What’s the secret of the goose feather fan in Zhugeliang’s hand? The beautiful legend of Zhugeliang goose feather fan

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In everyone’s opinion, Zhugeliang always wears feather fans and Lun scarves. What is the beautiful legend behind the goose feather fan he has been holding? Today, the China story net editor will bring you relevant details. Let’s have a look.

There is a folk legend that Zhugeliang burned the villages in Bowang and burned the red cliff. He defeated Cao Jun by fanning the fire with this fan. Later, the battle of Jieting was defeated. It is said that I forgot to bring the feather fan. In the romance of the Three Kingdoms, people are probably most familiar with Zhugeliang, especially when he wrote about Qi Mountain in six seasons. He was wearing a plain cloth and a Lun towel, waving a feather fan and sitting on a four-wheel car. Feather fans and Lun scarves later became Zhugeliang’s unique clothes on the opera stage.

In history, Zhugeliang commanded wars, which may indeed be such a suit. Peiqi’s Yu Cai once recorded that when Zhugeliang and Sima Yi were playing against each other on the Bank of the Wei River, Sima Yi came to the front of the battle in uniform, but saw the Shu army array opposite. Zhugeliang took a car without paint, wore a kudzu cloth towel, and held a white feather fan, commanding the three armies. Sima Yi couldn’t help exclaiming: “it’s really a famous scholar.” However, at that time, it was just the fashionable dress of celebrities. Before that, people in Luoyang, the capital, were dressed like this. After that, Jin people also showed their style. Gu Rong once commanded the army to fight with Chen Min with a feather fan.


Xie AI, the former Liang military division general in the Sixteen Kingdoms period, also “rode in a carriage and was crowned with white towers” during the battle. The angry enemy general said: “Xie AI is a young scholar, so he obviously despises me! Zhou Yu, who was at the same time with Zhugeliang, may also be dressed in the same way. Later, Sudongpo wrote Zhou Yu in his poem” niannujiao ? Chibi nostalgia “that” when he talked and laughed, the walls were covered with smoke “.

Zhugeliang was dressed like this because he was not a general, but a famous man. However, this is to the people, but it has aroused people’s rich imagination. In people’s opinion, the reason why Zhugeliang has the extraordinary and superior ability in people’s imagination is related to the feather fan he often holds in his hand. Therefore, there are all kinds of magical legends about the feather fan and its origin.

A story says that the feather fan was given by Mr. Shuijing. At the beginning, Zhugeliang failed to understand the true meaning of his husband. In a rage, he burned his life book and drove Zhugeliang down the mountain. On the one hand, he asked his wife to send two things, one was a gossip coat and the other was a feather fan. When Zhugeliang went back to the mountain to seek a teacher and was upset when he encountered a difficult problem, he only used the feather fan to gently fan it twice. He suddenly felt refreshed and clear-minded. As he fanned and thought, he realized the profound truth that Mr. Shuijing said. Later, he set up his troops. As long as the feather fan shook, he could have a plan.

However, in another story, the feather fan was given to Zhugeliang by his father-in-law, huangchengyan. It is said that Huang Chengyan loves raising geese, and his family has collected ancient and modern rare books. When Huang Yuanwai married his daughter Xu to Zhugeliang, he gave him many books as a dowry. Zhugeliang read those books hungrily, and he and madam Huang often studied array and war. Finally, he became well-known in civil and military affairs. Later, Liu Bei asked him to go out of the mountain. Huang Chengyan held a farewell banquet for him. He made a fan out of goose feather and gave it to him. He warned him, “geese are the most alert. When there is a storm, they will know what is going on. You can always remind yourself to be alert and cautious by taking the goose feather fan with you.”

There are also some legends that the feather fan has become a treasure in myth. There are various versions of this. It is said that it was given by the queen mother. Zhugeliang was originally the star of Wenqu in the sky. The Jade Emperor asked him to come down to earth and assist Liu Bei to calm the world. Because Liu Bei was weak and Cao Cao was strong enough to defeat him, the Queen Mother plucked feathers from her white swan and made a fan for him to take to the mortal world. It is said that it was this fan that set fire to the villages of Bowang and Chibi to defeat Cao Jun. Later, the battle of Jieting was defeated. It is said that I forgot to bring the feather fan.


Other people say that this fan is not a goose feather fan, but an eagle feather fan. This eagle is Zhugeliang’s master. After eighteen thousand years of practice, he turned into an old man and came to WoLonggang. Zhugeliang respected him very much. Seeing his extensive knowledge, he wanted to ask him for advice. On that day, he quietly followed the old man to the mountains, but he did not see the old man. He saw an eagle crouching on a tree. It turned out to be the old man. The eagle said, you are my disciple. I have a wisdom red bean. If you eat it, you will be resourceful. I’m dying. Leave my feathers for you to make a fan. If you shake the fan in case of emergency, you will find a way. This is how the feather fan came into being. On the other hand, the eagle was not Zhugeliang’s master, but an evil Eagle spirit. There is a jewel in the eagle’s mouth. It has been practising for 300 years and is still practising. In order to practice pearls, Yingjing will eat all the wheat seedlings within a hundred miles in the spring, suck the essence of ten thousand mu of spring seedlings, and get drunk in Longzhong every three days to absorb the essence of thousands of tons of autumn valley. This is why the people in this area often have no crops.

In order to eliminate harm for the people, Zhugeliang took the eagle spirit’s jewel when he was drunk, and made the eagle spirit lose his Tao and immediately die; And made the feather fan out of its feathers. Since then, there has been no more hawk monster in this area, and spring crops have been harvested every year. This feather fan also played a magical role with Zhugeliang burning Xinye, taking Xichuan and leaving Qishan. These legends can not be simply evaluated with weird and unsubstantiated. No matter how strange, the folk feelings towards Zhugeliang contained in it are real. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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