What will China do if the United States strangles with alliance strategy and Russia lifts the table?

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Author: liguangman source: liguangman freezing point review wechat official account id:ligm-479210127 has been authorized to reprint

At present, the theme of world peace and development has been in a difficult position. The great change that has not been seen in a century is entering a stage of fierce struggle of a major power. The world has come to a major historical turning point. The future is full of great danger and uncertainty. Everyone began to talk about the Third World War and the nuclear war between major powers. Both China, the United States, Russia and Europe are undergoing great historical tests.

Just as the United States was frantically curbing the siege against China and Russia, Putin suddenly overturned the card table and directly launched the war against Ukraine. A group of big men in the United States and Europe immediately came to their senses as if they had taken drugs and launched comprehensive sanctions against Russia. Just yesterday, the G-7 was still announcing a new sanctions plan to prohibit the purchase of Russian gold. However, Putin defused the western financial sanctions with a “ruble settlement order”. Now the Russian Ukrainian war has become a protracted war, and the tension and turbulence in Europe have intensified. The latest news is that after the capture of Mariupol, the Russian army captured another important city in Donbas, northern Donetsk. Although it was damaged, it still made steady progress on the battlefield and took the initiative.

In the game of big powers, there is fraud and more emphasis on strength. The United States still regards China as its biggest strategic opponent and enemy and strangles China while fighting against Russia and Ukraine and weakening Russia.

Recently, the United States has shown a very clear strategy to China. Making lies, forming alliances, challenging China’s bottom line and creating chaos in China are the usual means for the United States to strangle China. Recently, the United States passed the Xinjiang related act to attack China, and the US reconnaissance aircraft crossed the Taiwan Strait to provoke China. Today, we will mainly analyze what alliances the United States has formed to contain, encircle, suppress and strangle China. As long as China can smash these so-called alliance systems of the United States, it can take the strategic initiative and ultimately win in this critical battle of life and death in this special period.

First, “blue Pacific Partnership”. On June 24, the White House issued a statement announcing the formation of an informal organization, the blue Pacific Partnership, which includes the United States, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, to support Pacific regionalism and counter China’s growing influence in the region. What is Pacific regionalism? I think this is a strategic idea that the United States put forward a century after putting forward the Monroe doctrine that “the Americas are the Americas of the American people” and regards the entire Pacific region as the backyard of the United States. Of course, it is not only a strategic design based on strength, but also a crazy delusion. The difference this time is that the United States’ opponent in the Pacific region is an increasingly powerful China, and the United States has attracted three Pacific countries, Australia, Japan and New Zealand, and Britain as far away as the Atlantic Ocean. This action of the United States is obviously a counter measure against China’s recent development of friendly relations with Solomon, Kiribati and other Pacific island countries in the South Pacific.

Second, the “global dignity revolution”. Recently, the United States invented a new political term, namely “global dignity revolution”. On June 7, USAID director Bauer announced in a U.S. policy speech that the United States would launch a “global dignity revolution” in order to implement the presidential democratic revival initiative launched at the first “global democracy summit”, establish a democratic partnership fund, and defeat the so-called “authoritarian countries” such as China and Russia. It may be that the “Color Revolution” is already smelly, so the United States has changed a better word this time and named it “dignity revolution”. Just as the United States played with the word “color” in international politics, it now focuses on the word “dignity”. Presumably, the word “dignity” will also be played by the United States.

Third, the Alliance for economic prosperity of the Americas. At the 9th summit of the Americas, which ended on June 10, US President Biden put forward a new initiative to establish the “Alliance for economic prosperity in the Americas”. The summit of the heads of state of the Americas was a rather embarrassing Summit for the United States, which was boycotted by Mexico, Bolivia, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and other countries because the United States refused to invite Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and other anti American countries to participate in the summit. There are two main reasons why the United States proposed the “Alliance for economic prosperity in the Americas”. One is that China’s influence in Latin America has increased in recent years. The other is that more and more Latin American countries have left-wing politicians in charge of state power. The whole Latin America is showing an increasingly obvious tendency to oppose the United States and beautify it. Biden proposed the “Alliance for economic prosperity in the Americas” in response to the gradual weakening of the US influence in Latin America.

Fourth, the Asia Pacific economic framework. In May this year, when visiting Japan, US President Biden announced the launch of the “Indo Pacific economic framework”, or IPEF. IPEF has 13 initial member countries, including the United States, Australia, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. These 13 countries account for 40% of the world’s GDP. IPEF aims to build an economic alliance in the Indian Pacific region that excludes and isolates China. It is also a strategic measure for the United States and Japan to transfer their industrial chain from China to India, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries and implement the re layout of their global industrial chain.

Fifth, chip4 is the “Semiconductor Alliance”. The United States has been implementing the most severe high-tech sanctions against China in history. The core of the sanctions is the embargo on China’s high-end chip industry. Chip4, the “Semiconductor Alliance” to be launched by the United States recently, is the starting point for the embargo on China’s high-end chips. Chip4 is a semiconductor alliance formed by the United States, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, China province of China, including applied materials, micron, Intel, Broadcom and Qualcomm in the United States, Samsung and SK Hynix in South Korea, Toshiba, Renesas and Tokyo electronics in Japan, and the upstream, middle and downstream leading manufacturers of semiconductor industries such as MediaTek, TSMC and Nikolai in Taiwan, China province of China. If you add asmax in the Netherlands, which has been controlled by the United States, It will be extremely difficult or even impossible for China to obtain high-end chip manufacturing technology, equipment, materials and products from the United States and its allies. The ultimate goal of the United States is to completely cut off China’s access to high-end chips, related equipment and materials, and completely block the development of China’s high-end chip industry and the transformation and upgrading of China’s economy to high-end industries.

Sixth, NATO is expanding eastward to the Asia Pacific region. From June 29 to 30, this year’s NATO summit will be held in Madrid, Spain. Different from previous years, the leaders of Japan, South Korea and Australia in the Asia Pacific region will be invited to attend the NATO summit for the first time. This move is obviously unusual. It is a new move by the United States to promote NATO’s expansion into the Asia Pacific region. As we all know, as NATO’s eastward expansion in Europe made Russia feel that its national security was seriously threatened and launched a war against Ukraine, the United States is now going to do the same to expand NATO eastward to the Asia Pacific region and establish “Asia Pacific NATO”. The invitation of leaders of Japan, South Korea and Australia to attend the NATO summit is the first step to promote “Asia Pacific NATO”.

Seventh, the aucus alliance, or aukus. On November 22 last year, the United States, Britain and Australia signed the Naval Nuclear Power Information Exchange Agreement, that is, the United States, Britain and Australia share the secrets of nuclear submarines. This is actually an alliance for the United States to transfer nuclear technology, materials and weapons to Australia, and to make Australia a forward base for nuclear deterrence and nuclear attack on China. At the same time, it is also an alliance for Britain to extend its black hand to the Asia Pacific region An alliance that provokes China militarily.

Eighth, “India Pacific security dialogue” is quad. Quad is a security dialogue mechanism led by the United States and participated by the United States, Japan, India and Australia. In fact, it is a four Nation Alliance created by the United States to contain China. In September, 2021, Quad held the first face-to-face summit of leaders in Washington, D.C., and the second face-to-face summit of leaders in Japan in May this year. Quad has moved from online to offline, from retreat to pragmatism, and more and more practical cooperation. In the future, Quad will become the main strategic alliance system of the U.S. grand strategy to contain and encircle China, of which the biggest variable is India.

The above is the alliance framework system recently launched by the United States. If the “five eye alliance” is added, the United States has formed at least about ten alliances, forming a huge network to strangle China. How do we feel about this? How should China respond? China has not been idle about the strategic containment of the United States, but has begun to take the initiative to break through.

China’s counterattack is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

First, China has adopted a refusal strategy against the US military in the Pacific Ocean. China has continuously developed its military strength and has a strong military. Not to mention the power of China’s Dongfeng family missile system, but only the recent launching of the “Fujian ship” aircraft carrier and the success of China’s land-based midcourse anti missile interception technology test. All these are a threat to China by militarily refusing the US military to enter within 2000 nautical miles around China, thereby breaking the multiple island chains built by the United States around China, It also has strong military strength to liberate Taiwan, unify the motherland, resist US and Japanese military intervention, and win the war.

Second, after the establishment of okus in the United States, Britain and Australia, China took the initiative to attack the Pacific region. The Chinese foreign minister visited the eight Pacific countries, presided over the second China Pacific island foreign ministers’ meeting, signed a series of cooperation documents with the Pacific island countries, and comprehensively improved the level of South South cooperation between China and the Pacific island countries. This is to go straight into the heart of the enemy, make the enemy feel uncomfortable but unable to start, and make the United States and Australia angry, This is also an important reason why the United States, Australia, Japan, New Britain and the United States recently proposed the “blue Pacific strategy”.

Third, China has made major breakthroughs in geopolitics in Central Asia. On the one hand, the foreign ministers’ meeting between China and the five Central Asian countries achieved a number of major results, the most important of which was the establishment of a meeting mechanism between the leaders of China and the five Central Asian countries, from which Chinese forces officially entered the Central Asia region. On the other hand, significant progress has been made in the construction of China Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Railway after 25 years’ delay, and the construction may start next year. These two aspects have provided a realistic possibility for China to participate in and lead the development of Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the inland region of the Eurasian continent, and also provided a necessary condition for the revival of land rights in the Eurasian continent.

Fourth, China assumed the presidency of the BRICs countries this year. Recently, China hosted the BRICs leaders’ meeting, the BRICs business forum and the BRICs + global development high level dialogue. The most important outcome of the summit was the Beijing Declaration and the idea of expanding the membership of the BRICs organization. If we add the new G8 concept recently put forward by Russia, that is, the new G8 composed of China, India, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Iran, Turkey and other eight countries corresponds to the G7 composed of developed countries, of course, China may not agree with the G8 idea, but build the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and promote the expansion of the BRICs organization, Making it a developing country organization that can compete with the group of seven developed countries will become the goal China is pursuing.

Fifth, on December 3, 2021, the China Laos Kunming Wanzhou railway will be opened to traffic, which is the first railway built by the Pan Asian Railway Network under China’s leading planning, development and construction. On June 8 this year, the upgrading and reconstruction project of the Cambodian yuntu naval base built with China’s assistance started construction. The media in the United States and other western countries hyped that this is a Chinese overseas military base “for China’s use only”. This kind of public opinion is suspected of hyping and undermining China, but Cambodia has the right to build its own military facilities on its own territory. I also hope that this will be a good start for China and Cambodia to deepen military cooperation. Not long ago, the United States convened the leaders of ASEAN countries to the United States to participate in the summit of the leaders of the United States and ASEAN. The purpose is to win over ASEAN countries and jointly confront China. However, at present, ASEAN has surpassed the United States and the European Union to become China’s largest trading partner. The mutual needs between China and ASEAN can not be destroyed by a few sweet words of the United States.

Sixthly, Chinese astronauts once again go into space. China will complete the construction of the space station this year. After the international space station is scrapped in the next few years, the Chinese space station will become the only space station in space. This is not only the practice of human space exploration, but also the need for China to compete fiercely with the United States in space, compete for space dominance, and focus on the space competition of future powers.

Although China has made some important achievements in the global geopolitical game, I am still worried about the fighting spirit of the Chinese people who have lived in a peaceful environment for a long time and the mental state of China under the strong pressure of the United States.

First, at present, the United States has given up its ambiguous policy towards China. The strategy that China is the main strategic enemy of the United States is very clear. Whether there is a war between Russia and Ukraine or not, this is the strategic positioning of the United States towards China. This is the national strategy of the United States and the social consensus of the United States. On the contrary, Chinese society has not formed a consensus on ideology and cognition of the United States, which has led to ideological confusion and public opinion opposition in Chinese society’s cognition of the United States. Many people still have illusions about the United States. They hope that China will continue to hide its strength and bide its time, and expect China and the United States to expand cooperation. Perhaps this is the most worrying thing.

Second, the U.S. means to contain China are very clear, that is, to mobilize all forces that can be mobilized, to coerce other countries to choose sides, to call on all allies to jointly contain China, and to strangle China with the alliance network. On the other hand, due to China’s unclear understanding of the United States and vague strategy, many countries friendly to China or countries with strong anti American will feel at a loss. China does not dare to hold high the banner of anti hegemonism in the world, and lacks clear ideological guidance and national strategy for anti American hegemonism, as well as strategic guidance for joint anti hegemonism with all forces.

Third, the U.S. strategy towards China is confrontation, suppression, containment, encirclement and extermination, and is turning various alliances into substantive and operational means. However, some people in China still have illusions about the United States and lack clear strategies, ideas and theoretical research on the understanding, positioning and coping strategies of the nature of American hegemonism, imperialism and capitalism. When a war concerning the survival of the country comes, We lack the spirit of struggle and are afraid of struggle. This is the result of being in a peaceful environment for a long time, being eroded by American and Western ideas and losing the will to struggle.

Fourth, the United States’ strike against China is brutal and ruthless, using all means, from biological warfare to high-tech warfare, from engaging in military provocation in the Taiwan Strait to making lies on the Xinjiang issue, from the so-called “dignity revolution” to ideological war, from creating ideological opposition within China to cultivating US interest agents in China, from financial and capital wars to embargoes on China’s high-end chips, The United States has a complete set of strategic positioning and tactical arrangements, and has implemented a precise strategic strike against China. However, the whole society of China is still singing and dancing in peace. It has no awareness of war and war preparation. It just thinks that this is a normal commercial competition between countries, but does not realize that this is a tragic war related to the survival of the country. This is worrying.

Fifth, we must get rid of the long-standing psychological fear of the United States and build up a strong confidence that we can fight against the United States and defeat the United States and all its lackeys. Some people worship the United States and kneel down to fear the United States. Some people believe that the United States is invincible. They advocate that the United States should raise the white flag to surrender, accept all the blackmail conditions of the United States, and compromise. There are not many people who hold this view, especially among intellectuals and among capitalists. There are many people in our public opinion field and they are popular. There are a number of such experts, scholars and two sides of the system. They act as agents and spokesmen for hostile forces at home and abroad, selling national interests for their own interests and selling Chinese interests for the interests of the United States.

Sixthly, recently I saw someone write an article in memory of wujianmin, saying that China should still keep a low profile and not fight with the United States. This worries me. It is not the psychology of a few people in our society to have a fear of the United States and dare not fight. The fear of the United States has affected our generation or even two. As the erosion and influence of capital on our country and society have gone deep into the body, the vulnerability of our social psychology exposed by drug teaching materials, Shanghai epidemic prevention and a series of recent social events makes us feel the danger of a certain social crisis and worry us. Recently, some forces have begun to make use of the current economic downturn in China to criticize and attack China, making us aware that hostile forces at home and abroad are converging and forming a very crazy and vicious destructive force.

Seventh, is the United States terrible? Can the United States win? Chairman Mao taught us that U.S. imperialism and all its reactionaries are paper tigers. This is a profound understanding and accurate judgment of the nature of U.S. imperialism and an ideological expression of strong national confidence. After careful observation, it can be found that the United States has many allies and many alliances. However, it is Japan, Britain, Australia and a few other countries that are really the staunch allies of the United States. Other European countries and India often show the swing of “milk is mother”. The actions of the Chinese people’s Volunteer Army in the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea have long proved that the era when western colonists could conquer a country or a nation by erecting several cannons on the coasts of other countries is long gone. As long as we dare to fight, American imperialism and its lackeys can be defeated and eliminated. Now the largest trade war launched by the United States against China in history is becoming a joke. The high-tech war launched by the United States is stimulating the strong endogenous driving force of the Chinese people’s self-reliance and independent innovation. The result of the continuous military provocation by the United States on the Taiwan issue will only stimulate the Chinese people to form a strong will to liberate Taiwan and unify the motherland.

As an old capitalist, imperialist and colonial country, the United States has now entered the stage of financial capitalism, with financial foam, hollow industry and lack of major scientific breakthroughs and technological innovation support. Its national credit of dollar hegemony has been on the verge of collapse, and its scientific and technological hegemony is being pursued and surpassed by China. Although the U.S. military has built hundreds of military bases in dozens of foreign countries, However, the huge military expenditure has become a heavy burden on American society, and the advantage of the United States in military equipment is being surpassed by China. In this state, the United States is unable to maintain its global hegemony in an all-round way. It is difficult for the United States to contain, suppress and strangle China on its own. Therefore, the United States should form various alliances to jointly attack China. From the United States to the alliance led by the United States, it not only reflects the strategic characteristics of the United States, but also reflects the inner weakness of the United States.

At present, the United States is experiencing the most serious inflation crisis in more than 40 years. High inflation and high debt are crushing the U.S. economy. A serious economic recession may come in early 2023. This is the weakest and weakest time for the United States, a hegemonic country, and the best time to defeat this hegemonic country. The United States cannot be killed by one shot, but we need to have the courage to shoot the United States.

At this time, we must not repeat the old mistake of “saving the United States is saving China”, and we can no longer interpret the story of “farmers and snakes”. The United States originally wanted to take advantage of the Russian Ukrainian war to bring down Russia. Now it seems that Russia is reaping war dividends through the Russian Ukrainian war because the United States does not dare to collide with Russia. Now the United States wants to contain and strangle China through the alliance strategy to prevent China from surpassing the United States. However, as the national credit of the United States is on the verge of bankruptcy, the dollar hegemony is difficult to last. The terminally ill United States has no time to spare. It can only use its huge dead but not rigid body to frighten those who are afraid of things. When Putin lifted the table, Biden and the decadent aristocrats of those old colonial countries in Europe could only sit in the Spanish manor and say that they should take off their coats and compare their muscles with Putin. This is a detail of the G7 summit today, not a joke.

I think the time is coming for China to lift the table with the United States, and for the reunification of the motherland and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The only thing we need to do is to throw away our illusions and dare to fight.

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