goodbye to his wife and left his hometown, traveling for three years to find the fairy. However, Wu Gang’s wife was lonely at home, seducing Bo Ling, the grandson of the Yan Emperor. The two had been having an affair for a long time and had three children.

Wu Gang failed to find the fairy tale. When he returned home, he ran into the scandal of his wife and Boling. Wu Gang was so angry that he killed Boling with a knife. Because of this, Wu Gang offended Emperor Yan and was sent to the Cold Moon Palace. In order to avenge his grandson, Emperor Yan sentenced Wu Gang to life imprisonment. Unless he could cut down the laurel tree in front of the Moon Palace, he would be imprisoned in the Moon Palace forever.

After Wu Gang was detained by Emperor Yan, his wife felt extremely guilty about her behavior, so she flew to the Moon Palace with three children (one is drum, one is Yan, and the other is Yu) to accompany her husband. Wu Gang’s three sons, who called drum, became toads, who called Yan, who turned jade rabbits, and who called “Qian”, who turned into Tiangui. From then on, the arrow target was made with “Qian”, and the bell and chime were made with drums and Yans, and the composition of the music was formulated. Therefore, fairy music was often floating in the lonely Guanghan palace. This saying came from the book of mountains and seas.

In later generations, Emperor Ming of Tang recorded these songs when he roamed the Moon Palace, returned to the world, and created the “nishang song”:

The whole song consists of 36 sections. The whole song is divided into three parts: the sixth section of the preface, the eighteenth section of the middle preface and the twelfth section of the song: the preface is a prelude, which is all free-paced Sanban, and is played by instruments such as chime, Xiao, Zheng and flute alone or in turn, without dancing or singing; The middle preface, also known as beat preface or song header, is an adagio Lyric passage, with several changes from slow to fast in the middle, singing and dancing according to the beat of the music; Qupo, also known as dancing, is the climax of the whole song. It is dominated by dance, with complex sounds and sharp stanzas, and the music is sonorous. The speed gradually accelerates from the loose board to the adagio, and then to the sharp beat. At the end, it slows down, dancing instead of singing.

Bai Juyi praised the delicacy of this dance and said, “thousands of songs and dances are countless, and I love nishang dance most.”

Legend has it that when Emperor Ming of Tang Dynasty roamed the Moon Palace, Wu Gang also received him! However, at that time, his face was tired, and his axe was covered with black rust, and his shabby sleeves were torn because no one had sewn them.

The third statement: Wu Gang cut trees for love.

Wu Gangyuan was a heavenly soldier stationed at the South Tianmen gate. He was very attracted to the Chang’e fairy in the Moon Palace and would come to the Moon Palace to meet him privately whenever he had the opportunity. However, because Wu Gang’s position is very important, his dereliction of duty made the emperor angry. In a fit of anger, the emperor trapped Wu Gang in front of the Moon Palace and punished him for cutting down osmanthus trees forever. If he can’t cut down the tree, he will never be able to return to the heavenly palace and continue to be a heavenly soldier. At the same time, he will not be able to meet his lover.

Wu’s strength is infinite. Although the laurel tree is hundreds of feet thick, he can cut a large axe mark with one axe. Wu Gang spent half a year and saw that the osmanthus tree was about to collapse. However, at this time, the messenger of the emperor of heaven came quietly, and it tore off Wu Gang’s clothes and left. Wu Gang turned around and chased him. When he recovered his clothes and returned, he was stunned by the scene in front of him: the laurel tree was as good as before, and his efforts for half a year were in vain! Wu Gang knew that he had been fooled by the emperor of heaven.

However, he was not discouraged and continued to chop with his axe. Every time Wu Gang spent half a year chopping down the osmanthus tree, the crow always had a way to distract him. Even if Wu Gang’s eyes leave the laurel tree for a moment, the tree will recover in an instant.


The fourth statement: Wu Gang is the immortal who manages laurel.

Wu Gang lives in the Moon Palace and is responsible for managing a huge cinnamon tree. One day, he saw in the Moon Palace that there were no beautiful Osmanthus fragrans on earth, so he planned to spread the seeds of Osmanthus fragrans to the world. Wu Gang turned into a poor beggar and fell in front of a wine house. The hostess of the hotel, fairy wine lady, is a kind woman. She took Wu Gang home and took good care of her for a long time. However, when people heard that fairy wine lady had taken in a dirty beggar, they no longer wanted to come to the restaurant to drink.

It was a cold winter, and fairy wine lady didn’t want the beggar to freeze and starve to death, so she was willing to give up her business and still left the beggar in the hotel. Day after day, the beggar’s body is getting better, but the wine lady’s restaurant is on the verge of bankruptcy. One day, the beggar suddenly left without saying goodbye. Fairy wine lady was very anxious, so she came to the mountain near the hotel to look for the whereabouts of the beggar. At this time, an old man appeared in front of fairy wine lady and said to her:

“The Moon Palace rewards GUI Zi and good people.

Blessed with green osmanthus trees, longevity is full of flowers.

Pick flowers and brew cinnamon wine. First send them to mom and dad.

Wu Gang helps those who are good and treacherous. “

Then he gave the fairy wine lady a bag of seeds. Fairy wine lady knew that the beggar was Wu Gang, the immortal in the Moon Palace. She buried the seeds in the soil and planted the first osmanthus tree in the world. When the osmanthus bloomed, she turned the petals into wine. Since then, every year when Osmanthus fragrans fragrance on earth, people will brew osmanthus wine to commemorate the kind fairy wine lady and laurel God Wu Gang. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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