What was the ancient Tianlong Protoss like? Who are the people who are said to have ChongTong?

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What was the ancient Tianlong Protoss like? Who are the people who are said to have ChongTong? Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

In ancient times, it was said that only saints or great gods could have their own unique characteristics, such as one eye and two eyes. There is even a rumor that the Yellow Emperor in the heaven has three tongues and four pupils. Three tongues and four pupils. It is estimated that several people will not beat him in a quarrel. It is estimated that the eyes can make people dizzy when they turn. For example, Cang Jie, the historian of the Yellow Emperor, Shun, the successor of the Yao emperor, and Xiang Yu, the overlord of the Western Chu state in the Warring States period, are said to have two eyes.

Divergent tongue and heavy pupil

In ancient times, there was a kind of divine bird named Chongming bird, which is the representative of the double pupil characteristics of the divine animal kingdom. Chongming bird is a kind of auspicious bird that can exorcise evil. It has boundless power and can fight against fierce animals. Ghosts and monsters dare not approach it. So in the past, some people in the countryside pasted paper-cut cockerels. In fact, it symbolizes Chongming bird, because Chongming bird looks like a chicken, only one eye and two pupils.

In the book of mountains and seas, there is a country of divergent tongues. Their tongues have a fork like a snake. There is also a country of opposing tongues, with the tip of the tongue growing toward the throat. No matter whether they speak in different tongues or in different tongues, the ghosts can’t understand what they say. Only they know what they mean.

Because they live in the south, the five elements belong to fire, and the tongue is the seedling of the heart, which also belongs to fire. Twelve hours a day, Si Shi is the time when the heart rotation is in charge of the human body, and the twelve zodiac animals corresponding to Si Shi are snakes. The biggest characteristic of snakes is that their tongues are forked. Therefore, people call this country Qi tongue country, which is a cultural symbol.

The Qi tongue country included in xuanlan is even more exaggerated. It is said that they have four tongues and three pupils and live in the west of xuanqu.


The emperor with three tongues and four eyes

In ancient times, there were three emperors, not the three emperors of the three emperors and five emperors, but the emperor of heaven, the emperor of man and the emperor of the dark. According to the records in the history of the road, the emperor of heaven was a god man with three tongues and four eyes. His name was also called Tianling, the dragon head and scale body, the head of a dragon and the body of a unicorn. There was no hair on his head. He was the ancestor of human beings and all things, and all life on earth was his descendants.

It is said that the emperor was reincarnated five times in the heaven and lived for hundreds of millions of years. He held the eight volumes of spirit tree and had the wisdom to understand everything. The three tongues of the emperor spit out lotus flowers, and he is always preaching the Dharma to all living beings in the three realms. One pair of eyes has four pupils, which respectively monitor the three realms and hell.


In journey to the west, the king of hell is in charge of the book of life and death, so there is a saying among the people that the king of hell teaches you to die at the third watch. Who dares to leave you at the fifth watch. That is to say, for all creatures with limited life, the king of hell has absolute power of life and death. He the final say who will die and how many years he can live. As long as it is the earth and the underworld, it belongs to him.

That’s why Sun Wukong cut off the names of himself and monkey monkey monkey sun from the book of life and death. From then on, he can live forever. However, the novel does not explain who made the book of life and death. However, the history of the road makes it very clear. It is recorded in the book that the emperor’s family is in charge of the immortal book and the book of life and death. He not only cares about the life and death of the world, but also the life and death of the celestial beings.

Some people may be confused. Aren’t immortals immortal? How can life have a deadline? In fact, not all immortals are immortal. Some low-level immortals will turn backward, which is similar to the degradation and repetition. Naturally, they will gradually change from immortality to limited life, and finally die and reincarnate.

The great God with heavy pupil in the world

As we said at the beginning, ChongTong is a kind of high-grade goods, which can’t be found by anyone who wants to. Only the level of the great God has this qualification, at least after death, he will become the great God.

For example, it is said that Cangjie, who created the Chinese characters, has two eyes and four eyes, so he can observe the astronomy and the humanities, creating the greatest writing in the history of human civilization. Cangjie was a historian in the era of the Yellow Emperor. It is said that he was also the creator of the innate eight trigrams. Later, King Wen of Zhou deduced the eight trigrams according to his original ideas, which became the acquired eight trigrams. Then, it was connected with everything in the world. The book of changes became a heavenly book that can explain all natural and social phenomena.


According to the historical records, Emperor Shun and Xiang Yu were also ChongTong. Some people said that it was because of this characteristic that Emperor Yao passed on to him. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. There are two reasons why Emperor Shun became the heir to the throne. First, because Zhu Dan, the crown prince of Emperor Yao, was a commodity that could not be reused, Emperor Yao was very disappointed with him and loved to adopt the way of surrender so as not to betray the trust of the people throughout the country.

The second reason is that Emperor Shun is one of the ten filial sons in history. His stepmother and younger brother killed him time and again, but he did not have the slightest jealousy in his heart. Once filial piety was restored. Later, in order to investigate Emperor Shun, Emperor Yao also told him that his two daughters were betrothed to him. He found that he could not only cultivate himself and improve his family, but also have the ability to govern the world. Only then did he confidently tell him about the country.

Although the heavy pupil is very legendary in the mythology, it may be a mutiny of the eye from the perspective of modern medicine, which is caused by the adhesion and distortion of the pupil, that is, the pair of eyes, as the saying goes, may cause cataracts in serious cases. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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