What was the specific course of the Yellow Emperor’s ascent to heaven by dragon?

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What was the specific course of the Yellow Emperor’s ascent to heaven by dragon? This is a question that many readers especially want to know. The following is a detailed introduction to China story net. Let’s have a look.

In ancient times, the Yellow Emperor was a very wise king. The era of the Yellow Emperor was also a period of great invention in ancient history. Almost all the daily necessities of people’s lives, such as the boat, the calendar, arithmetic, music and silk weaving, were invented in this era.

In his later years, the Yellow Emperor invented the tripod. When the first tripod was cast, a dragon suddenly flew down from the sky. The Dragon had powerful eyes and long silver shining whiskers. The whole dragon body was shining with gold. When it came, it seemed to bring 10000 pieces of gold forging, covering the whole sky.


Both the Yellow Emperor and the minister were surprised. The Dragon slowly approached the Yellow Emperor, his eyes became very gentle, and suddenly opened his mouth and said to the Yellow Emperor: " The emperor of heaven is very glad to see that you have made Chinese civilization take another step forward, so I am specially sent to take you to heaven to meet the emperor of heaven. “As soon as the yellow emperor heard this, he nodded, stepped onto the dragon’s back, and said to his ministers: " the emperor of heaven is going to summon me. Take care. Goodbye.” “Please let us follow you! " after saying this, the ministers rushed up, hoping to climb up the dragon’s back and follow the Yellow Emperor. But the Dragon twisted its body and fell down those people.

The Golden Dragon flew into the sky with the Yellow Emperor and disappeared into the clouds. The ministers had no choice but to watch the Yellow Emperor go to heaven. A minister looked at the sky and said thoughtfully: " Not everyone can go there! Only great people like the Yellow Emperor are qualified& quot; Later people called the place where the yellow emperor ascended to heaven " Dinghu;. After the Dragon went to the Dinghu lake, the emperor died because of the “dragon went to the Dinghu Lake”. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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