What is Yang Jian’s identity? What are the myths about Yang Jian?

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In classical mythology, Yang Jian has three eyes, so why does Yang Jian have three eyes? What is Yang Jian’s identity? What are the myths about Yang Jian? The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

Introduction to Yang Jian

Yang Jian, the full name of Yinglie Zhaohui Qingyuan Miaodao fuze Xingji Erlang Xiansheng Zhenjun, is usually regarded as the name of Erlang God in the legend. He was born from the combination of gods and mortals. His biological father yangtianyou and his mother Yunhua were the only child. Yang Jian is a mythical figure with great power, who is good at changing and killing demons. As a God with far-reaching influence in the Chinese folk belief system, he is widely believed and worshipped. There is Erlang temple among the people.


Yang Jian’s origin

In the famous book journey to the west, Erlang was the nephew of the Jade Emperor, who granted the title of King Zhaohui Lingxian. He was the only child of the Jade Emperor’s sister who came down to earth and married a mortal named Yang.

In the book “the sage of Qingyuan’s wonderful way, the true monarch, a real person, protects the country and protects the people. The father of Erlang, yangtianyou, is a” left golden boy “from heaven and a scholar in the city of quezhou. Her mother, Yun Hua, fell in love with Yang Tianyou and married him privately. She gave birth to her only son, Erlang Zhenjun.

In the classical myth “the romance of gods”, Yang Jian is the disciple of the immortal Yuding in Jinxia cave of Yuquan mountain. He has taught for the third generation, and has cultivated the mystery of the eighth and ninth generation. He is allowed to roam the world and seal the source of the Qing Dynasty.

Yang Jian’s third eye

The image of Yang Jian is that he has three eyes (heavenly eyes) on his forehead, uses a three pointed two edged knife, and is accompanied by a howling dog. Three eyes are one of the more obvious appearance features of the God. In Erlang temples all over China, it is one of the most remarkable signs that gods have heavenly eyes. The third eye comes from cancong, the ancient king of Shu. It is the result of ancient Shu culture. The condition for the formation of the third eye is the belief of “eye worship” in ancient Shu.

What are Yang Jian’s spells

Seventy two changes: it can change seventy-two objects.

Jiu Zhuan yuan skill: there is an article named “Xi Shu jade tripod immortal Jiu Zhuan Da Huan Dan” in the Taoist collection, which should be the source of this skill. In the romance of gods, it is said that Yang Jian’s “transformation from nine to Yuan Gong” is also named. This is a magical Taoist technique taught by Master Yu Ding to Yang Jian. Those who practice this skill will be able to defend themselves against weapons and weapons. “Beheading demons” in Bangzi tune, Volume 2 of Episode 11 of the Qing Dynasty drama “white fur”: the magic power is high and the power is powerful. When the divine light shines on the place, the evil spirits will be destroyed, and the sea will be poured to remove the mountain god ghost.


Eighty nine Xuangong: eighty nine Xuangong is the name of Taoism. It is the Zhenjiao Dharma protector divine skill expounded in the romance of gods.

Vertical golden light: the vertical golden light method in the romance of gods incarnates into a dazzling golden light, and you can go anywhere without covering your ears. The vertical golden light method was handed down by the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. It can travel thousands of miles a day. Efficacy: use magical powers to instantly go where you want to go.

Turning the earth into steel: turning the soft soil into a solid rock, you can’t use the method of hiding from the earth.

Samadhi true fire: common high-level Taoism. “The romance of gods” Yang Jian used the samadhi fire in his heart to burn the food and grass, illuminating the heaven and earth. There are poems to prove that the flames are more fierce in the sky, and the golden snakes are circling the air. The smoke flies for threethousand miles, burning the grain heaven help skill.

Douchengbing: the romance of gods Yang Jian hurriedly grabbed two pieces of soil and grass, looked into the air and shouted, “disease!” The city of Xiqi is full of powerful men who come and go. When Zheng Lun looked up, he saw that the people and horses in the city were different from before, so he dared not attack the city. As evidenced by a poem, the poem says: Yang Jian’s magical skills are wonderful, and LV yuekong has his own scheming at his own expense. King Wu’s great blessing covers heaven and earth. When Duke Jiang was killed.

Law, heaven and earth: in journey to the west, the real king was full of power and changed into a man of great height. With two hands and three sharp points and two blades, he looked like a peak on the top of Mount Hua. He had a green face, fangs and scarlet hair.

Five thunder rhyme: the romance of gods, Yang Jian started to use the five thunder rhyme. With a sound and a thunderbolt, the spirit walked away.

Tu Dun: five element Dun technique.

Records of Yang Jian’s characters

Erlang God in journey to the West said, “his appearance is strange, and he dresses up beautifully.”. “In the past, he used to kill six monsters. He also had Meishan brothers and 1200 grass headed gods in front of the account. He had great powers.” The six brothers of nameishan – Naikang, Zhang, Yao and Li, the fourth Taiwei, Guoshen and Zhijian; This “Guoshen Zhijian” implies the name of “guoya value”. During the battle between Erlang God and Sunwukong, “he shook his magic power and changed himself into a man of two hands, holding three sharp points and two sharp edges, just like the peak on the top of Huashan Mountain.” he also released the “thin dog”, took a bite from Sunwukong’s leg, pulled it down, and seized the opportunity to catch Sunwukong.

Later, on the way to get scriptures, Erlang God helped the monkey king who went west to get scriptures to subdue the nine insects: “take the gold bow, install the silver bullet, pull the bow full, and hit it up”, and a small dog ran out, “jump up, and Wang’s mouth bit the head of the nine insects bloody. The monster escaped in pain” (the 63rd time). Although the name of the Erlang God in this novel is Yang, the appearance, slingshot, three pointed two edged knife, Eagle dog and even the sworn brother (the Seven Saints of Meishan) all seem to belong to Zhaoyu, the Erlang God active in Yuan Dramas. This clearly shows the close relationship between the novel Journey to the West and the legend of Erlang God in Yuan and Ming operas.


The image of Erlang God depicted in Erlang Baojuan is very similar to the image of Erlang God in journey to the west, in which “geyazhi”, or “Guo Yazhi”, is the same as that of Erlang God’s dramas since the yuan and Ming Dynasties, and “white dog God Ao” seems to have the same origin with the “true nature” and “white elephant like” of “thin dog” in the romance of gods.

About Yang Jian’s film and television works: Romance of gods, journey to the west, Erlang Baojuan, list of gods

Myths and legends

Carrying mountains to catch up with the sun

The 16th play of yangjingxian’s journey to the West: carrying mountains to catch up with the sun when you are bored, picking up grass to measure the sky when you are free. The fourth book, the sixteenth book, the fine dog, the bird and the pig: (guankouro’s fellow traveler, cloud) Buzhou mountain broke down tianwu and tried Gonggong. Who can shoot the sun? A high load of five mountains chases the golden Wu. Xiaosheng Guankou Erlang God is also

Zaju ยท Erlang God shoots lock magic mirror when drunk: he likes to break grass to measure heaven and earth, and drives the sun when angry.

Split mountains to save mother

There is a legend about splitting the mountain to save the mother. The ER Lang Bao Juan written by an anonymous family in the 34th year of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty. Yang Tianyou, Erlang’s father, was a “golden boy” and a scholar in quezhou city. Her mother, fairy Yunhua, fell in love with Yang Tianyou and married him privately. She gave birth to Erlang God. Because she violated the rules of heaven, she was sent by the Jade Emperor to be crushed under Mount Tai. Later, Erlang was instructed by the West Queen Mother of the bullfighting palace in the sky to “carry the mountain to drive the sun” and cut the mountain to save his mother Yunhua. It is recorded in journey to the West that he was the son of the Jade Emperor’s sister and a mortal surnamed Yang. Later, he hacked the peach mountain to save his mother. There is a poem that says: an ax once saved his mother by chopping the peach mountain, and a bullet struck the double phoenix.


Cut the dragon and control the water

A long time ago, a dragon was stationed at guanhekou. He often made waves and committed many evils, causing Artemisia on both sides of the Guanhe River. Floods occurred year after year. Farmers worked hard for a year. As a result, there was no harvest. People had to live without food and begging. In order to help the people here live a good life, the Jade Emperor sent Erlang God to administer the guanhekou. After Erlang God came here, The first thing I thought about was the flood control. On the first day of the fifth lunar month, after some preparation, Erlang jumped into the river and became an ox. he fought with the dragon for three days and nights in the river. Finally, he was captured alive by Erlang God. The Erlang God was afraid that it would make trouble again in the future, so he tied it with a big iron chain and locked it under the waterproof pile that Erlang god later led people to build.

Legend of drum beating

Leigu Town, Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County, Sichuan Province: the name Leigu town comes from local myths and legends. In those days, the evil dragon was born to harm the people, and the Erlang God Yang Jian subdued the evil dragon. Erlang was fiercely pursued and killed, and the evil dragon ran from north to south. When the evil dragon fled to Qushan, he wanted to go directly to the Su Bao River and enter the Fujiang River through the Anchang River, but suddenly he saw a loud drum thundering more than ten miles ahead. It turned out that the people were beating war drums to cheer up Erlang God.

The evil dragon was shocked. He turned around and made a big turn of more than 300 degrees and then fled eastward. After a while, Erlang God just caught up with him and killed the evil dragon’s tail with a sword. As Erlang worked too hard, his feet were trapped in the sand. When he pulled out his feet, he was exhausted and had to sit on Jingjia mountain to rest. After breathing, I found that I had lost one boot, so I had to take off the other boot and pour out the sand inside.

Therefore, the place where people beat drums to cheer was named “drum beating”; The big backwater Bay of Jianjiang River in Qushan mountain is formed at the turning point of nilong; The beheaded dragon tail is the dragon tail mountain; Dragon tail park is located in the image boots, which were left by Erlang God in those years; The original site of Qushan new town was called “random stone cellar”, which was the sand and stone poured out of Erlang God’s boots at that time Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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