What was the real situation of the war between the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou? Why is it a star wars?

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What was the real situation of the war between the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou? Why is it a star wars? The editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

I believe that the war between the Yellow Emperor, the Yan Emperor and Chiyou has been heard of more or less. It can be said that this is the most vigorous war in Chinese history. It is magnificent, but it does not mean that the scale is large and the number of people participating in the war is large. It means that the war between them even the animals, immortals and ghosts participated in it. According to Liezi ยท Yellow Emperor, in the “Hanquan war” between the Yellow Emperor (Xuanyuan) and the Yan Emperor (Shennong), the Yellow Emperor’s army “bears, bears, bears, wolves, leopards, cats and tigers are the precursors, and eagles, cats, eagles and kites are the flags”.

The book of mountains and seas records the “Zhuolu war” between the Yellow Emperor and Chi you. First, Chi you opened his mouth and spewed out thick fog, causing the Yellow Emperor’s troops to lose their direction. The Yellow Emperor therefore used the guide car to get out of the fog. Then, Chi you asked Feng Boyu for help. The fengboyu division took advantage of the strong winds and rainstorms to wash the troops of the Yellow Emperor to pieces. Then, the Yellow Emperor also invited such immortals as Ganxi. Wherever the drought comes, the clouds will clear and the sun will be scorching. The water on the ground was also dried up, so he defeated Feng Boyu and the Yellow Emperor defeated Chiyou.

It is no wonder that these two great battles are called “Star Wars” by some people.

Some mythology experts now believe that in the war between the Yellow Emperor and the Yan Emperor, the “bears, bears, wolves, leopards, oysters, tigers, eagles, oysters, eagles and kites” in the troops are not real animals, but the names of a certain tribe with such animals as its totem.

Fengbo, Yushi, and Hanyu were not gods and ghosts, but some natural phenomena at that time. Because people at that time could not understand these natural phenomena, they used “supernatural” immortals and ghosts to explain them. That is to say, during the war between the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou, the Yellow Emperor was really lost in the thick fog. The people in the Yellow Emperor’s army did not understand, and thought that the thick fog was spit out by Chiyou. Later, there was a storm, which was also explained as Chiyou asked Laifeng Boyu for help. After that, we encountered a severe drought. After all, the great drought is opposite to the flood. Therefore, this great drought is interpreted as the God of drought invited by the Yellow Emperor.

Some people may say that this explanation is too far fetched. Even if there are abnormal natural phenomena, could it be that during the war between the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou, abnormal natural phenomena appeared in such a concentrated manner?

First of all, we must understand the reason why the Yellow Emperor wanted to fight with the Yan Emperor and Chiyou. On the one hand, this is due to the expansion of the population, which requires more land and various resources. On the other hand, it must be because there were many abnormal natural phenomena, a large number of floods and droughts, so the prey was reduced and the crops were not harvested. In this case, the Yellow Emperor and the Yan Emperor will fight, and the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou will fight. Therefore, this can be explained.

Or, at that time, people might just regard those phenomena in the war as thick fog, strong wind, heavy rain, drought, etc. However, because these wars have a great impact on the later generations, they are told from generation to generation. In the process of narration, whether it is the Yellow Emperor, the Yan Emperor, Chiyou, or the abnormal natural phenomenon, they have long been elevated and deified. When the book of mountains and seas, Liezi and the historical records recorded the events at that time, the legends obtained were already deified legends. Therefore, what we see in the books now is like that.

In addition, the war between the Yellow Emperor, the Yan Emperor and Chiyou in the ancient books also has a great sense of moral judgment. This kind of moral judgment is carried out around the Yellow Emperor. The Yellow Emperor is right, while the Yan Emperor and Chiyou are evil. Yellow Emperor is the center, while Yan Emperor and Chiyou are the edge. The name “Yellow Emperor” also means that he is the master of the center.


In addition, this kind of moral judgment on the war between Yan and Huang and the war between the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou probably began in the Western Zhou Dynasty. Therefore, the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan was also surnamed “Ji”.

It is precisely because the Yellow Emperor represents “righteousness” that, in the legend, “bears, bears, wolves, leopards, cats, tigers, eagles, cats, eagles and kites” come to help him. This is the truth of the saying that “a just cause enjoys more support than an unjust one”. In the battle between the Yellow Emperor and Chi you, although Chi you was also helped, it was all the negative things like thick fog, strong wind and heavy rain that helped him. And those who helped the Yellow Emperor were such masculine things as the Ganyu (the meaning of the sun).

Obviously, such moral judgment has been added to the legends from generation to generation. In the end, the animals and immortals are involved to prove this judgment.

First of all, let’s talk about the lineup of the two sides, the lineup of the journey to the West and the list of gods. Today we regard it as a fairy tale because we have all received scientific literacy education. The ancients did not have this speculative logical judgment.

Let’s talk about Chiyou’s lineup first

Wind God, rain queen, Kuafu, Gonggong, twelve Wuzu, and eighty-one brothers. In various myths and legends, these people are all capable of reaching the sky. There are also records that these people are invulnerable to weapons and water and fire.

And these people can not only eat normal food, but also eat sandstone and iron. This group of people is also a group of aliens. Some have horns and some have wings. Chiyou is a person with three heads and six arms. Even in some documents, it is thought that Chiyou has eight legs (I don’t know if they have seen crabs). In short, Chi you and his brothers are all aliens, and they are simply the Avengers.

The generals under him are not good. After the rain, the wind god manages the world’s wind and rain. If they are different, they can be defined as mages or assistants. Gonggong and Kuafu are even more fierce. Kuafu can drive the sun all over the world. Gonggong has no head. He takes two teats as his eyes and his belly button as his mouth. He still fights like a tiger and runs into Buzhou mountain. The ferocity is at its peak.

Chi you and his subordinates can no longer be described by human beings. Chi You’s mount is called an iron eater, and even iron can be chewed. It can be seen how fierce it is. As for the fact that this thing now makes a living by selling sprouts, let’s talk about it.

The lineup of the Yellow Emperor

Relatively speaking, it is more in line with human aesthetics. According to the legend, Cangjie, who coined the characters, was the instrument of the Yellow Emperor, while Linglun, who was proficient in music, was the musician of the Yellow Emperor. There were also great generals such as Hou Qing, Ying Long and Zhu Rong, and even monsters such as demons and demons. Moreover, the strength of the alliance made by Emperor Yan could not be underestimated.

The people under the Yellow Emperor are also full of legends. For example, Hou Qing died in battle in the legend of later generations. A resentment was turned into a zombie by the ancient god beast Yu. He waited for an opportunity to assassinate the Yellow Emperor, and was finally killed by Nuwa and Fuxi.

Another more legendary figure, named Nu Xu, is said to be the daughter of the Yellow Emperor. Cursed by the Wizards of Chiyou, she turned into a monster. Everywhere she went, the whole tribe of the Yellow Emperor was plunged into crisis and was eventually expelled. The angry woman must be bewitched by Yu, and dedicate her soul to Yu, and finally become a zombie. She is called Nu Yu or dry Yu. The Yellow Emperor had no choice but to send Ying long to kill the Ganxi.

It can be seen that although the generals under the Yellow Emperor are not as horrible as those under Chiyou, they are not good. They are all those who can destroy the sky and the earth with one anger.

“Interstellar war” Between Huangdi and Chiyou

Just look at the legendary characters of the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou, which one has gone beyond the scope of human beings. The fighting process between the two sides was also wonderful. Not only was it dark, but it was even like a guide car that traveled thousands of miles every day. The Xuanyuan sword that destroyed the sky and destroyed the earth came out. When the fight was white hot, even the nine day Xuannv had to join in. If it was considered to be star wars, it would not be impossible.

Of course, these are all from various ancient books and legends, many of which are adapted and handed down according to myths and legends. Different versions have different contents, and even many of them are contradictory.

The real war is very simple

The real story, or the story recorded in historical materials, is very simple and boring. It is nothing more than two large tribes, carrying wooden sticks, stone axes and a small number of bronze knives and arrows, chopping each other in the place of deer chasing. Then, the Chiyou tribe could not cut down the tribes of the Yellow Emperor and the Yan Emperor, and was defeated, thus losing the territory of the Central Plains.

This battle was of great importance to both sides, and also to later China, because when the Yanhuang tribe won, the Chinese people had the title of the descendants of the Yanhuang people, and the Chinese people also appeared in the Central Plains.

Later, after a long historical evolution, people have recognized the fact that the Chinese are descendants of the Chinese people, and the people in the central plains are the Chinese people. Moreover, China has also called itself Huaxia in all dynasties. Because of this pride, in the writings of many scholars, Chiyou tribe has become a negative existence and a representative of evil. It is necessary to demonize Chiyou and his subordinates in order to reflect the justice of the Yellow Emperor and the Yan Emperor.

As a result, this kind of embellished literature has constantly appeared, and has become a fact in people’s imagination through word of mouth. The lies are like snowballs. Even the Yellow Emperor, the incarnation of justice, has to be demonized. Otherwise, how can we win?

This period of history is very long. For various reasons, various myths and legends dilute the real time, so that the world has no way to know what the truth is. People can only look at those past years according to fairy tales. If you think that mystery rather than normal logic can be understood, then it is very normal to be considered as star wars. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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