What’s the story of Princess Iron Fan? Journey to the West has lowered the taste of Princess Iron Fan!

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What’s the story of Princess Iron Fan? Journey to the West has lowered the taste of Princess Iron Fan! Today, I have brought you relevant content to share with you.


The story of the monkey king borrowing a banana fan three times is probably well known to women and children.

Princess Iron Fan has never been very fond of Monkey King, the cheap brother-in-law, because of red boy’s arrest. Hearing that Sun Wukong came to borrow a banana fan to facilitate the scripture group to cross the flame mountain, he gave an attitude of prevarication. Of course, Sun Wukong is not a provocative Lord, so he has to be smart and seize both hands.

The opposite play between the two was quite brilliant.

Sun Wukong turned into a bug and fell into his sister-in-law’s belly. Princess Iron Fan cried for her father and mother. Princess Iron Fan obeyed obediently, but kept an eye on her and gave her a fake banana fan. Sun Wukong made a move toward the Flaming Mountain, but the mountain fire became more and more fierce.

After suffering a loss, how could Sun Wukong stop? He disguised himself as the ox demon king and played a “beautiful man trick” to deceive his sister-in-law’s feelings. As described in the original book, “Luosha (Princess Iron Fan) felt half asleep and moved in love. She rubbed with sun Dasheng, held hands, whispered tenderly, and leaned over her shoulder. She drank a glass of wine, and I drank one, but she also nurtured the fruit.” she was quite active.

On the one hand, Sun Wukong had to take a banana fan to get it. On the other hand, he wanted to relax after a long journey. Therefore, he half pushed and half accepted, saying that he was fawning on others, which actually took a lot of advantages.



Interestingly, the entanglement between Sun Wukong and his sister-in-law was strangely “moved by heaven and earth” by Mr. Stephen Chow, who made a good use of it. In the classic film journey to the west, a classic line was left, “you monkey head, used to call people Xiaotiantian, but now you call them Mrs. Niu”. This is probably an emotional side issue between the two.

Whether this emotional drama is a well intentioned textual research by Mr. Stephen Chow, or a flash of wisdom, we find similar traces when we turn to the earlier version of the journey to the West story, the journey to the West Zaju written by Yang Jingxian, a dramatist of the Yuan Dynasty.

However, Sun Wukong seems to have become the active party.

In the script, when Sun Wukong passed through the Flaming Mountain, he heard about the beauty of Princess Iron Fan, and heard that people in the mountains said that the daughter was still single, so he was moved to marry her (it can be seen that the Yuan Dynasty version of Sun Wukong still has a common heart). When he came to visit, he said a lot of vulgar things, such as “my disciples are not shallow, my maidens are not deep. I will give you one piece each and form a pair of goblins”, and so on. In modern terms, this is called vulgar language harassment, which is a serious disrespect for women. You can imagine how Princess Iron Fan felt at that time.

Of course, it was precisely because of Sun Wukong’s shallow remarks that Princess Iron Fan refused to lend banana fans, and the two sides fought.


It is worth mentioning that this single young woman once told herself about the life of Princess Iron Fan in the journey to the West, “I am the founder of the wind Department. I am in charge of all the gods of the wind. I fight with the queen mother to bring wine, but I live in the heavenly palace. It’s a pleasure to live here at Tiefeng. I live in the Xun palace and leave the palace. I shake the Saha with rolling sand and stones. Who has been evil to me for a long time, and has broken the world. I have taught Mencius. The God of the wind is my fruit. My mother and I are sisters. I ventilate her. I have a fan, weighing more than 1000 kilograms. There are twenty-four on it Bone, according to 24 Qi. This kind of weapon, the saints of the three realms, is immeasurable. It is the Flaming Mountain in the south of Shanzhen. If there is no such fan, no one can pass by. What a fan! The God of the Flaming Mountain saw us, and we were scared. Angry with me, I immediately started fighting. I’ll fan over the trees in front of the hell gate and roll up the waves on the water of the Tianhe river. I’m the first hole monster. “

It turned out that this Princess Iron Fan was also a proud master. She was originally the leader of the wind Department and was in charge of the wind gods of the three realms. Even the old mother of Lishan, who had a high spiritual status, shared her feelings and sisters. But because she fought with the Queen Mother at the cocktail party (probably the peach banquet), she was angry for a moment. She simply took off her heavenly uniform and went out of heaven to become a goblin (like the angry monkey king in the journey to the West), He called himself “the devil of the first hole”.

How can such a person tolerate other people’s teasing? If he doesn’t agree with me, he will swing the banana fan. With a loud cry, Sun Wukong disappeared without a trace in front of Princess Iron Fan. He dared not ask for a banana fan any more and had to complain to Guanyin Bodhisattva. Guanyin was also reluctant to deal with this female goblin who had challenged the queen mother, but the person who took the Scriptures had to cross the mountain after all. Finally, she thought of a compromise and sold her face by asking the God of wind and the rain master in the heaven to extinguish the fire in Flaming Mountain.



The Iron Fan Princess in the journey to the West Zaju has nothing to do with Sun Wukong and Guanyin Bodhisattva. Of course, it has nothing to do with the ox demon king. Maybe Princess Iron Fan doesn’t look up to a muscle man like the ox demon.

However, in Mr. Wu Cheng’en’s works, the former head of the wind Department was busy falling in love with the ox demon king, and gave birth to the crystallization of love, red boy (in the journey to the West drama, red boy was the son of the devil’s mother). Later, because of his old age and reduced appearance, he even began to compete with the third fox spirit for jealousy.

It can be seen that the taste of Princess Iron Fan in journey to the West has been artificially lowered. But in her body, I can still vaguely see the shadow of the Taoist immortal. Just as the ox demon king said, “the banana cave is quiet, but it is quiet and comfortable. My mountain wife has been practicing since childhood. She is also a Taoist fairy, but she is strict in her family and has no children in her.”.

Interestingly, Wu Chengen recreated the role of Princess Iron Fan on the basis of previous works. Although his writing skills are deep and almost seamless, it also caused some image dislocation (Princess Iron Fan is only an ordinary demon in journey to the West). For example, the role of red boy is probably set according to the identity of the son of the former leader of the Feng Department in the journey to the west, so this “second generation of immortals” can dictate to the mountain god and land, and can freely enter and leave the gate of heaven. This kind of super citizen treatment is not qualified to be given by the native demon king Niu. The dislocation of identity inevitably leads to speculation, so readers rumored that Princess Iron Fan had an ambiguous relationship with the Supreme Lord. This became the wild fox talking about Zen. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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