What kind of deity did emperor Wenchang master? Does he have any legends?

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What kind of deity did emperor Wenchang master? Does he have any legends? Wenchang star is the star that is in charge of cultural fortune and fame. Next, the China story network Xiaobian will bring you relevant content. Interested partners, come and have a look.

Wenchang was only one of the stars before the Song Dynasty. What he symbolized was literature, not personality gods. However, in the Renzong period of the Yuan Dynasty, he was granted the title of emperor.

According to legend, the emperor Wenchang has incarnated 73 times. In the Zhou Dynasty, he was Zhang Zhong (and Yin Jifu assisted King Xuan of Zhou to revitalize the Zhou Dynasty), in the Han Dynasty, he was Zhang Liang (assisted Liu Bang to give advice and strategize for Liu Bang), in the Jin Dynasty, he was Liang Wang lvguang, and in the Five Dynasties, he was Meng Chang. Yao Qin was Zhang Yazi

Emperor Wenchang was also responsible for the study and examination of scholars. Therefore, although emperor Wenchang was a god worshipped by Taoism and the people, he also had a strong Confucian feeling.


When it comes to the Wenchang emperor, it is natural to mention Zhang Yazi, because scholars, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism all revered him in history, and he also has a great relationship with the Wenchang emperor.

Zhang Yazi is an immortal believed by the Chinese people. During the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Zhang Yu, a native of Shu, called himself the king of Shu. Later, he died in the war against Fu Jian of the former Qin Dynasty. People built Zhang Yu temple in Qiqu mountain, Zitong. However, there was also a Zitong Yazi temple in Qiqu mountain at that time. Because these two ancestral halls are close to each other, people later called them “Zhang Yazi”.

Therefore, Zhang Yazi is an immortal named after Zhang Yu and Yazi from Shu. (later he became emperor Wenchang.)

(as for who Zhang Yazi is, there have been different opinions from time to time because he is a person who combines the two characters.)

In the late Tang Dynasty, due to the an Shi rebellion, Emperor Xuanzong Li Longji was forced by the military pressure of Anlu mountain, so he fled to Shu. On his way to Sichuan, he passed Qiqu mountain and stayed here. Legend has it that Emperor Xuanzong had a dream that night.

When Emperor Xuanzong passed by Qiqu mountain, he held a grand sacrifice ceremony to Zhang Yazi, and at the same time, he also made him Prime Minister Zuo.

Although the an Shi rebellion was pacified in the Tang Dynasty, it happened to be the only one. Later, Huang Chao uprised, and Emperor Xi of the Tang Dynasty went out of Shu. When he passed Qiqu mountain, he also worshiped Zhang Yazi and pursued him as king of Jishun.

Emperor Zhenzong of the Song Dynasty named him king Yingxian Wulie, and Emperor Guangzong of the Song Dynasty named him king wuxiaode Zhongren, the literary saint of God.

The gears of history rolled forward, and time entered the Yuan Dynasty. In the Yuan Dynasty, Mongolia ruled the Han people in the Central Plains by force. Later, the Yuan Dynasty felt that conquering by force was not a long-term solution after all. If it wanted long-term peace and stability, it still needed to be supplemented by the rule of culture, so it hyped the rise of cultural movement.

During the yuan Renzong period, Zhang Yazi was granted the title of Wenchang emperor. Since then, Zhang Yazi (emperor Wenchang) has become the patron saint of scholars in the world.


Of course, there is also Taoism’s respect for the Wenchang emperor.

It was precisely because of the constant respect of Confucianism, Taoism and emperors that Zhang Yazi was able to merge with Wenchang star, who was in charge of the literary movement and fame, and became the Wenchang emperor, while Zhang Yazi, a local fairy, suddenly became the Wenchang Star King worshipped by the world. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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