What kind of man is Chiyou, the Chinese god of war? What failures did he encounter?

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Do you really understand Chiyou’s story? Today’s China story network Xiaobian brings you a new interpretation~

Chiyou was the leader of the Jiuli clan in ancient times, but there are still some disputes about whether Chiyou really exists. Some people think it exists, some people think it does not exist, but this issue is not so important, because the story of Chiyou being deified alone is much more wonderful than the original. You should also have heard the story of the Yellow Emperor fighting Chiyou. The Yellow Emperor is the first of the five emperors, and he and Chiyou came from the same tribe. Finally, the Yellow Emperor defeated Chiyou, but Chiyou’s popularity is much higher than that of the Yellow Emperor. Let’s see what kind of man Chiyou is.


We all call ourselves descendants of Yan and Huang, and we all know that Yan and Huang emperors are our ancestors. However, due to the devaluation of official history, Chiyou, another great ancestor who was in the same period as Yan and Huang emperors and had almost the same influence as Yan and Huang emperors, is little known.

Who is Chiyou?

Chiyou, the leader of the ancient Jiuli clan in Chinese mythology, is brave and good at fighting. He is the inventor and ancestor of weapons. It is said that Chiyou has a face like an ox head, has wings on his back, eight feet, three heads and six arms, a bronze head and an iron forehead, and is invulnerable to weapons. He has eighty-one brothers, all of whom have copper heads and iron foreheads, ten fingers and ten toes, and all of them have extraordinary skills. In ancient times, Chiyou led the Jiuli clan tribe to develop agriculture, smelt copper and iron, make five soldiers, create hundreds of Arts, tomorrow’s Taoism and rationalism in the Central Plains, and made outstanding contributions to the formation of early Chinese civilization. The border area of Henan, Shandong and Hebei is known as the “capital of Jiuli”. Now, the “Li” in the “dawn people” we often talk about also implies the meaning of Jiuli tribe.


Chiyou encounters Waterloo — the battle of chasing deer is defeated

About 3000 BC, Chiyou and the two emperors of Yan and Huang vied for supremacy, losing to the two emperors. According to the records of the three seas Sutra, Chiyou led his 81 brothers and their clan children to fight to the death in the deer race. The Yellow Emperor and Chiyou were defeated in nine battles. Chiyou was covered with fog for three days and three nights. The Yellow Emperor was unable to defeat the enemy. He asked the gods to help him defeat him. The sky and the earth were darkened and the blood flowed into a river. Later, Chiyou was killed by the Yellow Emperor. The emperor cut off his head and buried him. The head became a forest of blood maples. Later, the Yellow Emperor honored Chiyou as the “soldier Lord”, that is, the God of war.


Battle for deer

Chiyou is not only the God of war, but also the ancestor of China

For thousands of years, there has been the saying of “three Chinese ancestors”. Apart from the two emperors, Chiyou is the third ancestor.

After the defeat of Chiyou, some of its tribe and people scattered around, and some of them flowed into Jingchu and Miao areas. Now there are many Chiyou descendants in the Miao people. The Miao people also worship Chiyou from generation to generation. Some of them moved north and merged with the tribes of the Yan Emperor and the Yellow Emperor. Nowadays, some Han surnames such as Zou, Tu, Li and chi may be related to the Jiuli tribe.


China has a history of 5000 years since the Yellow River Basin came into being. Nowadays, there are Chinese in every corner of the world. Even in a foreign country, the identity of Chinese is still the best link between us, because it is deeply rooted in our bone marrow and flows in our blood. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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