When life is very sad, how did you come back to life full of blood?

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When life is very sad, how did you come back to life full of blood?


Some time ago, my friend a Zhi felt very sad.

In another two years, my daughter will go to primary school, but the school district room is not ready yet.

According to the location of the existing house, the primary school her daughter will attend in the future is far away. It is difficult for the elderly mother to help pick up the children, and the work place and Primary School of the a Zhi couple are not on their way.

He was forced to be active and look around, but he got very little. Either he is not satisfied with the primary school in the area, or the house price is too high for ah Zhi to pay.

After looking at the second-hand house for more than two months, a Zhi finally found a suitable single apartment. However, due to special reasons, the owner requires full payment within three days.

If the house payment is in installments, ah Chi can still afford it, but he is really in a bit of a dilemma when he collects all the money in three days. His favorite house just slipped away under his nose. Ah Chi was extremely depressed.

In this case, a Zhi and his wife had a lot of unhappiness. Love people without choosing words, and complain that ah Zhi is incompetent.

Ah Chi hit back. The purchase of a school district house will be “ Competent ” Your lover is solely responsible. The two men were angry at this for several days.

In fact, ah Chi is not really popular. His heart even agrees with his lover’s words.

There are many men of the same age who have successful careers, houses and properties, but they can’t even make the school district room where their daughter studies. The feeling of depression began to spread.

A Zhi said that during that time, everything he saw was gray.

Maybe in the eyes of others, ah Chi is doing well, but he can’t get up to his life.

This state lasted for a period of time, but it was not a big event that brought him back to life with full blood.

One day, just after he entered the door, his daughter handed over her slippers, raised her small face and smiled proudly: “ Dad, the kindergarten teacher praised me today& rdquo;

The voice was full of undisguised happiness.

On the sofa not far away, the smiling face of the lover is sweet.

Azhi was instantly healed. The feeling of frustration, helplessness and helplessness vanished. Ah Chi even wondered why he had been depressed for so long.


A neighbor’s brother was about to graduate from college when his mother died unexpectedly.

At the funeral, he didn’t shed a tear. From that day on, he seemed to have lost his soul.

During the employment season, he walked in the army of applicants like a walking corpse. He interviewed several companies, but he didn’t receive the interview notice.

He was not surprised. At every interview, he was absent-minded and often did not answer the questions.

He felt that life was lost to the extreme, and it would be difficult to have bright colors from then on.

The day the school informed the graduate to leave the school, he still couldn’t find a job. He numbly packed his luggage, waiting to be “ Sweep out the door ”.

It’s sultry in the dormitory, which makes people upset. He sat on the bare bed, not knowing where the future would go.

The hostess knocked on the door and said that someone was looking for him downstairs. His eyes were hollow and he went downstairs stiffly. He didn’t know who was looking for him, but it was definitely not his father. His father is more decadent than he is, and he drinks and anesthetizes every day.

Downstairs, a strange girl stood in front of her with a bag in her hand.

Seeing him coming down, the girl smiled:

It also needs fate to find a job. You are so excellent. If you pay a little attention to your mental outlook during the interview, you will certainly have no problem.

With that, the girl handed the bag. In the bag was a brand new suit. He stupidly took the bag and said thank you stiffly.

Back in the dormitory, he tried on his suit, which just fit. He touched his scratchy chin and shed tears after a long time.

He found the razor that was going to rust. Soon, he looked like a different person in the mirror. At that moment, he was cured.

He suddenly realized that someone in this world would love him instead of his mother. There is always someone who deserves his love as much as his mother.

Last year, he married the girl for three years. In college, the girl secretly fell in love with him for four years, and only when he was at his deepest loss did she summon up the courage to approach him.


A few months ago, Xiaojun’s body was in a mess, with constant small problems.

Either headache or fever, or cold and diarrhea, or discomfort of lumbar vertebrae and cervical vertebrae.

For more than a month, she has been working in various departments of the hospital. One of these problems was cured, and the other followed.

Facing the doctor, she was a little tearful. She asked the doctor pitifully if there was any way to make all these problems disappear at once.

The doctor is very helpless. Xiaojun’s physique is really weak. It is not an overnight thing to recuperate. Moreover, some diseases can not be completely cured by drugs.

Physical discomfort and work pressure make Xiaojun depressed and helpless. After working late into the night again, Xiaojun came home feeling dizzy. The backlog of emotions erupted.

She sat on the floor, letting her tears flow. She sent a lost circle of friends. She can’t care so much. She just wants to vent.

However, it didn’t make her feel better. Her thin body has affected her three outlooks.

She began to doubt the meaning of life.

What on earth is work for?

If work is for life, what is the meaning of work if life is not happy?

Her little head was full of philosophical problems, but the results of her thinking were very sad.

When she couldn’t get the answer, a strange phone came in. There is a familiar and distant voice, hesitating to greet: “ Jun, are you feeling better& rdquo;

Hearing someone’s concern, Xiaojun’s tears burst out again. When the other party said the second sentence, Xiaojun recognized who the other party was. It was an old friend who had not been in touch for a long time.

The other party said: “ Xiaojun, from tomorrow, we’ll clock in the morning to exercise. Let me supervise you& rdquo;

In different cities, the two have already drifted away. However, the inner care is still the same.

Xiaojun stood up, looked into the mirror, and suddenly smiled. He felt that he was defeated by all kinds of small problems. It was really funny.


We have to admit that there are always some moments in life when we are really sad.

Either life itself is really sad, or you think everything is sad.

Sometimes, this kind of depression comes suddenly.

Suddenly, you don’t want to talk. You don’t have the mood to greet anyone. You don’t have the energy to smile at life. You seem to lose the whole world in an instant.

In one of the wonderful stories, Qiu Chen, as the founder of the debate, wore a suit with “ Mourning ” When you open your mouth, you say: “ Is there anything in the world that is not a bad thing for a bereaved person& rdquo;

At that moment, the suit she was wearing became very appropriate and significant.

Yes, at a very sad stage, what pleasant things in life can be tasted and remembered?

All the colors in front of us disappeared, leaving only black.

However, you can be downhearted, helpless and confused, but you must not deny yourself and life at the time of your greatest loss. Don’t make a decision that you can’t repent of at the time of your deepest sorrow.

Because, there is a trough in life, there is a climax. People can easily become frogs at the bottom of a well when they are at a low ebb. When you rise up slowly, there will always be a moment when you don’t need any life truth and will be cured instantly.

You may be cured by family affection, love or friendship, or even a caring look from passers-by, or a rippling smile on others’ faces.

After you are cured, look at the sky. The sky is blue. Look at the water. The water is clear. It’s a world completely different from when you feel depressed. It’s a beautiful new world that you’re glad you didn’t give up.

There is no need to be depressed when the post-80s generation is difficult to stand. It is the most shameful to give up. How did you survive when you were most desperate? You are the most beautiful when you run in the wind

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