What’s the relationship between Fang Datong and xuekaiqi? Does Fang Datong like xuekaiqi

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Xuekaiqi has recently been loved by many netizens because of her participation in sister Lang 3. Although the program team didn’t give xuekaiqi many shots at the beginning, xuekaiqi’s popularity was high and everyone liked to see beautiful women, so xuekaiqi’s shots obviously increased in the back. What is the relationship between Fang Datong and Xue Kaiqi? Is it true that Fang Datong likes xuekaiqi? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

What is the relationship between Fang Datong and xuekaiqi

Xuekaiqi has never been in any public relationship since her debut, but the scandal between her and the two male stars has been spread for a long time. Xuekaiqi first had an affair with Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan. Later, he was with Fang Datong, but about their relationship, more netizens thought that Fang Datong loved xuekaiqi but could not. Many gourd eaters think that Fang Datong likes xuekaiqi, but it’s a pity that the falling flowers are deliberately ruthless. Fang Datong belongs to Acacia.

Xuekaiqi is actually Fang Datong’s elder martial sister, so the two have known each other for a long time. Xuekaiqi has always taken Fang Datong as a friend, and has always declared to foreign officials that friendship is between the two people. But the way Fang Datong looks at xuekaiqi always makes everyone think that Fang Datong is secretly in love with xuekaiqi and that they are lovers and friends. Many netizens also regret that Fang Datong and xuekaiqi are not together.

Does Fang Datong like xuekaiqi

But now the possibility of two people together is very small. Although xuekaiqi is still single, Fang Datong has already had a girlfriend. It is reported that Fang Datong’s current girlfriend is Wang Shian, a junior sister of his company. Last year, Fang Datong’s good friend zhouguoxian also disclosed that Fang Datong was in love and was happy for Fang Datong to get rid of the order, because Fang Datong had been single for a long time. Wang Shian is also a singer songwriter and has the same hobbies as Fang Datong. The combination of talented men and women is also quite matched.

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