What’s the relationship between Li Xueke and Zhang Yingying? Is Li Xueke and Zhang Yingying your best friend

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Friends who like gossip should be familiar with Zhang Yingying. Now she has basically become one of the spokespersons for the junior in the entertainment industry. Netizens found that lixueke was mentioned in the chat screenshot of Zhang YingYing and Wang Xiaofei. What is the relationship between Li Xueke and Zhang Yingying? Are they good girlfriends? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

What is the relationship between Li Xueke and Zhang yingying

First, let’s look at the chat screenshots of Zhang YingYing and the revelations of netizens, which can guide Li Xueke that Zhang Yingying is a very good friend. If Zhang Yingying has something to do at ordinary times, she will specially come to talk with lixueke and ask him to give her advice. Li Xueke has also been exposed to a lot of black information. The netizen roast said that Li Xueke and Zhang Yingying are good girlfriends. They are both girls and liars.

In her early years, lixueke created an image of a single strong woman. She still has three children. Lixueke has always said that she takes care of the three children alone, splicing the titles of a single strong woman and a good mother. Lixueke soon became an Internet celebrity. However, according to the current revelations, these human designs are all fake, and Li Xueke created them to package himself. In fact, Li Xueke, on the contrary, was a woman who turned over by men.

Is lixueke and zhangyingying your best friend

According to the source, Li Xueke’s car and many houses were bought by others. Her first child was born by herself, but her father was a married man. Li Xueke’s other two children were born by surrogacy and were artificially inseminated. The sperm was selected from the sperm bank. The informant even said that Li Xueke was bisexual and had previously dated a girl who was very short. The girl was also very rich and worked in wechat business. Is it not surprising that zhangyingying and lixueke can become friends?

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