What supports the confidence of the United States — a brief analysis of the 22 US $50 billion manufacturing giants!

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Original: Shenzhen ningnanshan source: ningnanshan

In 2022, Fortune Global 500 announced that there were 42 manufacturing enterprises in the United States. I looked at them one by one.

Among them, only one company with a revenue of more than 300 billion US dollars is apple, with a revenue of 365.817 billion US dollars in 2021;

There are no American manufacturing companies in the range of $200 billion to $300 billion.

Ford Motor company ranks second in the US manufacturing industry, with a revenue of 136.34 billion US dollars in 2021,

The third place is general motors, with a revenue of 127 billion US dollars in 2021,

Dell ranked fourth, with revenue of $107 billion in 2021.

We can see that there is a huge gap between the first place apple and the second, third and fourth place. The revenue has dropped from more than 350 billion US dollars to less than 140 billion US dollars, while the combined revenue of Ford + GM + Dell, the second to fourth place, is about the same as that of apple. This shows that apple is a huge leader in terms of volume and scale.

The size of apple can also be compared with that of Huawei. In 2021, Huawei’s revenue dropped to more than $90 billion, less than 30% of that of apple. In other words, Apple’s revenue is more than three times that of Huawei. Moreover, Apple’s net profit margin of 25.88% is much higher than Huawei’s net profit margin of less than 10%.

Of course, there is a problem with apple, that is, except for some chips, most of the parts in its supply chain are manufactured in East Asia, including the SOC chips developed by Apple itself, which are made in Taiwan, while the screens are from manufacturers in South Korea and Chinese Mainland, which purchase passive components and sensors from Japan, and acoustic devices, batteries, camera modules and metal plastic structural parts from Chinese manufacturers, Memory and flash memory are mainly purchased from Korean and Japanese manufacturers, and of course, there are micron in the United States.

This leads to problems. Most of the manufacturing of such a huge super company is not in the United States, which has a great impact on the hollowing out of the manufacturing industry in the United States.

Dell also presents similar characteristics. Except that the chips are purchased from American companies such as Intel and AMD, most of the other parts, screens and whole machine manufacturing industries are located in East Asia.

In the field of electronic information industry, the hollowing out of manufacturing in the United States is relatively serious on the whole. Strengthening the manufacturing industry in the semiconductor field is one of the reactions of the United States.

In contrast, Ford and general motors make a much higher proportion of their cars in the United States, although the two auto companies also have factories overseas to supply the local market. Therefore, the automobile industry is a vital job creating industry for the United States. In fact, it is precisely because of the continued existence of complete vehicle manufacturing in the United States that a batch of auto parts and automobiles continue to be produced in the United States. Cao Dewang’s Fuyao Glass Factory is set up in the United States, including the recent news that Ningde times has suspended the construction of a battery factory in the United States. The battery factory of Ningde times is supporting Tesla and Ford.

“According to informed sources, Ningde times, China’s main electric vehicle battery supplier, decided to postpone the announcement of its North American plant. The plant costs billions of dollars and was originally planned to provide batteries for Tesla, Ford and other automobile enterprises. Informed sources on Tuesday (August 2) It is revealed that Ningde times plans to wait until September or October before issuing an announcement. A representative of Ningde times did not respond to requests for comment. Tesla also did not respond to requests for comment. Ford declined to comment. Regarding this matter, Sina has sent an inquiry to Ningde times, but has not received a reply for the time being. “

In the range of $50 billion to $100 billion, there are more American manufacturing enterprises.

The fifth place is Johnson & Johnson, with a revenue of US $93.775 billion in 2021,

Johnson & Johnson ranks fifth in the manufacturing industry in the United States. We are familiar with Johnson & Johnson baby products, such as shampoo and skin care soap, but Johnson & Johnson is comprehensive in its business,

It is not only the world’s top ten medical device manufacturers, but also the world’s top ten pharmaceutical companies. At the same time, it also has the surgical robot business.

In the list of top 50 global pharmaceutical enterprises in 2022 published by pharmexec (American pharmaceutical manager magazine), Johnson & Johnson ranked fourth after Pfizer, Abbott & Whitney and Novartis.

In the “big 100” – Top 100 global medical device companies list of 2021 released by the US MDO website in November 2021, Johnson & Johnson ranked second in the world after Medtronic.

Obviously, at present, there is no comprehensive medical technology giant at the level of Johnson & Johnson in China.

The sixth place is ADM company, with a revenue of US $85.249 billion in 2021

The company is engaged in agricultural product processing, and most of its revenue comes from the processing of corn, peanuts, oilseeds, wheat and cocoa. It has more than 200 processing plants, which are used to produce chocolate, sweets, beverages, starch, etc. for human consumption, as well as feed for animals, including pet food, feed for pigs, horses and other animals.

We usually hear that there are four major grain traders in the world. This a means Adm. because grain is the raw material of this factory, they actually control the trade of a large amount of grain.

Pfizer ranked seventh, with a revenue of 81.288 billion US dollars in 2021

This is the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world. The profit margin of this manufacturing company is extremely high. The net profit margin in 2021 is as high as 27%, ranking the second among the 42 mandatory manufacturing enterprises in the world, second only to Philip Morris International (this is a tobacco company).

At present, there is no pharmaceutical technology enterprise of the same size as Pfizer in China.

Pepsi Cola ranked eighth with a revenue of US $79.474 billion in 2021

We are familiar with this company, but here we want to say that the revenue scale of Pepsi Cola is more than twice that of Coca Cola. Why do we think that companies that look similar are so different? I think this has something to do with the numerous brands under Pepsi. The multi brand strategy, the familiar happy potato chips, as well as Mirinda, Gatorade, seven up, pure fruit and colorful fruit, and miaojiao are all brands under Pepsi.

Intel ranked ninth with revenue of 79.024 billion US dollars in 2021

This is the largest semiconductor company in the United States and the landmark company of the strength of semiconductor technology in the United States. At present, there is no such large-scale semiconductor company integrating design and manufacturing in China. Generally speaking, Intel chips are included in the computer you use. In addition, Intel chips are the hegemon in the data center server field.

P & G ranked 10th, with a revenue of US $76.118 billion in 2021

As a global consumer goods giant, P & G has a large number of brands that can be known to all,

For example, Pampers diapers, Bilang for washing clothes and tide. Many people think that Bilang is a domestic brand;

Shu Bao, danbisi, Shu Yin of female sanitary napkins;

Gillette razor and shaving cream for men;

Haifei silk, Pan Ting, Sha Xuan who wash hair, Fengbei deodorant used at home,

Crest, Oral B in toothpaste;

Olay for skin care products and cosmetics, SK-II, Shufujia.

In the field of daily chemical products, China is obviously backward. Daily chemical products are interdisciplinary and refined chemical products because they are related to human body. China also has lessons to make up in this respect.

The next 11-22 are general electric, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon technology, Hewlett Packard, Boeing, Bangui, Alberta, Dow, Tesla, Merck, and caterpillar.

Why did I write to No. 22? Because the revenue of these 22 manufacturing companies in the United States has exceeded $50 billion, I always think that scale is also a part of quality. Without sufficient volume and scale, even if the profit rate is high, it is difficult to compete with giants in terms of total volume.

Among them, there are two special companies, General Electric (US $74.196 billion), which ranks 11th, and Boeing (US $62.286 billion), which ranks 16th. They are the only two American manufacturing enterprises in the world’s top 500 that have suffered losses.

Boeing suffered an accident and the global aviation industry was affected by the epidemic, while general electric lost as much as US $6.52 billion.

GE’s business is very broad, but it mainly consists of three parts: aviation, medical devices and energy.

Ge is the world’s leading manufacturer of jet and turboprop engines for civil, military, business and general aircraft in the aviation field.

The two domestic jetliners in China, ARJ-21, use cf34-10a engine developed by general aviation, while the first C919 large aircraft in China uses leap-1c, the only foreign engine, in addition to developing domestic Yangtze River engine. The engine is developed by CFM company, which is a 50% / 50% equity joint venture of General Electric and Safran aircraft engine company of France,

Ge aviation has a strong technical accumulation not only in the engine, but also in the avionics system. The avionics system of C919 is developed by ANGJI avionics Co., Ltd., which was jointly established by GE and AVIC in March 2012.

In addition, GE Medical, a subsidiary of Ge, is also one of the top ten medical device companies in the world. In the “big 100” – Top 100 global medical device companies list of 2021 released by the U.S. MDO website in November 2021, GE Medical ranks seventh in the world, with an operating income of $17 billion.

In terms of energy, GE Energy has good technology in gas turbine power generation and wind turbine. It is written on the official website of Ge China that “so far, we have provided more than 270 gas turbines, more than 400 gas internal combustion engines, 70 steam turbines and nearly 1000 wind turbines to China (power generation field), and issued more than 40 gasification technology licenses.”

According to the global wind power supply side report issued by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) in May 2022, Ge new energy ranks fifth among the global wind turbine manufacturers, with a global share of 8.5% (calculated by installed power).

At the same time, Ge also provides diesel locomotives, whose official website reads:

“In China, up to now, GE Transportation has provided more than 1100 diesel locomotives. The power range covers 3000HP to 6000HP (Note: this HP means horse power). Our locomotives and signal products operate on the busy freight lines and coal transportation lines in China, and perform well on the high-altitude lines.”

Ge, once the symbol of the comprehensive group, announced a major restructuring plan in November 2021. The company reorganized “one into three” into three listed companies, focusing on aviation, medical health and energy.

We can also see that GE electric was once unattainable, but now Chinese companies are constantly catching up, including engines, gas turbines, wind turbines, diesel locomotives, etc.

We can also see that Boeing is not only a global civil aviation aircraft giant, but also an arms giant,

During World War II, Boeing designed and manufactured two excellent bombers, B-17 and B-29. Among them, two B-29 bombers dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively.

The United States C17 transport aircraft, which has a larger load than China’s Y20 transport aircraft, has a carrying capacity of 66 tons, and the C17 can reach 77.5 tons. Now, the C17 is also produced by Boeing.

The F22 was also jointly developed by Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

In addition to Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon technologies rank 13th (with a revenue of 67.044 billion US dollars) and 14th (with a revenue of 64.388 billion US dollars) among the US Military Giants. The volume of these two companies exceeds that of Boeing, even though Boeing’s revenue also includes the business of civil aircraft.

Among them, Lockheed Martin company was called Lockheed Martin company at the beginning, and it was called Lockheed Martin after its merger with Martin Marietta company in 1995. Lockheed Martin company designed and manufactured the P-38 lightning fighter during World War II. This aircraft has been in service for a long time, and the most famous combat achievement is the shooting down of the transport plane on which Yamamoto 56 rides.

Lockheed also designed and manufactured the famous U-2 reconnaissance plane, SR-71 reconnaissance plane and F117 stealth fighter. Among them, only seven U-2 reconnaissance planes were shot down. Except for one shot down by the Soviet Union and one shot down by Cuba, the other five were shot down by China. Lockheed has also designed and manufactured the largest large-scale strategic transport aircraft C-5 in the United States. The load of this aircraft has reached an astonishing 120 tons, almost twice that of China’s transport 20.

Of course, at present, Lockheed Martin’s most highlight product is the design and manufacture of F-35 fighter.

In addition, Lockheed Martin is also a missile manufacturer, designing and manufacturing the Trident submarine launched intercontinental missile. The famous agm-114 Hellfire air to ground missile is also developed and manufactured by the company. The missile is mainly installed on various helicopters such as Apache and UAVs such as MQ-9.

Raytheon Technology Co., Ltd. was officially merged with United Technologies Co., Ltd. on April 3, 2020 to form Raytheon Technology Co., Ltd. this United Technologies Co., Ltd. has a Pratt & Whitney engine company. The company and Ge aviation are the two major aviation engine giants in the United States. Pratt & Whitney has successively defeated general Aviation in the F-22 and F-35 projects. Pratt & Whitney supplies F119 engines for F-22 and F135 engines for F35.

In addition to supplying engines, Raytheon also has a high level of radar and missile technology. Raytheon started its research and development of radar during World War II. The microwave oven was invented by Percy LeBaron Spencer, an engineer of Raytheon. When Percy was working on a started radar equipment, he suddenly found that the peanut chocolate he put in his pocket had melted. After thinking and studying, He found that his chocolate was melted by microwaves, so he thought that magnetron could also be used for cooking, and applied for a patent for microwave oven in 1945.

The paving claw long-range early warning radar is developed and manufactured by Raytheon. The company has also developed many types of radars for F-15, B-2 and other fighters. The Patriot surface to air missile system is also the work of Raytheon.

IBM ranks 12th in the US manufacturing industry (with a revenue of US $72.344 billion). It is a world-famous it software and hardware supplier,

The hardware part provided by IBM includes server, mainframe and storage system. We have all heard a word called going to IOE. This I refers to IBM, replacing IBM’s mainframe with domestic cloud servers. In fact, the mainframe is also a computer. It has been corresponding to the name of our personal microcomputers. The mainframe is mainly used for the government, large enterprises, financial institutions, etc. but in recent years, as China realized that American hardware affects national security, it went to IOE.

In addition to hardware, IBM also provides various basic software and application software used by enterprises and institutions.

To put it simply, IBM is a computer software and hardware supplier, but we are familiar with personal microcomputers (desktops and laptops). We know that the software includes windows, the hardware includes HP, Lenovo and so on. IBM mainly provides computer software and hardware in the commercial fields of enterprises, scientific research institutions and governments.

For example, among the global top 500 supercomputers, we all know that China has Shenwei Taihu Lake light, tianhe-2 and so on. Many supercomputers in the United States are developed by IBM. On May 30, 2022, ISC, one of the world’s two major academic conferences on supercomputing, released the top 500 list of supercomputers in Hamburg, Germany. The floating-point computing capacity of the summit supercomputer developed by IBM ranked fourth in the world.

However, global enterprises are gradually moving towards the cloud, and IBM is certainly transforming to the cloud.

Hewlett Packard ranks 15th in the manufacturing industry in the United States (with a revenue of US $63.487 billion). We are familiar with this company. Its main business is notebook computers and printers. In addition, Hewlett Packard has actually separated its enterprise business including servers and operated independently. The company is called HPE (Chinese name Huihe). The two companies are independent companies, but the shareholders behind them are similar.

It is said that domestic printers have not been built,

The following figure shows the global printer brand share ranking in the third quarter of 2021. It can be understood that HP ranked first, accounting for more than 40.9%, Japanese Epson ranked second, accounting for 20%, Japanese Canon ranked third, accounting for 16.2%, and Japanese brother companies ranked fourth, accounting for 8.9%.

The situation is similar in the Chinese market. HP printer is also the leader in the Chinese market, with nearly half of the market share.

The printer market is not small. The scale of the global market exceeds 40 billion US dollars. In addition to the technical difficulties, the leaders have also made various layouts on patents. There is still a big gap between China and Lenovo in this respect

Bangui ranked 17th in the US manufacturing industry (with a revenue of US $59.152 billion).

As an agricultural product giant, B, Bunge, one of the four famous global ABCD grain traders, is engaged in purchasing grain and oilseeds from farmers, and then storing, transporting and selling them to domestic and export customers. Bangui’s global network of facilities spans six continents, including grain warehouses, oilseed processing plants and port terminals.

Oilseeds such as soybean, rapeseed, rapeseed and sunflower seed are the basis of various food, animal feed and other products.

Bangui said on its official website that it is now the largest oilseed processor in the world.

In addition, Bangui believes that the three most important crops in the world are corn (corn), wheat and rice. With the continuous growth of the global market, especially in developing countries, the mismatch between the production and consumption places of crops is expanding. Therefore, Bangui is also responsible for the global trade of these three most important crops. The following figure shows Bangui’s global network, which lists five products: soybean, soybean oil, soybean meal, corn and wheat.

Bange is Brazil’s largest exporter of agricultural products (Bangui is the largest agricultural product exporter in Brazil), this company has been operating in Brazil for more than 100 years, and once moved its headquarters to Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1975, but later moved back to the United States.

The 18th place is Alberta (US $56.197 billion)

According to the revenue in 2021, it is the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world, second only to Pfizer. In other words, the top two pharmaceutical companies in the world are all American. Of course, it is not only this, but also Johnson & Johnson, the third largest pharmaceutical company in the world.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the United States ranks among the top three in the world.

According to the pharmaceutical business income (not the total income of the company) in 2021, the top 10 pharmaceutical enterprises in the world are Pfizer, Abbey, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Roche, Bristol Myers Squibb, Merck, Sanofi, AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline.

We found that the top three, Bristol Myers Squibb in the sixth place, and Murdoch in the seventh place were all from the United States, and the United States accounted for five.

Bristol Myers Squibb also entered the world’s top 500 this time, ranking 301 in the total and 25th in the manufacturing industry of the United States. Therefore, this article will not cover it.

Dow Chemical ranks 19th in the U.S. manufacturing industry (revenue of $54.968 billion)

Its official website reads:

“Dow’s plastics, industrial intermediates, coatings and silicone business portfolio provides customers in high growth markets, including packaging, infrastructure, transportation and consumer care, with a wide range of differentiated products and solutions based on technology. Dow operates 106 manufacturing bases in 31 countries and regions and employs about 35700 people worldwide.”

To be honest, there are only 35000 employees in 106 factories. It seems that the scale of a single factory is not too large.

The above “industrial intermediate” refers to various semi-finished products, such as nitrobenzene, aniline, methane, acetylene, propylene, butane, butene, etc.

Tesla, which ranks 20th in the manufacturing industry in the United States, has obviously become the dark horse in the manufacturing industry in the United States. It has even entered the 20th place in the manufacturing industry in the United States (with a revenue of US $53.823 billion). Obviously, Tesla’s potential is far more than this. If we choose the right track of electric cars, Tesla will enter the top five in terms of revenue or even equal to apple. From the figure below, we can understand Tesla’s revenue growth.

The 21st place is Merck Eastern (with a revenue of US $512.16 billion), which is a global pharmaceutical giant. This company was originally a German company named Merck, but because Germany was defeated in the first World War, its US subsidiary was confiscated by the United States as war booty, and then developed into today’s Merck Eastern. However, the name Merck Eastern is only used outside the United States and Canada, In the United States and Canada, it is still called Merck. Merck pharmaceutical company in Germany is called Merck outside the United States and Canada, and EMD in the United States and Canada.

So, ah, such an American pharmaceutical giant was snatched from the Germans 100 years ago.

MSD is famous for its transfer of genetically engineered hepatitis B vaccine technology to China at a low price of US $7 million in 1989. At that time, the famous Shenzhen Kangtai biological company was responsible for the transfer of MSD technology. The company was established in 1992 and produced the first vaccine in 1993. It is written on the official website of Kangtai biological:

“As for hepatitis B vaccine alone, Kangtai biological has produced and sold more than 1.2 billion doses, helped more than 400 million people avoid the harm of hepatitis B virus, and reduced public health expenditure for the country by more than 160 billion yuan.”.

At that time, China also had domestic hepatitis B vaccine, but it was relatively backward in technology, and its safety, stability and mass production capacity were not as good as that, which could not change the situation of large-scale prevalence of hepatitis B in China. More advanced domestic vaccines were still under development, and the introduction of technology negotiations between China and Merck East shortened the time for large-scale marketing of advanced hepatitis B vaccines, According to the data released by the disease control bureau of the Ministry of health of China in August 2011, during the 18 years from 1992 to 2010, due to the immunization of hepatitis B vaccine, the number of people infected with hepatitis B virus in China decreased by about 80 million, and the number of children carrying hepatitis B surface antigen decreased by nearly 19 million.

This can be said to be an excellent technology introduction in China.

Caterpillar (with a revenue of US $50.971 billion) ranks 22nd. It is still the largest construction machinery company in the world, ahead of XCMG and Sany Heavy Industries in China. In June 2022, the latest yellow table list published by the International Construction Magazine of the global construction machinery information provider KHL group in the UK showed that the top 10 enterprises in the top 50 global construction machinery in 2022 were caterpillar, Komatsu, XCMG, Sany Heavy Industry, John Deere, Wolverine construction equipment, Zoomlion Heavy technology, Liebherr, Hitachi construction machinery and Sandvik. The global share of caterpillar in the United States is as high as 13.9%, ranking the first in the world.

Well, since there are 42 of the world’s 500 mandatory manufacturing enterprises in the United States, this article first introduces these 22 enterprises with a revenue of US $50 billion.

The 22 US $50 billion clubs are ranked by apple, Ford, general motors, Dell, Johnson & Johnson, ADM, Pfizer, Pepsi, Intel, P & G, general electric, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Hewlett Packard, Boeing, Bangui, Abbey, Dow, Tesla, Merck, and caterpillar.

There are five electronic IT companies (apple, Dell, Intel, IBM, HP),

There are four companies in medical devices and pharmaceuticals: Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Abbey and Merck, of which Johnson & Johnson ranks among the top five in the world in both pharmaceutical and medical devices. In addition, GE Medical, a subsidiary of Ge group, is also one of the world’s top ten medical device enterprises.

There are three automobile companies: Ford, general motors and Tesla

Three military enterprises: Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Boeing

Three agricultural products processing companies: ADM and Bangui

Two chemical companies: P & G and Dow Chemical

Food and beverage company: Pepsi, engineering machinery company: Caterpillar

There is also a comprehensive industrial group: General Electric, its GE Healthcare, Ge aviation and Ge energy are all global giants.

We can see that US $50 billion manufacturing giants are distributed in electronic IT (including semiconductors), medical devices and pharmaceuticals, automobiles, military industry, agricultural products processing, food and beverage and engineering machinery, and General Electric is a comprehensive industrial group.

On the whole, if our country is benchmarked with the United States, the semiconductor, self owned brand automobile, medical device and pharmaceutical fields in the electronics industry are the largest gaps. This is consistent with our previous analysis and is also the field that we need to make continuous progress and pay attention to in the future.

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