When Sunwukong was pressed on the five elements mountain, what did he mean by saying that he was cheated by the Jade Emperor and the Tathagata?

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Today, the Chinese story network Xiaobian brought us the story of why the Jade Emperor and the Tathagata cheated the monkey king when he was pressed on the five elements mountain? I hope it can help you.

In WuChengEn’s magical novel Journey to the west, the so-called worship of Buddha and scriptures in the west is obviously a premeditated plan. It is the result of the compromise of the dual order between the West and the heaven. Although both sides have their own ghosts and their own small abacus, the drawings of this vast project were drawn by the Jade Emperor and the Tathagata. Interestingly, the reason and symbol for the opening of the scripture learning program was not Tang Xuanzang, the leader of the scripture learning group, but the fact that Sunwukong was suppressed at the foot of the five elements mountain and the node 500 years later. In a word, the actual soul of the scripture learning group is not elder Tang, a Taoist monk of the master, but the naughty master Sunwukong.

Monkey king caused havoc in the heavenly palace, and was finally suppressed by a Tathagata God’s palm at the foot of the five elements mountain. Five hundred years later, the Tathagata brought up the old story again and arranged his confidant Guanyin Bodhisattva to find a predestined person and go to the west to seek the three Zang scriptures. The intention is very obvious. We have taken the monkey king. We must do good things to the end, send the Buddha to the west, and put the Monkey Sun into the plan of learning from the Scriptures. We will kill our hearts and subdue them completely. So you see, Guanyin Bodhisattva made a special trip to visit the five elements mountain and the monkey king, and the monkey king said how many words “Tathagata coaxed me”. What does the monkey king mean by this? He refers to the old story 500 years ago. In front of the heaven and the Jade Emperor, the Tathagata intervened and oppressed him. Moreover, the means were mean, they were “coaxing” and “cheating”, which were not open and aboveboard enough. The monkey was not convinced.

So here’s the problem, ”Monkey Sun can’t jump out of the palm of the Buddha “, this has been a maxim since ancient times. We often use this saying to say things. Why did Sunwukong say that the Tathagata cheated him? Of course, the TV series directed by Yang Jie also carried the Jade Emperor. Since all the Tathagata are said, there seems to be no problem with the Jade Emperor – they did it together! The Tathagata was invited by the Jade Emperor to help. Is it reasonable for sun monkey to say it? Yes, it’s true Kind, honest but not empty. Why? Pro, today, we will discuss it together, mainly from the technical details and macro layout – everything is a trap.

First, the Jade Emperor can not be trusted: the relative authority of the Jade Emperor and the technique of checking and balancing the emperor – even coaxing and cheating.


The little friends who are familiar with journey to the West are very clear that the immortal path in the journey to the west world is mainly divided into two parts, namely, the heaven represented by the Jade Emperor and the West heaven represented by the Tathagata. There is a certain subordinate relationship between them, and there is obvious independence between them. The relationship is very subtle; Even in Tianting, in fact, the Jade Emperor is only the category of “four emperors”. In name, there are at least several people who can be on an equal footing with him. The leader of the whole Tianting Taoism is the supreme Sanqing: the jade Qing is superior to the Qing Dynasty and the Taiqing Dynasty, and the person who comes forward is the supreme Lao king.

So you see, what happened in Tianting? The Jade Emperor is the co owner of the seemingly immortals, but it is the Supreme Lord who has the absolute right to speak. There is a restraining effect between each other. The Jade Emperor can’t actually be the dominant family. He has the say in everything. Therefore, the jade emperor made several contradictory decisions about monkey king Sunwukong, a born monkey:

(I) the monkey king was born in the sky. The Jade Emperor sent two brothers Qianliyan and shunfenger to watch in the presence of the civil and military forces of the Manchu Dynasty, and then said a meaningful sentence: “the stone monkey was also born by luck, and heaven and earth were created.”

This is very interesting and worth pondering. In the early stage of an emergency, a big leader often comes to say his position in a few words, which is safe and sound, and it is difficult for others to see what he means. This is what the jade emperor did. His understatement is actually looking at the wind, the wind direction and public opinion. The Jade Emperor Xin said, “don’t worry. First ask the monkey to take two steps. Then make further decisions according to everyone’s reaction“

(II) when Sunwukong returned from his studies, he disturbed the Dragon Palace, grabbed the golden cudgel and a cloak, and then checked the book of life and death and struck the ten halls of hell.

The Dragon King of the four seas and the king of Qin Guang sued the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor took a long time to arrest Sunwukong and identified him as a “demon monkey”. Taibai Jinxing came forward to settle the matter. The Jade Emperor gave Sunwukong a position of Bi Mawen to restrain him.

(III) Sunwukong was dissatisfied with Bi Mawen’s small official title and returned to Huaguo Mountain. The ghost King instigated him to set up the name of “the great saint of heaven” in Huaguo Mountain. He also wandered around, loafing around, looking for things, and formed a seven Saint alliance. He occupied the mountain as king and defied the Tianting chamber.

It was also the Taibai Venus who coordinated with him to recruit Sunwukong, give him “great face” and make him the saint of the whole heaven.

The Jade Emperor sent Sunwukong to guard the flat peach garden of the queen mother of yaochi. It happened that Sunwukong was not invited to such a rare fairyland. As a result, Monkey Sun made a big fuss over the flat peach banquet and forcibly spoiled the regular meeting of the queen mother.

(IV) the jade emperor could not bear it. As a last resort, he dispatched Li Jing, the king of tota, Nezha, the great God of Santan sea society, his father and son, 100000 heavenly soldiers and generals, and Yang Jian, the God of Erlang, to take down this generation of demon monkeys.

The supreme old gentleman took the action. Gang Zhuo took the monkey king. Yang Jian locked the monkey’s Pipa bone with an iron chain and completely took the monkey back.

Should it be over here? did not. It’s no use splitting the sky fire and thunder. After walking in the alchemy furnace of the Supreme Lord, Monkey King not only didn’t burn to death, but also benefited from misfortune. He trained a pair of golden eyes and a copper head and an iron brain, and ran away again.

Key figures: the Jade Emperor, Sunwukong and the Supreme Master.

The great old gentleman didn’t say a word at first. Later, he acted decisively and remoulded the monkey king. It was equivalent to sending an undergraduate student a doctorate. Lao Jun Li gave both pills and golden eyes. With the wind, thunder and fire splitting in front of him, he completed the practice of “avoiding three disasters” that Bodhi said overnight, and actually became one of the golden immortals of the great Luo.


In this way, the attitude of the Jade Emperor and the Supreme Lord to the monkey king is not consistent, and even somewhat paradoxical. The Jade Emperor was determined to subdue the monkeys and finish the job, so as to eliminate future troubles forever; The great old gentleman was a little gloating. What does that mean?

The jade emperor did not have absolute control over the heaven, and the Supreme Lord was engaged in some kind of checks and balances.

So you see, Bi Mawen and Qi Tian Da Sheng are all illusory names and powers, because the real power doesn’t always count when the Jade Emperor says it. It depends on Sanqing’s face.

Why did the Jade Emperor ask Sunwukong to guard the flat peach garden? Intentionally, it depends on whether the supreme old gentleman can do anything or not. Kiss, think about it, monkeys love to eat peaches and fruits! Huaguo Mountain and rotten peach mountain. Well, this time I ate in the flat peach garden.

Therefore, the Jade Emperor actually drew a circle for sun monkey, coaxed and deceived him, paid high officials and made promises. In fact, it was all a cake to appease hunger, and gave sun monkey some false power to test the mind of the supreme Lao Jun. Monkey Sun has entered the double circle designated by the two big men.

The Jade Emperor looked silly – how could Sunwukong have slipped away under the eyes of Taoist Zu! I’m angry. I can’t help myself. I have to ask someone else for help. Please ask the Western Tathagata Buddha.

Second, the Tathagata’s falseness and reality: cheat you without discussion.

(I) why does the Tathagata come?

1. Opportunity and understanding.

The monkey king, a stone monkey born in heaven, is estimated to have been seen by the immortals at the top. The multicolored sky mending stone, a magical mani bead, made by the ancient goddess Nuwa, is destined to shine in the future. Dear, look, who is not greedy? Good things, either have him or destroy him.

The Supreme Lord wants to keep the monkey king and use it to check and balance the Jade Emperor. This is a great opportunity. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Go ahead.

2. Obligation and popularity.

Although the Tathagata is the great leader of the Western Paradise, he is also one of the five elders under the Taoist tradition. The celestial world is a model of enfeoffment, and he is a mountain with strong independence.

The Tathagata acted according to orders. In front of the Jade Emperor, he called himself a venerable person and called the Jade Emperor “great heaven”. He had this duty and was duty bound.

(II) how the Tathagata operates.



What does he have no authority to do – the first lie of the Tathagata:

The Buddha said, “I’ll have a gambling match with you. If you have the ability to somersault out of my right palm, you will win. No longer need to use the sword to fight hard, please ask the Jade Emperor to live in the West and let you in the heavenly palace. If you can’t get out of your palm, you’ll be a demon in the lower world. After a few more robberies, you will come to fight.”—— Journey to the West

Dear ones, you can see that the Tathagata is just one of the five elders in the divine world. He is the God and the Jade Emperor is the great God. In terms of rank, this is a level apart! Moreover, the Jade Emperor is the great leader of the heaven, the general leader, and the Tathagata is the great leader of the West heaven. There is no actual direct subordinate relationship between the two, which means that the Jade Emperor is bigger and higher than the Tathagata.

Under such circumstances, the Tathagata dares to say “please the Jade Emperor to live in the West and give you the heavenly palace”. In this case, isn’t it a lie to the ghost? Not to mention the Tathagata, even the Jade Emperor dared not say such words, and the Supreme Master of Taoism would not say so.

“In that case, what can you do?” Buddha said, “well done! Well done!”—— Journey to the West

Sun monkey repeatedly confirmed that the Tathagata said with a thick face " Well done. Even if the sun comes out from the west, he can’t be the master. His face is really not that big. Well, he lies seriously, meticulously, meticulously, and seriously nonsense.

2. The game of jumping the palm – the Tathagata’s scheming and conspiracy.

The great sage said, “I have many means! I have seventy-two kinds of changes. I will never grow old. I can drive somersault clouds and fly thousands of miles. How can I not sit on the throne?”—— Journey to the West

The Tathagata first followed the routine of the monkey king. The monkey king proudly explained his background. The triathlon: seventy-two changes, immortality and tumbling clouds.

Even if you are not old, you can live forever. All the immortals and leaders will change. Not everyone has these 72 kinds of changes. In the whole journey to the west, there are Erlang Xiansheng Yang Jian and niumo Wang. Moreover, this tumbling cloud is simply an alternative existence. There are not many experts who can be taught. There are various signs that Sunwukong’s teacher is Bodhi, an expert who started the sect with the Tathagata in Xiniu Hezhou.

How could the Tathagata not know? Where is Xiniu Hezhou? Other people’s territory, home. What’s more, he is the great leader of Xitian, with boundless magic power? Of course I know. It’s just pretending that nothing is wrong. In a word, the Bodhi master is too mysterious and awesome to provoke.

The way the Jade Emperor and the Taoist priest did it is already obvious. The Monkey Sun can’t be killed. It’s useless to fight. Let’s play a game. One word is “sleepy”.

So you see, the Tathagata made a bet with the monkey king with a smile – if you want to jump out of my palm, even if you win, I will leave.

3. Is the Tathagata God’s palm really so sharp—— A deceiving cover up is the truth.


Hearing his words, the great sage said to himself with a smile: “this Tathagata is very stupid! My old sun somersaults to thousands of miles. How can he not jump out with his palm less than a foot in circumference? -” journey to the west “

Dear, look, how big is the palm of the Tathagata? “Less than one foot in circumference”, well, that is to say, at most one foot in circumference.

However, Monkey Sun didn’t jump out. It’s strange. A somersault cloud is hundreds of thousands of miles. Can the palm diameter of the Tathagata become larger than hundreds of thousands of miles no matter how powerful his magic power is?

The Tathagata scolded, “I’ll take you, a pissing monkey! You just haven’t left my palm!” The great saint said, “you don’t know. When I went to the end of the sky, I saw five flesh red pillars supporting a green spirit. I left a note there. Do you dare to go with me?” The Tathagata said, “no, you just look down.” The great sage opened his eyes and looked down. When he looked down, it turned out that the middle finger of the Buddha’s right hand said, “the great sage of heaven, come here for a visit.”—— Journey to the West

Sunwukong shook his body and rolled back and forth. What did he see? When he traveled to Beihai in the morning, he saw the “Horizon”, and also saw five meat pillars. He also scattered urine as a sign. Well, Monkey Sun did not jump out of the palm of the Buddha. What the hell is going on?

Dear, do you remember the Golden Horn king and silver horn king? Monkey King tricked the Supreme Lord into using his red gourd and mutton butter jade bottle. How did he do it? Summon Nezha to cover the sun with the black flag of emperor Zhenwu. He said he had disguised the sky. This is a cover up, isn’t it? A deceptive trick.

Let’s take another example. Maitreya Buddha subdued the Yellow eyebrow monster in xiaoleiyin temple. He first wrote a word “forbidden” on Sun monkey’s palm, which confused the mind of the Yellow eyebrow king. Only then did he succeed in tricking sun monkey into eating watermelon, sun monkey got into his belly, and then subdued the false Buddha.

Well, yes, the word “ban” seems to have been similar. Is there any? If you are smart, you are the three golden hoops and mantras that the Tathagata later gave to Guanyin. The gold is tightly forbidden. The Tathagata is also good.

The truth that Sunwukong didn’t jump out of the palm of the Tathagata is that the palm of the Tathagata can’t become as big as a hundred thousand miles. In fact, he gave a maze fist. When sun monkey jumped into the palm of the Tathagata, he lost his mind. He jumped two times. In fact, the tumbling cloud failed. He didn’t play it at all. It was tantamount to being fascinated by the Tathagata’s tricks. His two times were not much different from the ordinary monkey somersaults. If you don’t believe me, although Sunwukong has golden eyes, when can he see something thousands of miles away on his way to get scriptures? Let’s zoom in again. What Sunwukong saw was only five big meat pillars. In front of the thin monkey, it was nothing more than five exaggerated fingers. How big could it be? Well, even if every finger is Mount Tai, how big can five Mount Tai be? Thousands of miles? Without deliberation.

The great saint was shocked and said, “there is such a thing! There is such a thing! I wrote this word on the pillar supporting the sky, but how could it be on his finger? Is there a divination spell? I will never believe it! Do not believe it! Wait for me to come again!”—— Journey to the West

So you see, Monkey King was shocked and didn’t believe it at all. One of his somersault clouds can’t turn out the palm of the Tathagata. Why do you call Bodhi master?

The truth is that in the palm of the Tathagata Buddha, Monkey King can’t really perform the somersault cloud. That is to say, he doesn’t jump as far as 18000 miles. What is deception? What about the tumbling cloud? What about the agreed one? The Tathagata deceives others and is a liar.


Hao Dasheng jumped out again. The Buddha flipped his palm and pushed the monkey king out of the gate of the Western Heaven. He turned his five fingers into five linked mountains of gold, wood, water, fire and earth, called the “five elements mountain”, and gently pressed him down—— Journey to the West

Sunwukong wanted to do it again. Tathagata quickly slapped him and called him down. Dear, come and see, since Monkey Sun can’t jump out of the palm of the Tathagata, what’s the hurry of the Tathagata? Aren’t you a heartbreaker? Are you bent on subduing the demon monkey? Tell him to go again and convince him completely? The Tathagata dare not, can not, it can only be said that there is a ghost in his heart. Also, this kind of deception can be used once. The next time, it will not be so clever. It is easy to see through. It will show the monkey king the flaws – it can be concealed for a while, but not for a lifetime.

Moreover, we have reason to believe that the five elements mountain originally existed. The Tathagata just asked the mountain god to move here to borrow it and press the monkey king. Otherwise, did you think that the Tathagata Buddha, who was led by the Western Heaven, had been left-handed for 500 years? No right hand? How inconvenient that is! The Jade Emperor held a celebration banquet at the back of the Antan assembly. The Tathagata served dishes and drank wine. Can he be busy with one hand? Are you right?

Third, the monkey king went out of the mountain and learned from the Scriptures again – Lao sun was taken in.

The great sage said: “the Tathagata has coaxed me and pressed me on this mountain for more than 500 years. I can’t show it. -” journey to the west “

Guanyin Bodhisattva enlightened Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing. At his last stop, he came to the foot of the five elements mountain.

The finale is often at the end. This is called the finale. The protagonist, the eldest disciple and the gold medal fighter.

The monkey king said, “the Tathagata deceived me.”.

Think about it. The monkey king has been pressed to the foot of the five elements mountain for 500 years. How could he not understand the mystery? Thinking and thinking, Lao sun was inspired by the Tao of the Tathagata! He didn’t ask Lao sun to show his somersaults at all. He cheated me of Lao sun. No wonder Bodhi didn’t want him to say his teacher’s name! It turns out that the mystery is here. Lingtai square inch mountain, the three star cave of the slanting moon, and all the mountains and caves are fought carefully and playfully.

Demons of the heart go wherever they live, and immortal leaders are no exception.

For fivehundred years, an acquaintance has not come to visit Sunwukong. No one has seen any brothers, the Seven Saints, or colleagues in the Tianting office. Each one hides faster and farther than the other. Well, Guanyin Bodhisattva actually came to see him. Is the sun coming out in the west? At the beginning, Yang Jian, the Erlang God recommended by Guanyin Bodhisattva, came to arrest sun monkey. Later, he took credit from the Supreme Master and tried to smash sun monkey’s head with a willow jade bottle. Why are you so close now? Are you concerned about Sunwukong?

Monkey Sun immediately understood that he was looking for something, and it must be a hard job. Sure enough, he went to the West with monk Tang to ask for scriptures.

No way! Several circles. The Jade Emperor, the Tathagata, the Supreme Lord, and the Bodhi patriarch dare not mention it or think about it. How can we say that sun monkey was taught by his elders. Well, they are all deceiving and deceiving people, just to completely win over the people.

If you don’t believe it, Guanyin Bodhisattva promised so many good things, but he made trouble all the way. He looked for people everywhere to find relationships with goblins, that is, the green bull spirit of the Supreme Master of Daozu was invited by Guanyin’s sister. Elder Jinchi and goldfish spirit had nothing to do with it; He also gave sun monkey a gold hoop, which was very uncomfortable.


The Tathagata takes three more hoops, To Bodhisattva: “This treasure is called ‘Jin hoop’, although it is the same three, it is only used in different ways. I have three mantras of ‘Jin Jin ban’. If you run into a powerful demon on the road, you must persuade him to learn it well and become an apprentice with the man who took the Scriptures. If he doesn’t obey his orders, you can take this hoop with him on his head and naturally see the flesh take root. If you read the mantra, your eyes will swell and your head will crack. Discipline him to enter our door.”—— Journey to the West

Dear, come and see the truth. Give him a circle and say a mantra, “discipline him to come into our door.”. The leader of Tathagata directly told the truth about the so-called worship of Buddha and scriptures in the West. The big circle and the small circle are all here to divide the territory and educate people. This is also true of Jinchanzi, the great sage of Qi Tian, marshal Tianpeng, and general roller shutter. You are disobedient. You have made a mistake, and you have offended your immediate boss. How about not drawing a circle for you? Well, the martial arts master mabaoguo said that he won’t talk about martial arts morality.

Later, Sunwukong also drew a circle for the Tang monk, old pig and old sand, telling them not to go out, but they didn’t believe it! No, elder Tang took the initiative to enter the King Kong circle of qingniu Jing. At the end, Monkey Sun said something meaningful: “look, you don’t listen to me. If you don’t join my circle, you will join others.”—— There will always be circles. We should polish our eyes. We should play piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, wine and tea. Such circles are not fragrant!

Sunwukong was indeed cheated by the Jade Emperor and the Tathagata. If the Jade Emperor cheated him, the Tathagata did it on purpose. It was his plan to use the Buddha’s palm to suppress Sunwukong. It was aimed at tumbling clouds and Bodhi grandmaster. After drinking ecstasy soup, sun monkey could not play, which was enough to give Bodhi grandmaster face; The Tathagata did not promise the monkey the right to bet, nor did he have the ability to backhand and cover thousands of miles of somersault clouds. The real purpose was to send the monkey king on the way to learn scriptures and kill the monkey king’s will. The Monkey King became a Buddha and a saint. I would like to believe that the monkey king will still miss Huaguoshan and his childhood. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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