What makes the Ukrainian tragedy? 3 deep reasons!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

What makes the tragedy of Ukraine today?

Many people blame ZELINSKY, which is obviously superficial and one-sided.

In the author’s opinion, there are three reasons for the tragedy in Ukraine:

1? Oligarchy ruined Ukraine’s future

On august24,1991, after Ukraine declared its independence, the United States quickly sent people to help it establish a “western style democracy”.

For a time, various Western systems such as “separation of powers”, “parliamentary system” and “private ownership” were quickly applied to Ukraine, “thinking that democracy is solid, the golden city is thousands of miles away, and the people of future generations are prosperous forever”. However, since then, Ukraine has not embarked on the democracy, peace and prosperity they expected, followed by social unrest, economic recession, people’s decline, territorial division and years of war.

Reckless privatization has brought about a serious problem that has left Ukraine untold. That is, under the chaotic privatization, many people have seized state property wantonly, and many wealthy oligarchs have rapidly emerged. After obtaining a huge amount of wealth, these people use their resources to engage in politics, indirectly or directly participate in the political power, and use their rights to occupy more social wealth.

Yanukovych, Tymoshenko, Poroshenko and others are typical representatives.

From 1991 to 1996, Tymoshenko controlled more than 20 large enterprises, airlines, banks, 35 newspapers and several radio stations in Ukraine. From 1995 to 1997, the annual turnover of funds exceeded 10billion US dollars, once controlling 20% of Ukraine’s gross national product.

Then she used her resources to become the Prime Minister of Ukraine for several times.

? video screenshot of Tymoshenko

Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, after his election in february2010, took advantage of his power to wantonly encroach on state property. He contracted the project to his family and paid a high price. In 2014 alone, the Yanukovych family won half of the bidding contracts in Ukraine. The Yanukovych family removed half of the natural gas that should have been sold to civilians at a low price, and then sold it to the factory at a high price of 8 times. From 2011 to 2014, the Yanukovych family harvested more than $10 billion.

As the former president of Ukraine, Poroshenko, while being president, is running more than 70 companies of his own. Only God knows how much benefit he can get.

A fatal problem for oligarchs in power is that when they are in the opposition, they will use their resources to seize political power, and when they are in power, they will seek more economic interests through their power. They only care about their own power and interests, not about the life and death of the people, nor about the future of the country. Because capital is greedy and bloody, people, nations and the country do not care about the future at all. Therefore, after the Russian Ukrainian war, a large number of capitalists did not contribute money to help the country fight, but the top 100 richest people in Ukraine collectively fled Ukraine and flew abroad in private planes.

Including the current president zelenski, who is highly expected by the Ukrainian people, he does not seem to be among the “oligarchs” from the actor background. However, he represents the interests of the West. Will he really seek profits for Ukraine? Hard to say. Seeing that Wudong was about to lose everything, he didn’t seem to worry at all.

This is the first reason for the current tragedy in Ukraine. Oligarchy has ruined the future of Ukraine.

In contrast, Russia.

Putin saw this very clearly. One of the most important things he did after he took office was to eliminate oligarchy.

Russia has experienced almost the same experience as Ukraine. It is also independent from the Soviet Union. It has also experienced the baptism of “western style democracy” and the pain of “shock therapy”.

In order to show sincerity to the west, Russia in Yeltsin’s time also allowed 100 specific US officials to conduct surprise inspections of Russian nuclear facilities at any time.

Under the chaotic privatization, Russia has also seen such rich oligarchs as Friedman, Khodorkovsky, gusinsky, Berezovsky, Smolensky, Vinogradov and Malkin. These “seven oligarchs” control 50% of the Russian economy. Like the oligarchs in Ukraine, they used their resources to return to politics after they had huge wealth, so as to grab more wealth and disrupt the country.

Neither Gorbachev nor Yeltsin could do anything about them. It was not until the emergence of Putin that everything changed.

One of the important contents of Putin’s iron fist rule is to crack down on the “economic oligarchs”. After Putin came to power in 1999, he gathered the oligarchs together and made it clear that “you can make money, and politics is the red line”.


? Putin video screenshot

However, most oligarchs turned a deaf ear to this and chose to face off with Putin. The most famous one is Khodorkovsky, a well-known energy and banking giant.

Faced with Putin’s warning, Khodorkovsky made a bold statement to fight Putin to the end. As a result, he was put in prison by Putin in February2005 and sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment. After his imprisonment, Khodorkovsky still spoke out that he would continue to fight with Putin after he was released from prison, and Putin gave him another eight years.

Finally, Khodorkovsky realized that Putin was not a good opponent, so he repented in prison and bowed to Putin to admit defeat. Putin saw that he finally conceded defeat and was honest. He granted an amnesty on December 20, 2013. After he was released from prison, Khodorkovsky quickly fled to Germany.

Putin finally won the battle with the oligarchs for 10 years. Among the seven oligarchs, in addition to the prudent and mature Friedman who kept his family business, Khodorkovsky fled to Germany, gusinsky fled to Israel, Berezovsky died in Britain, Smolensky nearly went bankrupt, Vinogradov went bankrupt, and Malkin opened a casino to live.

It should be said that the Russians are lucky. They have also been fooled by “western democracy” and left great disasters. However, under Putin’s iron fist, they have finally removed the cancer. Although Russia is not doing well now, at least it is still stable and peaceful.

God did not care for Ukraine and did not send them a second Putin, leaving them with endless social unrest, conflicts and wars.

2? Ukrainians are superstitious about the West. They are still unconscious

If the Soviet Union were still there, Ukraine would never have today’s tragedy. However, this is only an assumption.

In the late Soviet Union, even Gorbachev, a senior member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, was superstitious about the West;

Yakovlev, who served successively as director of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, member of the Presidential Committee, and was in charge of the ideology of the Soviet Union, was also a die hard anti Communist… Originally, the late Soviet Union was in turmoil, and after they played like this, they simply became the last grave digger of the Soviet Union.

Until a long time after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the member states of the eastern Soviet Union were still superstitious about the West. Russia once expressed its sincerity to the west by disarming itself, but it was only after a Putin came out that the situation improved.

In fact, in the early days of Putin’s administration, he also had hope for “going west”. Why can NATO expand eastward in five rounds? Generally speaking, it is normal to be cheated once, but it is abnormal to be cheated five times in a row. This is obviously not an IQ problem, but an emotional problem. When there is an emotional tendency, IQ is often not enough, just like men and women in love.

The good thing about Russia is that under Putin’s leadership, it has slowly seen the West and embarked on a normal track.

But Ukraine is not so lucky.

Until the war between Russia and Ukraine was in full swing, it was very clear that the West was only using Ukraine as cannon fodder, and Ukraine was still thinking about joining NATO and the European Union. In order to achieve this goal, it even merged with Poland, and directly realized the goal of Ukraine’s accession and accession to the treaty without approval by taking advantage of Poland’s status as a member of NATO and the European Union. This shows the depth of poisoning and the severity of magic.


? video screenshot of President Zelensky of Ukraine

When a person or a country is too superstitious about other people, it is easy to be manipulated and controlled by others and become a tool used by the other party. In the end, it may even lose its wealth and life.

3? The brainwashing and manipulation of Western myth on other countries

The Western propaganda of “democracy, freedom and human rights” is exactly the same as that of religion.

In this mythological system, the west is a God, who defines the system and writes scriptures; Western (or funded by the West) media and well-known countries became missionaries, who read the divine decree and interpreted the Scriptures. Then it attracted countless people to worship. Many people would not hesitate to die on the pilgrimage road. If they could reach the paradise on the other side, it would be their lifelong desire.

There is another point. The west is indeed “successful”, and the development of western countries over the past hundreds of years is obvious to all.

Under such a mythical system and under the temptation of the halo of Western success, many countries have copied the western system, thinking that as long as they achieve the same system, they can have democracy, freedom and human rights as the west, and naturally move towards wealth and power.

However, too many people don’t understand that their success is due to the violent plundering of the world by the early great voyages, the plundering of the dumped industrial products of the colonies by the use of industrialization, and the plundering of the world by controlling high technology and promoting globalization. In other words, the success of the West is due to its plundering more and controlling more global resources, and has little to do with the western system and model, The success of the West cannot be duplicated.

As for the myth system pursued by the west, it is even more nonsense. When they oppressed black slaves in Africa, when they committed genocide in the Americas, when they fought the whole of Europe red for colonies, when they made the Middle East ablaze with flames and displaced tens of millions of people, and when the United States has killed millions of people because of its inaction to fight the epidemic Have you ever seen their freedom, fraternity and equality? Everything is not just their deception for the myth itself.


? video screenshot of western countries

More importantly, the West deceives other countries to engage in Western-style systems, but only to achieve its goal of manipulating other countries. As long as a country becomes a western system, the heads of important functional departments and even the heads of state may become people cultivated by the west, so as to control the country.

Today Ukraine is a typical case. Zelensky represents the interests of the West. After he took office, he was not only anti Russian, but also unfriendly to China. The representative case is moto The acquisition of Xiqi.

Being manipulated by the West and reduced to Western cannon fodder is also one of the reasons for the tragedy of Ukraine today.

The above three points are what the author thinks are the reasons for the tragedy in Ukraine. It is clear that the current situation in Ukraine is not the cause of Zelensky alone. He is just a representative of various comprehensive factors in Ukraine. Even without Zelensky, there must be other “skeys” coming out!

The oligarchs took turns to take the throne. The Ukrainians who could not see the hope placed their dreams on the people’s public servant and their hopes on the political vegetarian ZELINSKY, but they did not expect to bring Ukraine further into the abyss!

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