What kind of person was yangzaixing in history? How did he end up dead?

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Yue Fei, a famous general in the Southern Song Dynasty who fought against the Jin Dynasty, had many good generals. Yang Zaixing was one of them. He was very good at martial arts. However, he was outnumbered in a battle. Some people later said that he was a descendant of the Yang family general. Is this statement reliable? Is there any data to prove it?

There are few introductions to Yang Zaixing’s deeds in history. In Yang Zaixing’s introduction, it is introduced that Yang Zaixing was a famous general who fought against the Jin army in the Southern Song Dynasty. He was originally a subordinate of Cao Cheng. Later, he was subdued by Yue Fei during many battles with him. Yang Zaixing mentioned in his introduction that after he returned to serve Yue Fei, he had been following Yue Fei everywhere to fight against the invasion of the Jin army.


Yangzaixing was a famous general of a generation. He fought bravely and was especially heroic. Yangzaixing mentioned in his profile that he once stormed into battle alone to capture Jin Wushu, and returned successfully.

Yang Zaixing’s profile elaborated on his relationship with Yue Fei. Originally, he was a subordinate of Cao Cheng. Yue Fei sends Zhang Xian, a subordinate of Yue Fei, to attack moye pass. Guo Jin, a general under Zhang Xian, successfully breaks through the enemy line. Hanshunfu, a subordinate of Yue Fei, saw that Cao Chengjun’s troops had been scattered, so he relaxed and drank to cheer him up.

Yangzaixing took advantage of hanshunfu’s relaxed vigilance to drink and have fun, so he reorganized his army and rushed into hanshunfu’s camp, cutting off one of hanshunfu’s arms. Hanshunfu died because of his severe injury.

After Yue Fei’s defeat, he sent Wang Jing to attack Yang Zaixing. Yang Zaixing killed Yue fan in the battle with Wang Jing. Yue fan was Yue Fei’s younger brother. Yue Fei knew that his younger brother was very distressed after his death, but he felt that Yang Zaixing was indeed a rare talent. Therefore, when Yang Zaixing was captured at Yue Fei’s place, Yue Fei saw his great general demeanor. Instead of killing him, he surrendered him to the country.

Yangzaixing died in Shaoxing for ten years. At that time, the Jin army attacked the territory of the Song Dynasty. Yue Fei sent yangzaixing to fight against Jin army in Caozhou. After defeating Jin army, Jin army sent 200000 troops to attack Yicheng. Yangzaixing was defeated by the Jin army in the small commercial bridge.

How did yangzaixing die

As we all know, the Southern Song Dynasty was a weak military Dynasty. In such a dynasty, what is missing is not the famous generals, but the era environment that makes the famous generals successful. Yangzaixing was one of the most powerful generals in such a dynasty. He was brave and good at fighting. He was really a rare talent at that time. So how did such a powerful Yang Zaixing die?

Although the birth year of yangzaixing can not be found in very detailed historical records, he first appeared on the stage of history in 1131 and became the right-hand man of the bandit Cao Cheng. Nine years later, he died in Xiaoshang river. It can be inferred that he died young. During his nine-year campaign, he brushed his shoulders with death many times: in 1132, he killed general hanshunfu and killed Yue fan, Yue Fei’s younger brother, while retreating, which made the Yue family army very resentful. Later, when the Yue family army caught him, Yue Fei ignored the past grievances and took him as his subordinate. Yangzaixing survived the disaster, so he returned to the Yue family army. On another occasion, he broke into the Jin army array alone and wanted to capture its general Jin Wushu alive. Although the plan failed, it was recorded that he killed hundreds of Jin soldiers and survived. This shows his strength and courage. How did yangzaixing die? How did such a brave man die in battle?

How yangzaixing died is recorded in the history of Song Dynasty: he was wandering around the small commercial bridge with a cavalry team of 300 people, but he met 100000 enemy troops. Yang Zaixing was not in a hurry during the confrontation between the outnumbered and the outnumbered. He and his subordinates fought hard to break through the encirclement and killed nearly 2000 enemy troops. Eventually, he was outnumbered and the whole army was destroyed.

Although yangzaixing died in this battle, his heroic deeds have been handed down through the ages. It is said that at that time no enemy dared to approach him, only archers attacked from a distance. Every time he hit an arrow, he broke the tail of the arrow, full of pride. After Song Jun cremated him, he got two liters of arrowheads.

Tomb of yangzaixing

Yang Zaixing’s tomb is in today’s Linying County, Henan Province. Fortunately, Yang Zaixing’s tomb has been protected by the local people since its construction, and has been continuously and completely repaired. Today, Yang Zaixing’s tomb has been listed as a key cultural relics protection unit by the Henan provincial government and an important local tourist attraction.

Yang Zaixing’s tomb was called “Zhong tomb” in the past, and the local people affectionately called it “Yang Ye tomb”. Yang Zaixing’s tomb covers a total area of 20 mu, with a perimeter of 100 meters. It is rectangular, green with pines and cypresses, and there is a sacrificial temple in it. Yang Zaixing’s tomb is about 10 meters high. In front of the tomb, there is a broken stele engraved with “Yang Zaixing’s tomb”. There is a saying that Yue Fei carved it with his own long tassel. On the back of the tomb, there is a mountain as a barrier. Behind the mountain, there is a martyr hall, including a statue of Yang Zaixing.

At first, Yang Zaixing’s tomb did not see those green pines and cypresses, small bridges and flowing water. All this is due to Shen Jinsi. As a new official in Linying County, the first thing he did was propose to decorate Yang Zaixing’s tomb. After that, there were green pines and cypresses, lush trees, small bridges and flowing water in the cemetery. Later, Wang Huanzheng, the magistrate of Linying County, who took office, summoned local people to donate a total of 20 mu of land to repair Yang Zaixing’s tomb. This is the magnificent Tomb of Yang Zaixing we see today. In modern times, the people’s Government of Linying County renovated it again. In this way, Yang Zaixing’s tomb is getting better and better.

These are also due to Yang Zaixing’s brave and good at fighting, and his outstanding performance in defending the country. He finally died in the battle of Shangqiao. His strength of killing thousands of golden soldiers by only one person is amazing.

Yangzaixing and Yangjiajiang

There is no exact evidence in history of the relationship between Yang Zaixing and Yang Jiajiang. The reason why Yang Zaixing and the Yang family generals are linked is that Yang Zaixing was very brave in the war against Jin in the Southern Song Dynasty. People can not help but connect with a loyal, brave and good at fighting Yang family generals.


Yang Zaixing’s father is Yang Fan and his great grandfather is yangbangyu. Yangbangyu’s father is yangwenguang, and yangwenguang has other brothers. The relationship between the two came out here. According to the generations of Yang family generals, Yang Ye and she Saihua are the first generation, Yang Yanzhao is the second generation, Yang Zongbao and Muguiying are the representatives of the third generation, and yangwenguang is the fourth generation. As a result, Yang Zaixing and the Yang family generals are also related. However, most of these statements are common in storytelling, and there is no exact historical evidence to support them.

As a famous general in the Southern Song Dynasty, yangzaixing was naturally outstanding because he could be associated with the generals of the Yang family. Yangzaixing was originally a subordinate of Cao Cheng. When guarding moye pass, Yue Fei sent Zhang Xian to lead his troops to attack. The first general under Zhang Xian successfully attacked moye pass. Cao Cheng’s subordinates saw that moye pass was lost and fled in all directions. Seeing that there was no crisis, Zhang Xian took off his armor and had fun with the soldiers. At this time, Yang Zaixing led his subordinates to sneak into hanshunfu’s camp. He took a look at hanshunfu’s arm, which led to hanshunfu’s tragic death.

Later, Yue Fei sent Zhang Xian to attack Yang Zaixing. After Yang Zaixing connected with the reinforcements, he actually killed Yue Fei’s brother. But in the end, Zhang Xian still forced him to a desperate situation. At this time, yangzaixing shouted and took him to see Yue Fei. When Yue Fei saw Yang Zaixing himself, he decided to let him go and let him work for him. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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