When did Qixi wangchuanjun get married? How did Qixi wangchuanjun know each other

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Qi Xi recently participated in the program of sister Lang 3. Na Ying has been appreciating Qi Xi and praising Qi Xi’s temperament since the first episode. Although Qi Xi doesn’t have many scenes in the program, many people know Qi Xi because of Na Ying. When did Wang Chuanjun of Qixi get married? How did they know each other? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

When will Qixi wangchuanjun get married

Recently, some media photographed Qixi and wangchuanjun showing up at the airport together, and even the two had children, so everyone guessed that the child belonged to Qixi and wangchuanjun. Many netizens saw this news and said they were 2G. They didn’t know when Qixi Wang Chuanjun was together. As a result, both of them even had children. This confidential work was done very well.

But in fact, it’s not how well Qixi wangchuanjun did his secret work. It’s just that the two people kept a low profile on this matter and never used it to hype. They never respond to their gossip news, so few netizens know about them. Qi Xi and Wang Chuanjun were photographed dating long ago. Netizens who like them have long known that they are in love. Now look, they got married quietly and gave birth to children.

How did Wang Chuanjun know Qixi

Qi Xi and Wang Chuanjun jointly made the film moldaoga in 2018, which is a low-cost literary film. Qi Xi and Wang Chuanjun are the male and female protagonists of the film. It was also because of this film that the two got married. At that time, when the film was being made, there was news about their ambiguous relationship. In 2019, Wang Chuanjun and Qi Xi were photographed dating privately for many times. But for this relationship, the two people have never responded positively. Qi Xi and wangchuanjun are both down-to-earth actors. Naturally, they don’t want their private lives to be paid too much attention by the outside world.

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