What kind of fairy is bangs? A detailed explanation of the myths and legends of Zhong Kui and the God of wealth bangs

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What kind of fairy is bangs? When it comes to bangs, they must be loved by people, because bangs are one of the gods of wealth that Chinese people believe in. Today, the China story net Xiaobian has brought you the myths and legends of Zhong Kui and the God of wealth, Liu Hai, to share with you.

According to the legend of Zhong Kui and the God of wealth, Liu Hai was born into a poor family and raised his blind mother by collecting firewood. He is hardworking, honest and filial to his mother.

One day, when the bangs came back to collect firewood, they came across a Golden Toad in the Afu spring near the small stone bridge in the west of the village. He had three feet, yellow back and white belly. He didn’t hide when he came. Liu Hai is very strange. Every time I pass by, I have to play with him before I leave.


Year after year, bangs grow up and carry more firewood. Once, when he was carrying firewood down the mountain, a young woman blocked his way. The woman said that her name was Mei Gu. Since childhood, she saw bangs gathering firewood here. She was hardworking, frugal and sincere. She wanted to marry him down the mountain. Liu Hai refused to let her go. Mei Gu pursued her hard and reluctantly, forcing Liu Hai to go home and discuss with her mother.

Back at ah Fuquan’s house, my mother was very happy to hear about it. Later, Liu Hai agreed to go down the mountain with Mei Gu to form a husband and wife.

After Mei Gu came, she was really filial to her mother. Soon after his mother died, they still loved each other, bangs came back to collect firewood and ate hot food. He was happy all day.

On that day, he walked by the bridge again and wanted to tell the Golden Toad his joy. But when he looked under the bridge, the Golden Toad disappeared. Just in doubt, a lame Taoist came up to him and said to him, “Liu Hai, I heard that you have married a good daughter-in-law, but although she is good, she is not human, but a fox spirit.” Liu Hai didn’t believe it and said that he was talking nonsense. The Taoist said with a smile: “if you don’t believe it, you will go home with a stomachache today, and she will give you a pearl. If you swallow the Pearl, you will know who she is.” After that, the Taoist disappeared.

Liu Hai returned home with an uneasy mood, put down the empty firewood and claimed that he had a stomachache. Mei Gu tried everything to comfort her and made a soup for her health, which was given by Wang Meipi. It didn’t help. She turned around, spit out a jewel from her mouth, gave it to the bangs, and let him hold it in her mouth. When the bangs got the jewel, they quickly got up and would swallow it. Mei Gu saw the flaw. After repeated questioning, liuhaicai told meI Gu about meeting the lame Taoist priest.

After listening to this, Mei Gu said to Liu Hai, “the lame Taoist priest is a Golden Toad under the bridge. He and I have practiced for 500 years, and he also has a pearl. This pearl is the pill of cultivation. For many years, he tried to seize my pill and make it into a thousand years. He was eager to become an immortal, but he failed. Now he wants to destroy our beautiful marriage.” Liu Hai suddenly realized that he returned the Pearl to Mei Gu, picked up the axe and wanted to go to find the Golden Toad to settle accounts. Mei Gu stopped him and told him: “Zhong Kui, who is in the east of the Mituo temple at the village head, is a descendant. Zhong Kui has learned the magic of blessing and exorcising demons. Tang monk has learned the magic. Go and ask for advice.” he handed the Pearl to him before sending him out.


The bangs came to the stone bridge and recited “the great method of blessing and exorcising demons”. According to the instructions of Mei Gu, they took out the jewels. The bangs teased the Golden Toad to turn left 18 times and right 18 times. After a while, the Golden Toad was trembling, gagging and spitting out the jewel like elixir. The bangs quickly picked up the elixir and swallowed it. The Golden Toad lost its magic power and magic power, so it had to cling to the bangs. The bangs let it spit out golden money and spread it all over the world to help the suffering.

In the ancient play “Liu Hai cutting firewood”, there is a story that “Liu Hai was born with immortal roots and was born in Qubao village, Huxian county. The Jade Emperor personally sealed me off as the living God of wealth.” And in the “Fengshen” play, he praised himself that “Liu Hai was originally the ‘little Eight Immortals’ who scattered money step by step. When money was scattered on the blessed land, it would change from ten to a thousand. The water of the blessing spring was scattered on the earth, and all the blessings and wealth were immortals.” Your lines. The story of Liu Hai was compiled into opera and spread widely. (since ancient times, people have respected bangs as the “living God of wealth” and the “great God of wealth” Golden Toad spits money, which comes from this legend.) Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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