What’s the name of yuwenle tide? Why is yuwenle not popular

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There are many stars in the entertainment industry who can do sideline work. In their early years, there were many stars who especially liked to do fashion cards, especially those male stars from Hong Kong and Taiwan. However, few people have been able to persist and make the brand bigger, but yuwenle is a very successful one. What’s the name of Yu wenle Chao? Why is yuwenle not popular now? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

What’s the name of yuwenle chaopai

Yu wenle’s brand name is madness. This brand was founded by Yu wenle in 2010. Madness is developing very well. In recent years, it has also made a lot of joint brands with many international brands, which can be regarded as a relatively high-end national fashion brand. In addition to being famous in Hong Kong and Taiwan, madness can also be seen in many large shopping malls in the mainland. There are even some people who know madness but don’t know Yu wenle. Madness also has many loyal fans.

Yu wenle’s fashion brand is developing well, but Yu wenle’s own performance career is not so optimistic. In recent years, Yu wenle’s performance career has obviously declined, and the decline is very severe. Now, Yu wenle can hardly be seen on the screen. Yu wenle was also a frontline player in the entertainment industry. He was a very popular young man in Hong Kong. His position in Hong Kong was basically tied with Nicholas Tse.

Why is yuwenle not popular

At that time, Yu wenle made many famous films, such as Infernal Affairs, man’s true colors, the initial D, men’s talents and women’s looks, Chun Jiao and Zhiming, and so on. Besides the actor, Yu wenle is also a singer. In these two fields, Yu wenle has developed quite well. However, over the past few years, Yu wenle’s resources have declined significantly. Occasionally, he received some films, which were basically produced at a low cost, and few people paid attention to them. As a result, many people feel that Yu wenle has retired from the entertainment industry.

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