When did Duan Yunzhang fall in love with Liu Jinfeng? What was the ending of Duan Yunzhang and Liu Jinfeng

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My name is Liu Jinfeng, which is adapted from the novel queen Liu heipang. I can tell from my name that this queen is not beautiful. Therefore, duanyunzhang, as the emperor, was very disgusted with the queen Liu Jinfeng at the beginning. When did Duan Yunzhang fall in love with Liu Jinfeng? What is the final outcome of Duan Yunzhang and Liu Jinfeng? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

When did Duan Yunzhang fall in love with Liu Jinfeng

As an emperor, Duan Yunzhang naturally likes talented and beautiful ladies. How could he marry a unruly Liu Jinfeng who grew up in the countryside. Because of Liu Xie’s coercion and inducement, and the misunderstanding that Liu Baiyu was Liu Jinfeng, Duan Yunzhang married Liu Jinfeng. Finally, duanyunzhang, who knew he had made a mistake, had to admit it. However, as Liu Xie was a traitor of the current Dynasty, Duan Yunzhang was naturally an irreconcilable enemy with him, so Duan Yunzhang took Liu Jinfeng as an undercover arranged by Liu Xie from the beginning.

However, with the contact with Liu Jinfeng, Duan Yunzhang fell in love with Liu Jinfeng’s kindness and generosity. With Liu Jinfeng, Duan Yunzhang would feel special peace of mind, and Liu Jinfeng became Duan Yunzhang’s warmest backing. In the original novel, Duan Yunzhang also liked to go to the brothel until he fell in love with Liu Jinfeng. He never went to the brothel again and concentrated on Liu Jinfeng alone. However, in the TV series, Duan Yunzhang should not have such a setting, otherwise he will be scolded to death by the audience.

What is the ending of Duan Yunzhang and Liu Jinfeng

My name is liujinfeng, and I have just been broadcast online. In the original novel, the ending of liujinfeng and duanyunzhang is still very good. Liu Xie was arrested and imprisoned, and Duan Yunzhang also took real power and began to reorganize the dynasty. Under his governance, the country was peaceful and the people were safe. Although Liu Jinfeng left, he was chased back by Duan Yunzhang and continued to be his queen. At last, Liu Jinfeng was pregnant. In fanwaizhong, Liu Jinfeng gave birth to a son and was made crown prince by Duan Yunzhang.

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