What was the most difficult thing you experienced?

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What was the most difficult thing you experienced?

Text / preliminary track


??“ Have you ever been so nervous that eating is a problem& rdquo;

??“ Yes& rdquo;

In the summer of 2010, I took 2000 yuan to Beijing. After paying the rent of one and three yuan, I became a girl who ate cookies every day.

I think I must find a job as soon as possible.

Then I went to work for a beauty and plastic surgery company. On the first day of employment, at noon, a colleague was in charge of counting who would like to order takeout together. Everyone ordered all kinds of covered rice. It was my turn. I was stunned, and then said nobly: “ Hey, I don’t want it. My friend will come to me to eat later& rdquo;

Well, my friend really came, but not to find me for dinner, but to bring me 93 yuan.

Because the ATM can’t withdraw less than 100 denominations, but this is all I have. I can only ask her to find a bank counter to withdraw it for me, otherwise I won’t be able to eat at noon.

Yes, when my colleagues came to me to make statistics on what takeout to bring, the reason why I lied that my friend wanted to come to me for food was that I didn’t have any money on me at that time.

Many girls are just like me when they go out. They are very good at supporting themselves. No matter how hard it is, they refuse to ask for money from their families, because you are afraid that your mother will tell you that if you can’t survive, don’t force it. Come back quickly.

I have to force it.

I left the plastic surgery company after only one day’s work, but strangely enough, I still remember that very clearly.

Fortunately, I quickly found a job in a magazine company, but it will take me one month to pay my salary, and I can’t hold out for a month with these 90 yuan. What should I do? I can’t starve to death.

So I continued to submit my resume on the Internet. With the chance that someone could accept my two jobs at the same time, I imagined that such a hapless company in the vast city of Beijing was facing a serious crisis that would collapse if it did not hire part-time writers.

That’s lucky.

The editor in chief of a magazine just called me. I hesitated and said that I could only write part-time. The fee could be cheaper, but I hope I can get some money in advance. Then I was prepared to let the other party scold.

He was stunned on the other end of the phone. He didn’t scold me. He didn’t say yes or no. he just asked me to send some works to him first.

Two hours later, he called me again and said that I was very professional in writing press releases. Then he really called me 1000 yuan and bought me 10 manuscripts without meeting me.

Yes, it was the 1000 yuan that supported me to stay in Beijing, and then I had everything later.

??“ And then& rdquo;

??“ Later, I had the ability to meet the life of the Jedi& rdquo;


??“ Is there anything worse& rdquo;

??“ Um& rdquo;

It’s not my story. It’s a Beijing girl named Qingning.

One year, she fell in love with a boy and became pregnant.

At that time, she had just been admitted to graduate school, and the man had just joined the work. After thinking about it, the child could not want it, so the boy begged her to kill the child, and she never got married.

After the operation, she was scared. She squatted at the door of the hospital and cried. She didn’t understand anything. She felt like she had lost something, but she didn’t know what she had lost. She wanted to talk to someone, but she didn’t dare to talk to anyone.

After graduation, they got engaged.

Then, she became pregnant again. She was glad that she hadn’t covered the heat yet. The fetus was stopped and removed.

The man’s parents knew this time.

One night, she was asked to go home for dinner. The middle-aged woman across the street was kind-hearted and attentive, but told her with a smile that her son was a three-generation single heirloom and could not be rejected. Therefore, the marriage had to be refunded first, and the engagement gift money had to be returned to his family first. When she became pregnant again, the child could be born without any problems and married again.

She was startled. She looked at the man who had let him go through hell twice, hoping to hear some explanations that made him believe that all this was an illusion. But the man kept lowering his head and picking up rice without saying a word, as if the bowl of white rice was his father.

After that, the man got married, and the bride was certainly not her.

One night three years later, Ling Ling suddenly called me and said to me in tears: “ I seem to have met someone I like, but I really want to give him a daughter. Xiao Gui, do you understand this sense of helplessness& rdquo;

This is probably the most desolate despair I have ever heard.

At that time, I thought I was really incompetent. I couldn’t say anything to comfort her. I just kept telling her, you must hold on, you must hold on &hellip& hellip;

??“ And then& rdquo;

??“ Later &hellip& hellip; At first, Ling was afraid to marry. She was afraid that if she really couldn’t have children, she would delay others. But the man she liked wanted to marry her. As a result, within a year, they had a pair of twin girls. They were healthy, with long eyelashes and no problems. They looked exactly the same. It was so cool& rdquo;

Just like what is said in les miserables, the supreme happiness of life is to be sure that someone loves you and that someone loves you for your current situation. To put it more accurately, someone loves you without asking you how.

Bottomless abyss, down may also be the future.


??“ Can you tell me another one& rdquo;

??“ All right& rdquo;

A few months ago, I went to the car wash. The boss was a young man in his early 20s.

He washed the car that day himself, but there was no one in the store. After washing it, he told me that he had gone out of the store, but I still had three car washing cards left. He asked me if I wanted him to return my cash, or would I like to wait until the next person comes to the store?

I am curious: “ Why did you do well and quit& rdquo;

He glanced at me, chatted with me and smoked in the sun.

He was suddenly found to have a heart problem. He wanted to go to Kunming for a heart bypass operation, so he couldn’t do the job for the time being. The doctor asked him that day, how much money did you bring? He said, 10000. The doctor said, that’s not enough. At least 50000 yuan should be prepared first. I’ll prescribe some medicine for you this time.

As a result, he returned by train. When the staff heard that the boss was going to transfer the store, they got paid on the 15th and stopped coming to work on the 16th.

He couldn’t figure out why people’s hearts can become so cold and thin because he is usually very good to everyone.

He was worried that the operation would not succeed, so he carefully wrote his will. He stayed in the store and washed the cars and sent them away. One by one, he asked each member of the car wash room whether he wanted to refund or wait for someone to take over the store and continue to use them.

The night before he went to Kunming for surgery, he suddenly called me and said that he would add my wechat to return the remaining three times’ money to me.

My heart ached, and I was hit by a kind of inexplicable sadness. I said it was OK. In case I opened it again later, it would still work.

He insisted that he was afraid that if he never came back, he would leave a debt in this world and die in peace.

??“ And then& rdquo;

??“ Later in this story, I still don’t know& rdquo;

The reason why I said it was because I felt that there was such a person in this world. No matter how cruel the world treated him, he could return warmth and kindness.

He reminds me of an inner monologue of the man in the melting pot:

We fought all the way, not to change the world, but not to let the world change us.


These three stories are told to a depressed girl.

When she was a child, she was molested by an old man. Later, this disgrace made her unable to get through the trouble. One day, she finally summoned up the courage to beat the old man, but people in the village said that the old man had died.

She often cuts her wrists with a small art knife. She often climbs up the 14th floor alone to draw the arc that should exist to jump down. One day, she asked me for a reason to live, and I told her these three stories.

And share it with you.

Share it with those like her, like me, who are confused, crying and suffering in the crowd.

What was the most difficult thing in your life?

Is missing a person but can’t say? Is it because I have been working for 5 years and I am still a boy? Is it someone else’s parents who can buy a house but your parents can’t help? Did you meet a girl who wanted to protect your life when you were the most depressed? Is it because you failed to start a business and were heavily in debt? Or a good life suddenly have to go through family destruction?

In our life, the days of depression and hesitation are always longer than the days of happiness.

Each of us, who isn’t suffering and struggling?

But this life alone, if you want to live, you can only do your best.

No matter how hard it is, you can cry, but you can’t give advice.

If I had let go, there would be no future.

There is no girl who meets a person who doesn’t ask you how you are willing to love you, and there is no car wash guy who tries to leave warmth to the world.

As Nietzsche said, if you know why you live, you can endure any kind of life.

Then, ten years later, the past has become a thing of the past.

The more difficult the day is, the more you have to let yourself have something to do. When it is difficult, which sentence is the most shameful to give up to support you through the most difficult day? How did you spend the most difficult time in your life?

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