What kind of monster is Jingmu? Why did jingmuyun eat king Bihan?

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Today, the small editor of China story network brings you the story of Jingmu and rhinoceros. I hope it can help you.

When it comes to Jingmu, if you have seen the journey to the west, you should know. This well wood dog ate the cold repellent in the rhinoceros essence. Some people have to ask, what’s the matter? Some people are very curious about what kind of animal is this well wood dog? Let’s continue to analyze and uncover the secrets of this problem!


1. How did the Dragon King of the West Sea know the king of cold, heat and dust

Original work: “However, there was a Yaksha who explored the sea in the West Sea, a mediator who patrolled the sea, a visionary rhinoceros who separated the water, and recognized sun Dasheng and ER Tianxing. He went to the Crystal Palace to report to the Dragon King in a panic: King! There are three rhinoceros, and they were driven by Qi Tiansheng and two Tianxing! Old dragon Wang aoshun heard this, and called the prince mo’ang: hurry up the Marines. I think the rhinoceros’ penetrating cold, heat and dust have provoked sun Xingxing. Now that you are in the sea, please help me quickly.”; Ao mo’ang ordered me to hurry up and order troops. “

This is not difficult to explain. Why? Because the dragon people in journey to the West seem to have an indissoluble bond with monsters. When Sun Wukong wanted to get weapons and equipment, he was the first to find the Dragon King; The nine headed beetle also has a great connection with the dragon family and has become the son-in-law of the Dragon King.

The Dragon King is not a high-level immortal in the journey to the West. They don’t want to make trouble. They just want to be honest and comfortable in their own waters. Similarly, the dragon king knows a lot of internal information, and there are countless treasures in each dragon palace. The Dragon King and the monster, the monster worships the Dragon King is an immortal, and the Dragon King worships the monster is a hero. As long as the monsters do not go too far, the Dragon King still chooses to be friends with them.

Therefore, like other monsters, the king of cold, heat and dust in the Qinglong mountain will go to the sea to find treasure and talk to the Dragon King. What about the Dragon King? He also knew what these kings were doing, but the monsters did not provoke him, and he did not provoke the monsters. It’s better to do less than more. That’s what honest people think. Therefore, the Dragon King was familiar with the king of Bihan, the king of Bishu and the king of Bichen, and had close contacts.

When facing Sun Wukong, Jing and Jiao, the Dragon King can no longer be polite to the monsters as before. Sun Wukong, Jing and Jiao represent the high-level Buddha and immortal. He, the Dragon King, must help.

2. Why did jingmuyun eat king Bihan

The original book said: “the old dragon king sent another order to send troops to catch the two and assist the two star officials. Immediately, the marshals of the small dragon king came to the scene. They saw Jingmu showing up, holding down PI Han Er, and nibbling at him. Mo ang shouted:” Jingsu! Jingsu! Don’t bite him. Sun Dasheng wants to live, not die. He has bitten off his neck by shouting several times. “

Jing Mu Fu, in the romance of deities, was a disciple of the truncated sect who died in the battle of the immortal array. Jiang Ziya was inscribed on the platform of deities as Jing Mu Fu in the twenty-eight nights of the southern cinnabar. In the journey to the west, Jing Mufu is one of the seven stars of the southern cinnabar among the 28 stars. He is called “Jing Su”. He can escape from the earth, eat tigers in the mountains, and catch rhinos in the sea.

It is obvious that Jingmu is the enemy of rhinoceros essence. At that time, when receiving the edict of the jade emperor that the lower world should help the monkey king, he did not say that he would catch him alive, but only help him. Helping Sun Wukong fight monsters, of course, he killed them. There is no doubt about this. Therefore, Jingmu grabbed the king Bihan and began to eat. There was no confusion. Killing and eating are the same thing. King Bihan died.

Some friends once said that Jing Muyun did it on purpose, because the heaven had something to do with these monsters, so Jing Muyun ate king Bihan. This is completely wrong. Why? Because it’s OK to kill, why eat it? Therefore, the key here is to eat and why.

Why did jingmuyun choose to eat king Bihan? The reason is not difficult to explain. The king is a monster who has practiced for thousands of years. The rhinoceros has high medicinal value. These rhinoceros spirits are rhinoceros spirits who have practiced for thousands of years, and have astronomical images. They are rhinoceros that have been cultivated for years. This kind of rhinoceros is even more precious. It’s a delicacy for Jingmu. Jingmuyun is an immortal. You can’t go to the lower world to catch a rhinoceros to eat when you have nothing to do. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to help Sun Wukong cure rhinoceros essence. Taking this opportunity to open up meat is also helpful for cultivation. Therefore, jingmufu will eat the king of Bihan, which is also a reflection of the rational use of resources. It is better to eat than throw away.

Two questions have been raised. It is reasonable that there is no conspiracy.

3. What kind of animal is Jingmu

Jingmu, one of the twenty-eight constellations in Chinese mythology, and one of the seven constellations of the southern cinnabar, is located in the constellation Gemini. It originates from the Chinese people’s worship of ancient stars and nature, and is the product of the combination of ancient Chinese mythology and astronomy.

Source of words:

“Records of the historian · book of heavenly officials”: “the south palace vermilion weighs, and the east well is a water affair.”

Boya: “Dongjing is called quail head.”

“Jinshu · astronomical annals”: “eight stars of the southern Dongjing, the southern gate of the sky.”

The well wood is a kind of wood, and it is a kind of wood. It is the first constellation in the south, and its combined stars are like a net, hence the name “well” (the word “well” is like a net). Jingsu is like a head-on net and a bottomless ocean (please refer to the legend of “Jingwei filling the sea”), so Jingsu is vicious. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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