What kind of image did the West Lake owner of Liaozhai make up?

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The Lord of the West Lake is a short story in classical Chinese written by Pu Songling, a novelist in the Qing Dynasty. The Lord of the West Lake has created such an image: half of them can honor their parents, raise their children, and have no worries about food and clothing at home, while the other half can be unrestrained and happy in the fairyland with fairies, which does not violate the traditional ethics. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look.

There was a scholar named chenbijiao. His family was poor and he went out to do business with the villagers.

Boating in the Dongting Lake, a Chinese alligator surfaced and swam around. Someone shot an arrow at it. The Chinese alligator was injured by an arrow. A small fish refused to leave with a dragon’s tail in its mouth. The people on board caught them all on board.

Looking at the Chinese alligator, Chen Sheng was dying. His mouth opened one by one. It seemed that he was asking Chen Sheng for help. He moved his heart and asked the ship owner to release the Chinese alligator, put herbs on its wounds, throw it into the water, and then swam away.

Two years later, Chen Sheng passed the Dongting Lake by boat again. When he encountered bad weather, the wind was strong and the boat capsized. All the people on board were killed.

Chen Sheng struggled in the water. Fortunately, he grabbed a piece of wood and drifted in the water all night. At dawn, he saw an island and hurried ashore.


After a night of tossing and turning, Chen Sheng was exhausted, tired and hungry. This is a rare island. The island is lush with vegetation and seems deserted. It is unknown whether there are jackals and beasts. Chen Sheng sat down on a stone to have a rest. He sat down from morning till noon. He looked gloomy and didn’t know what to do.

Chen Sheng feels hungry. He can’t wait to die here. He decides to go to the island. Maybe he can find a family. With such a fluke in mind, Chen Sheng set out for the mountain, cutting through thorns and thorns all the way, and soon came to the hillside.

Suddenly, from a distance, there was a sound of horses crowing. Listening carefully, I saw several young women galloping merrily on the tree lined path on their horses. They wore red gauze on their foreheads, braided horns, purple clothes, green belts around their waists, and beautiful bows and arrows on their backs, hunting in the mountains.

Chen Sheng was afraid to move forward and shrank in a grass. A bodyguard was patrolling nearby. Chen Sheng dared to ask him for something to eat. The bodyguard sympathized with him, gave him some food, and warned him that this is the main hunting ground of the West Lake. No one is allowed to get close to it. The driver will die.

Chen Sheng hurried down the mountain and found a palace in the deep forest. He saw cornices and corners, magnificent buildings and jade buildings, carved railings and jade masonry, small bridges and flowing water, like your home Pavilion, and like a royal Shanglin garden.

Chen Sheng patrolled in and saw vines winding, flowers in clusters and fragrant. After passing through a courtyard, I saw the tall weeping poplar rising into the night sky, and the birds chirping in the forest, just like a fairyland on earth.

At this time, I suddenly saw a young woman playing on a swing in the forest. The maids were waiting on one side. Some were shoulder drivers, some were holding arms, and some were holding skirts. The woman opened her arms, gently touched her toes, and her body was like a light swallow, straight into the sky.


The girl on the swing is a princess. She is the daughter of the princess of the island country. Today, the princess and her maidens were hunting in the mountains. Tired, she took a nap in the garden.

The princess finished the swing and went away with all the maids laughing. Seeing no one around, Chen Sheng tiptoed to the princess’ swing and saw a red handkerchief under the hedge nearby. Chen Sheng secretly hid it in his sleeve.

There was a pavilion in front of him. Chen Sheng ascended the stairs and saw that he had a good command of ink, paper and ink. For a moment, he wrote a poem on the red handkerchief: “who wants to be a Banxian? It’s clear that Qiong’s daughter scattered Golden Lotus. In the cold, he was afraid of being jealous of each other. Don’t believe Lingbo.”

After the question, he shook his head and recited it several times. He planned to return from the original road. He found that the garden gate was closed. For a moment, he didn’t know where to go. He returned to the pavilion.

At this time, a woman suddenly ran over, saw Chen Sheng and asked him in surprise if she had found the princess’s red handkerchief. Chen Sheng quickly took it out of his sleeve. When the woman saw it, she found that the handkerchief had been graffiti. She was shocked and said, “your time of death has come. This is the handkerchief the princess cherishes most.”

The woman said that and hurriedly left with a red handkerchief. Chen Sheng was so scared that he wanted to escape. The gate of the garden was closed and he could not fly. He had to sit and wait for his death.

After a while, the woman came back and said happily to Chen Sheng, you have hope of life. The princess took the handkerchief and looked at it three or four times. Her face seemed happy. Maybe she would spare your life. After that, she went back to the princess to reply.

It was getting dark. The woman came back with some food. She said to Chen Sheng that the princess asked her to bring it. It seems that the princess likes you. Chen Sheng’s hanging heart just fell down.


At this time, a group of servants rushed towards Chen Sheng in a fierce manner. Obviously, they came to catch him. It turned out that a talkative palace maid told the princess about Chen Sheng. The princess was so angry that she threw the handkerchief on the ground, scolded Chen Sheng and announced that she would arrest the rapist

Chen Sheng was shocked and pale. He had no choice but to be punished. At this critical juncture, a maid recognized Chen Sheng and hurriedly ordered the servant to stop. She had something urgent to report to the princess.

It turned out that the princess was the Chinese alligator saved by Chen Sheng in the Dongting Lake. The maid was a small fish holding it. No wonder she recognized the original rescuer at once.

The imperial concubine announced that Chen Sheng entered the palace. Chen Sheng followed the messengers through the ten gates and came to the palace.

Chen Sheng prostrated himself on the ground and asked the princess to forgive him. The princess demoted and lifted him up. She was moved and said, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be alive today. He also hosted a banquet in honor of Chen Sheng, who was a monk for a while. He was confused and did not know why he was so hospitable.

The princess took out the handkerchief, recited it repeatedly and praised it repeatedly. The young master is really a gentle man. It is a heaven sent good luck for her to be loved by the young master. On this auspicious day, Chen Sheng and the princess were married. Chen Sheng and the princess paid homage to each other and entered the bridal chamber together. The couple loved each other.

Until then, Chen Sheng thought he was in a dream. The princess told him the cause and effect. It turned out that the princess was Hujun’s concubine. Two years ago, she occasionally visited Dongting and was ambushed by a stream arrow. Fortunately, the young master rescued her and gave her herbs. The family was always grateful and never forgot. Now she finally got a big favor and fulfilled her wish.


After living on the island for a few days, Chen Sheng missed his parents and wife at home and wrote a letter to his servant to take home to report his safety. A few days later, after several years on earth, his wife thought he was dead and was still widowed for him.

After another half year, Chen Sheng suddenly returned home in good clothes. He rode on a big horse, bought a luxurious house and courtyard, and entertained guests day and night. His wealth was as large as that of an aristocratic family.

One year, a friend of Chen Sheng, Mr. Liang, came back from other places. When he passed the Dongting Lake by boat, he saw a very luxurious cruise ship, Diaolan red window, floating slowly in the lake. From time to time, young and beautiful women poked their heads out of the window to look into the distance.

At this time, there was a handsome man standing in the bow, surrounded by beautiful women. Young master Liang was very surprised. Whose young master is this? Is he so imposing? Driving closer, it turned out to be Chensheng.

Mr. Liang called out from the railing. Mr. Chen invited Mr. Liang to board the boat and drink with him. He ordered that the banquet be arranged again. After a while, there were all kinds of delicacies, which Prince Liang had never seen in his life.


Mr. Liang and Mr. Chen are happy to exchange cups. Chen Sheng ordered all the beauties to go out to drink and sing. He saw the beauties swarming in. All of them looked like immortals. He was stunned by young master Liang.

After eating and drinking, Chen Sheng gave Prince Liang a precious pearl and asked him to buy some land and a beautiful concubine to live a good life. After that, he said goodbye to Prince Liang on the boat.

After returning home, Mr. Liang went to visit Mr. Chen. He found that he was having dinner with his friends at home. He was surprised and asked why he saw you in Dongting Lake yesterday. Why did you come back in the blink of an eye? Chen Sheng said, there is no such thing. I have been staying at home.

Maybe, Chen Sheng can really be separated. Half of them are filial to their parents, raise their children, and have no worries about food and clothing at home, while the other half are happy on the cruise ship of Dongting Lake with the fairies!

Chen Shengsheng didn’t die until he was 81. At his funeral, the coffin bearer suddenly felt that the coffin was very light. When he opened it, it was empty. It turned out that his real body ran away and returned to the West Lake Island to have fun with the fairies! Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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