What’s the status of Marshal Tianpeng? Why is Zhu Bajie so easily relegated to the world?

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Do you know how powerful Marshal Tianpeng is? I don’t know. It’s OK. I’ll tell you.

Speaking of Marshal Tianpeng, many people may think of pig Bajie involuntarily. In fact, marshal Tianpeng is pig Bajie, which is just a setting in journey to the West. In the real Taoist immortal system, there is Marshal Tianpeng, but he is not the same as pig Bajie. After all, this is just a fictional character. Then, in Taoist mythology, what kind of position is Marshal Tianpeng in Tianting? How strong can marshal Tianpeng be?

In Taoist mythology, marshal Tianpeng is one of the Four Saints of the North Pole. His supervisor is the great emperor Ziwei of the North Pole. Everyone should be familiar with him. He is one of the four great gods who assist the Jade Emperor. Working under such a hand, marshal Tianpeng’s position is naturally not low. There are many powerful figures under him, such as general Tiangang, general Hunyuan Yiqi Tongtong, general Jiutian kill Tong and so on, There are dozens of people, so it can be seen that marshal Tianpeng is really not a rice bowl in Tianting, which is completely different from the image of pig Bajie.

As for the marshal Tianpeng in the journey to the west, it is actually only the author’s creative needs. Combined with various legends of the previous generation, the comprehensive achievement of the pig Bajie is an artistic creation of the image of Marshal Tianpeng. However, it is very easy for people to confuse them. In fact, it can be understood that marshal Tianpeng in the myth has a very high status in the heaven, but Marshal Tianpeng in the previous life of pig Bajie is not so, because no matter how low his status, he is not lower than Chang’e. the Jade Emperor demoted him to the world because he flirted with Chang’e. this reason is not sufficient.

However, it is very simple to explain that the Jade Emperor participated in the scripture collection plan. As one of the main creators, he naturally had to do some things within the plan. That is to say, the demotion of Zhu Bajie had been arranged long ago. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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