What’s the relationship between Yu Wenwen and Wang Zhonglei

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Yu Wenwen has recently received attention from everyone because of sister Lang 3, and has attracted a lot of fans with the reversal performance in the program. However, people in the entertainment circle are still fans. After Yu Wenwen became popular, some black material was picked out by netizens. What is the relationship between Yu Wenwen and Wang Zhonglei? It is said that Yu Wenwen gave birth to a son for Wang Zhonglei. Is it true or false? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Yu Wenwen and Wang Zhonglei

Although Yu Wenwen has not been popular for many years, her resources are very powerful. Yuwenwen signed a contract with wangzhonglei’s Huayi entertainment very early. The reason why there are a lot of news about Yu Wenwen and Wang Zhonglei is that the media often photographed Wang Zhonglei taking Yu Wenwen to dinner. Yu Wenwen is also able to deal with all kinds of big men. Moreover, Yu Wenwen and wangzhonglei also have some intimate behaviors, which makes it difficult for people not to doubt their relationship.

When Yu Wenwen first acted as the heroine in Rouge debt, wangzhonglei specially attended the opening ceremony of the play and delivered a speech. Wangzhonglei has always supported Yu Wenwen’s career. However, Yu Wenwen has also disappeared from the entertainment circle for several years, but after coming out again, he is still very popular with Wang Zhonglei.

Is it true or false that Yu Wenwen gave birth to Wang Zhonglei

At that time, it was always said on the Internet that Yu Wenwen had gone to have children when he disappeared. It was said that Yu Wenwen had given birth to a son to wangzhonglei. Wang Zhonglei was old enough to have a son. He was very fond of this little son, so naturally he was more fond of Wen Wen. Yu Wenwen is not well-known in the entertainment industry, but he is still such a drag because Wang Zhonglei is behind him. However, these rumors are also the speculation of netizens. So far, the so-called illegitimate son has not been photographed, and Yu Wenwen has not been photographed as pregnant. So for this rumor, we still don’t need to believe it 100%.

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