What kind of people can attend the flat peach Festival? Why can’t monkey king attend after he becomes a Buddha?

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What kind of people can you bring to the flat peach Festival? I hope it can help you.

In the journey to the west, after 500 years of training, Monkey King finally got the forgiveness of the Tathagata, which made him feel relieved to wait for the predestined person at the foot of the mountain. Monkey King finally had a hope for his boring and lonely life. Finally, one day, he finally waited for the predestined person – Tang monk. After Tang Monk took off the six word truth post, he finally regained his freedom.

In order to repay Tang monk, he listened to the wishes of the Buddha and served the master wholeheartedly. He helped Tang Monk accept the second disciple Bajie, the third disciple Sha Seng, and the four people crossed the mountains to Lingshan. Finally, he also obtained the right result and was sealed as a fighter to defeat the Buddha.

Now that monkey king has been granted the title of fighting against the Buddha, he can always be qualified to participate in the flat peach Festival, and eat the flat peach, right? The answer is, or not! Why is this?


I. words of the seven fairies at that time

In those days, after being recruited by the heaven for the second time, Monkey King was assigned to the position of managing the flat peach garden. Later, when the flat peach meeting was about to open, the seven fairies went to the flat peach garden to pick flat peaches under the order of the queen mother. At that time, the land said that only by reporting this time to the great sage of Qi Tian can they enter the garden, so Monkey King came to the flat peach garden and asked the seven fairies who would be invited to participate in the flat peach meeting.

After the fairies said a lot of names, Wukong found that he was not invited as the great sage of heaven, so he felt unhappy, so there was a subsequent havoc in heaven.

Among these names, we found that only the Tathagata Buddha and Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva are people of Western Heaven Buddhism, and there is no one on the list except these two people. What does this mean? Explain that other Buddhas in the West are not qualified?

Tathagata is not the Buddha with the highest ranking in the West sky. Why didn’t his previous Buddha be invited? Let’s see who the Buddhas were before the Tathagata. They are the master of the Tathagata, the ancient Buddha who lit the lamp, and the medicine master Buddha. In fact, these two people are in the same generation with Sanqing. Now they don’t care about world affairs and don’t come into the world easily. Therefore, the Jade Emperor knows that they won’t come, so please invite the Buddha who is now in charge of the West heaven, Tathagata.

So why did you invite Guanyin again? Because Guanyin’s status is not like that written in the TV series. She is not a subordinate of the Tathagata. In fact, she is a peer of the Tathagata, but her status is not as high as that of the Tathagata. However, unlike that of the Tathagata, Guanyin is very sociable and has a good relationship with many gods in heaven, so it is reasonable for heaven to invite her.

The intention of Tianting is very obvious, that is, to invite only representatives. It seems that even if Wukong becomes a real Buddha after that, his ranking is actually lower, and even lower than that of his master Tang Seng, so naturally he cannot be invited to participate in the flat peach Festival.


II. Figures at the flat peach meeting

It can be seen from the above that the flat peach club will only allow top-level people to participate, and naturally, the heaven will not invite Wukong to go again. Let alone that Wukong has made friends with the five elders before, and has made friends with all the immortals in the heaven. If Wukong is allowed to go, if a big man of Taoism talks with Wukong very happily, isn’t it because Taoism smashes its own feet? Wukong now belongs to Buddhism. If he breaks into Taoism, he will inevitably arrange hidden contacts for Buddhism, which is not conducive to the stability of heaven.

Combined with these two points, and combined with Wukong’s “feat” of causing havoc in the heavenly palace before, Tianting naturally will not invite Wukong to participate, and it is impossible to invite him at all. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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