When can American women stand up?

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On June 24, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the “Roe v. Wade case” in 1973.

In other words, the United States has completely overturned the “legalization of abortion”, the “reproductive autonomy” that the United States has known for decades, and the “protection and respect for women”.

Since then, the constitution no longer governs abortion, the supreme law no longer governs abortion, and abortion is no longer protected by the constitution Whether abortion is legal or not is up to the states themselves. You know, in some conservative states in the United States, abortion is a felony, more serious than rape and murder.

The image of “progress” created by the United States since the 1970s collapsed, revealing its true colors Some people say that this incident will cause the “tearing” of American society. In fact, it is because the United States is a torn America that there will be such a magical thing.

Many people do not know that the United States already has two. One is a cosmopolitan United States that represents international capital, flaunts “progress, democracy, LGBT, women’s rights and legalization of drugs”, and is full of political correctness and universal values; The other is a conservative, isolated, racist, anti abortion, anti gun, fundamentalist liberal, localized Christian United States. This time, it was the Christian United States that won the politically correct United States.



Trump was particularly happy and said that this was his “political legacy” because he nominated the conservative chief justice of the US Supreme Court.

Well, in a “free” America, there is no freedom in the womb.

In this way, as long as you are pregnant in the United States, you can’t have an abortion, even if you are deformed, have a Down’s child, have a serious congenital defect… Even if you are pregnant because of rape or incest. “How can you throw away the gifts God has given you?”?


Many people who have given birth to children know that under normal circumstances, before a woman gives birth, she needs to do a variety of complex birth tests, B-ultrasound, NT thickening, large row deformity, small row deformity, Tang sieve, amniocentesis if she finds a little problem, and full penetrance of genes. Whenever a doctor determines that a child has the risk of serious deformity and serious congenital disease, Pregnant women will be advised to plan for induction of labor as early as possible… This is responsible for their lives.

But in the United States, the Don’s son of conservative justice Barrett had to be born. The reason why the Supreme Court of the United States was able to overturn the “Roe v. Wade case” was that the number of conservative justices prevailed… Therefore, you can see a real United States under the disguise of “freedom, democracy and progress”. In addition to a bunch of white left hypocrites, the United States also has a group of real “fascists” with both sides, forming an integral part.


The United States has the freedom to hold a gun, the freedom to take drugs, the freedom to marry a child, but no freedom to abort. From this, how cruel oppression and exploitation of American women will it be? In the long run, will American women still be human? That’s sex slaves and birth machines.

No wonder Americans have been able to make such a wonderful and mentally crippled TV series as the maid’s story. At that time, I thought that this must be a fuss and a worry made by the white leftists in the American film and television circle… I didn’t expect that I had little knowledge, only knew people, but didn’t know Americans. The United States is not only a company disguised as a state, but also a brothel disguised as a church. All the so-called “progress”, “freedom” and “democracy” are hiding the conservative, brutal, reactionary and social nature of the Anglo Saxon gangs.


The Democratic Party is a group of well-dressed prostitutes, prostitutes, liars and old perverts; The Republican Party is a group of red necked rapists crusading with Bibles in their hands. They debated scriptures and rituals every day. They seemed to disagree. In fact, they were only discussing the gestures of killing, raping and cannibalism.

To be honest, is it more important and urgent for women to have free abortions than “inflation”, “hollowing out of manufacturing”, “Russia Ukraine conflict”, “Sino US confrontation”, “everyone holding guns” and “legalization of drugs”? No, it’s just that compared with those, it’s easier for Americans to forget the worse things in front of them when legislators and politicians discuss the womb issue with integrity.

You think that Americans are now “not solving any serious problems, but putting the big farts on the line”… In fact, because the United States can not solve any practical problems, it can only catch some useless things on the line every day.

You care about the gap between rich and poor, Americans care


Can people go to the ladies’ room.

You care about industrial upgrading. Americans care about not discriminating against fat people. “Fat is also a kind of beauty.”.

You care about inflation. Americans care about the lives of black people. Robbing less than 950 dollars is not a robbery. It is a “zero dollar purchase”, but it has to pay taxes.

You care about world peace and national security. Americans care that there must also be homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders in the military. The recruitment video proudly says, “I have two mothers.”.

You are concerned about the novel coronavirus. Americans are concerned about UFOs and look forward to decrypting aliens every day.

You care about the economic crisis, the world turmoil, whether you will lose your job tomorrow, and whether you will not be able to eat. Americans care whether, for God’s sake, women can have abortions?

You see, the ultimate form of capitalism is indeed very developed and advanced. The problems they consider are quite different from those we consider. They are no longer like us.

As a developing country in the third world, we haven’t had enough to eat, the country hasn’t been unified, and there are “island chains” around us. It’s clear that we are good people who are still at gunpoint… Our national conditions are very different. Just watch the excitement. Don’t learn from this “advanced experience”.

I just feel sorry that the American sisters have been humiliated. There are so many excellent “boxers” and “boxing techniques” on the Chinese network. At this moment, it is a pity that they have not been able to “export culture” or “girls help girls”.

American sisters and sisters can only rely on themselves if they want to stand up. Although the United States deprives your womb of freedom, it gives you the freedom to hold a gun!

If you can’t fight, shoot.


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