What monsters were there in ancient times? What do these monsters look like?

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Do you know the monsters in ancient China? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, China story network editor tells you.

Nine babies:

Jiuying is one of the ancient mythical beasts. The monster of water and fire can spray water and spit out fire. Its * * is like a baby crying, so it is called nine babies. When Yao came out, he harmed the world and was shot by Yi in the fierce water of Beidi.


Gu Diao:

Gu Diao is shaped like an eagle with horns and sounds like a baby. It is cannibal. Leopard body, carved beak, one horned, giant beak can swallow one person at a time. It used to live in Leize, but with the evolution of time, it has long left the water and lived in Liyun wasteland, becoming the most terrible monster. I have been sleeping for many years. I wake up every ten years to look for food, and I eat about 100 people at a time.


Aoyin, the name of an ancient humanoid monster, has a long tongue, likes to eat human brains, has sharp claws in his hands, wears ragged clothes, and can be killed by smashing it with a hot stone. It is recorded in the book of miracles (Western famine Sutra).

Hook Snake:

Hook snake is a legendary strange snake that hooks human and livestock. It is more than 20 meters long with forked tail. When preying, hook the shore animals with their tails in the water to eat. “Shui Jing Zhu (Ruoshui)” is contained.


Not connected:

“Non” is a monster. It looks like a sheep, with nine tails and four ears. But the eyes grow on the back. A cowardly monster.

Zhu Qian:

Ancient Chinese mythical beast, human face, leopard body, one eye of ox ears, long tail, can make a loud sound. Hold your tail when walking, and cross your tail when resting. “Shan Hai Jing (Bei Shan Jing)” contains. Also known as panglang God, it has infinite animal power and is good at shooting.


Kui is a legendary monster with one leg. According to the book of mountains and seas, the great wilderness Sutra, there is Liubo mountain in the East China Sea, seven thousand miles into the sea. There is a beast on it, shaped like an ox, with a Cang body and no horns. With one foot, it will rain when entering and leaving the water. Its light is like the sun and moon, and its sound is like thunder. Its name is Kui. The Yellow Emperor got it. He used its skin as a drum and its pin as the bone of a thunderobot. It was heard for 500 miles and was powerful in the world.


According to the ancient book “divine scripture”, Tao Wu (t á o w ù) looks like a tiger, with long hair, human face, tiger feet, pig mouth and teeth, and long tail. It is often used to refer to a stubborn and vicious person.


Equipment (Xi è zh):

The big one is like an ox and the small one is like a sheep, which is similar to a unicorn. It has dark hair all over its body, bright eyes, and a horn on its forehead. It is commonly known as a unicorn. It has high wisdom and understands human nature. Its angry eyes are wide open, it can distinguish right and wrong, it can recognize good and evil loyalty * *, and when it finds * * evil officials, it touches him down with its horn, and then eats his stomach. It can distinguish between straight and crooked, and is also known as the God sheep. It is a symbol of courage and justice, and a symbol of the emperor, “integrity and brightness” and “peace and justice”.

? (H) ? u)?

It is said in ancient books that a northern beast that looks like a dog and eats people. It is commonly known as sky watching roar and sky roaring. It is said that it is the son of the Dragon King and is used to watching * *. But people still call it " Stone lion &quote;, It often stands on the Huabiao and the roof. It is also said that it is shaped like a rabbit, and its ears are long, only more than feet long. The lion is afraid of it. If it drowns, it will rot. But people still generally call it “stone lion”. It is said that Yu is a very spiritual animal. It squats on the Chinese watch every day to pay close attention to the whereabouts of the emperor. The two horses sitting on the south side are specially waiting for the emperor to go on patrol. Whenever the emperor doesn’t return for a long time and has fun, they will call on the emperor. In the book of legends, it is described that they eat dragons and are said to be the ancestors of kylin. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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