When Nuwa wanted to kill King Zhou, she was blocked by a golden light. What is this golden light?

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When Nuwa wanted to kill King Zhou, she was blocked by a golden light. What is this golden light? Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

Recently, when I was watching the romance of Fengshen, when I saw that Nuwa was going to kill King Zhou, a very strange thing happened. That is, Nuwa was stopped by the golden light when she was just going to kill King Zhou. Some people asked, what is the ghost of the golden light? Who sent the golden light? Let’s continue to analyze and uncover the secrets of these problems. The old friends who are interested must not miss them!


In the 7th year of King Zhou, Beihai rebelled against Yuan Futong and other seventy-two princes. As the Minister of Tuogu, Grand Master Wen Zhongwen had a strong sense of responsibility, totally disregarding his old body, and consciously took the heavy responsibility of suppressing the rebellion.

Without master Wen, the court is like the monkey king who has loosened his hoop. He is so relaxed.

The prime minister Shang Rong, looking at the spring red and willow green outside the temple and listening to the chirping birds in the sky, suddenly had a bold idea in his heart: an outing!

Outings can’t be mentioned for no reason. There must be an excuse. But what excuse can we find?

Tomorrow is March 15, the birthday of Nuwa’s mother. Yes! Shang Rong had a good idea:

Therefore, he made an impassioned speech, praising Niang Nu Wa, saying that Niang Nu Wa was an ancient god, and her achievements in mending the sky were beyond God’s reach. More importantly, Niang wa was also a blessing God of Chaoge. Therefore, for the sake of Tang people of Shang Dynasty, King Zhou must go to worship Niang Nu Wa, and let Niang protect you and protect your subjects.

In fact, King Zhou refused Shang Rong’s proposal. After all, it was only after the Han Dynasty that people understood Nu Wa’s deeds. In the Shang Dynasty, no one knew who Nu Wa was. Although King Zhou was well-known and remembered, he had been in power for seven years and had never heard of the Grand Master mention this matter. Why did this happen.

Are you sure you want me to kowtow to an unheard of immortal?

King Zhou was supposed to refuse, but when he saw Shang Rong’s expectant eyes, his heart softened and he could not help but agree.

King Zhou’s promise was extremely gratifying. Not only did it destroy the 600 year old foundation of Shang Tang, but it also saved Qing Qing’s life.



Just because I saw her in the world of mortals, ha ha, no, but it was king Zhou who saw the statue of Nuwa’s mother in Nuwa temple, and it was hard to forget that face. When the love was strong, I couldn’t help but write a poem to express my love. The poem said: “but I must be enchanting and can move, and marry back to Changle to serve the king.”

What do you mean? What do you mean? Can’t you talk well.

After returning from huoyun cave, Nu Wa’s mother was so angry that she could not wait to kill King Zhou.

Nuwa is also a willful girl. She said that if she wanted to kill King Zhou, she would kill King Zhou without any ambiguity. She immediately took action. She drove qingluan to Chaoge city.

When I saw that I was about to arrive, suddenly, two red lights burst into the sky and blocked my way.

What kind of situation is this? Where is the God of Mao so bold that he dares to block her way.

Nuwa’s magic power was calculated by pinching her fingers. Ouye understood that it was so. She was helpless and unhappy. She explained to the outside that King Zhou had 28 years of luck, so it was not convenient to start.

Is this really the reason? Since there are still twenty-eight years of good luck, why did you go there long ago? Before you started, you didn’t do some research. The great Nuwa could not even be provoked by ordinary people, and was not afraid of others’ jokes.


In fact, the real reason for the problem is: who sent the two red lights?

It was no other person. The two sons of King Zhou, Yin Jiao and Yin Hong.

What about Yin Jiao and Yin Hong? Although I was still a mortal at that time and was not developed, I would be great in the future. What a great method?

They were all famous generals. After Yin Jiao, he was granted the title of Taisui, and after Yin Hong, he was granted the title of Wugu Xingjun.

It seems that the star of the five grains is nothing great, but it is too old.

However, since the name of Taisui God is hung, it is the first-class evil god in the world.


In fact, Nuwa told these two mortals to scare them off. But can you tell us about this?

To tell how humiliating it is, you can only cover it up with your luck. After you return to the palace, you will attract ten thousand demons with the banner of ten thousand demons. You will pick up the three demons in Xuanyuan tomb to harm the king of Zhou and find face for this very humiliating thing.

Therefore: Nuwa sought revenge from King Zhou, but was frightened away by two mortals, leaving a saying that no one knows.

What is the saying?

Dare not do anything on Yin Jiao and Yin Hong’s head, that is: dare not do anything on Taisui’s head.

No one knows this. After all, the goddess Nuwa, the ancient god, dared not let go of her hands and feet when she saw Yin Jiao, who was too old. It can be imagined how much the ancients revered this age. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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