When the interest chain is intertwined, we can only do nothing!

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I was writing about the Texas shootings in the United States a few days ago, but I didn’t finish it. Finally, I don’t want to write any more. But today, I want to start with this topic and talk about the learning valve.

Because in a way, they are all the same.

I am writing about the shooting case to express a point of view: when the chain of interests is blocked, everyone will be helpless.

Every year, tens of thousands of people are killed in shootings in the United States. Primary and secondary school campuses have become a high incidence area of shootings, immersing countless families in pain.

It’s because it’s too easy to get a gun in the United States. The American people hold more than half of the guns in the world. It’s because individuals have the ability to make the people bleed

But 330million people in the United States know that guns should be banned. Why can’t they be banned?

With the rifle association as the center, the United States has formed a huge interest linked group and reached an organization with a clear division of labor. In front of the organized crime team, 330million Americans are like a mob, and their voices of opposition have no effect.

The rifle association holds a huge voting warehouse. It can decide the presidential vote, once coerced trumpobama, and can control the election of every governor and mayor. The annual gun market can bring them huge profits of more than $70billion. The huge interest chain makes them form a strong community, has a wide range of political lobbying groups, can decide the voice of the media, and can manipulate national policies.

In the United States, all the legal provisions are in favor of the demands of the rifle association. For a long time, the American police have no obligation to protect civilians. In the American judicial community, there have been countless lawsuits against police agencies by civilians, that is, the police do nothing when they die, but they have failed every time.

Because the United States has a very strange logic: the responsibility of the American police is not to protect citizens, but to maintain the peace, security and order of the whole society.

When you see this, the United States does not talk about individuals, but about the whole.

In the Texas shooting case, more than 40 policemen, fully armed, walked around the gate of the campus for more than an hour, but did not go in, because the police first had to ensure their own safety

Parents were in tears and scratched their ears, but the police did not move. Sheng Sheng asked a gunman to kill 21 children and teachers in an hour.

So you see how perfect the logic of the United States is:

The state will not protect individuals, but the United States can have guns for everyone. Therefore, if you want to protect your own safety, you must have guns

After the shooting, American performance artists entered a climax again, lowering flags, ringing bells and presenting flowers I am very busy.

Biden visited the school to comfort parents and never mentioned the prohibition of guns.

Three days after the shooting, the rifle association held its annual meeting in Texas. Trump attended the meeting and said brazenly: the reason why we had the shooting was that we had too few guns.

If everyone holds a gun and the teacher holds a gun, does the murderer dare to be so arrogant?

The American Rifle Association took advantage of this opportunity to promote the children’s version of firearms.

In the future, the United States will not be better. There will only be more and more shooting cases

So you see, the gun issue in the United States has obviously damaged the overall interests of all 330million people in the United States. Only American arms dealers can make a lot of money, but an American rifle association can play with 330million people in the United States. Everyone can do nothing with it.

In the face of organized violent crimes, the so-called people are just a rabble without any resistance.

The American Rifle Association has money, organization, production capacity, the ability to control public opinion, connections and contacts. What is the use of ordinary civilians to oppose the prohibition of guns?

This is good. For example, before the founding of our party, there were numerous worker movements in old China, but because there was no organization, they were all fooled around by capital, either bought or coerced. They were simply vulnerable.

This is the same as I said about the drug teaching materials incident. After 10 years of drug teaching materials, hundreds of millions of people across the country have known it. How many parents are angry and countless people complain, but what is the use

The same sentence: in the face of organized violent crimes, the so-called people are just a rabble without any resistance.

Why complaint cartoon, cartoon will be off the shelf?

Because many cartoons are simple corporate behaviors and have not yet reached an unbroken interest chain, and behind the toxic teaching materials

Poison teaching materials have gangs, interests, division of labor, and relationships. If not, there is support from overseas forces. What can you do as a fart people?

It’s as easy for an organized crime team to crush you as to trample on an ant.

At that time, how many people complained about the poisonous teaching material incident of Xin Jiang, but was it useful?

After being retaliated several times, more and more people will choose silence.

After the mathematics textbook, there was a Chinese teaching assistant event.

The younger sister was born adroitly;

Two breasts are warped;

Have the heart to touch it;

My heart is a little jumpy.

Such nonsense poems and essays appear in the extracurricular books that primary and middle school students must read

It is evaluated as the classic text of reading and writing, and the perfect unity of Humanities and Chinese.

Can become a primary and secondary school students must read extra-curricular books.

Remember, it’s a required course. If you don’t read it, you will be embarrassed to say that you are a primary and secondary school student in China

You think you are a father or a mother. Your child recites such a poem for you when he comes home from school. What do you think?

In our so-called must read primary school extracurricular reading materials, such content can be found everywhere, which makes people read words that are suspected to be island style, such as:

Kalulu’s movements became more and more rough. He was panting and salivating. He licked his limbs, shoulder blades, cheeks and waist pits crazily

Yaya and Jiajia have already run away, and the play should be over, Zilan thought. But kaluru’s rough caress seemed to have a kind of magic, which made it very difficult to control itself. He thought of heisang, whose movements were so rough that he threw himself on him, kissing and biting, making him feel that the hard skeleton of his whole body was like being soaked in the sun, soft and melted, producing a kind of attachment to the conquered; It even fell in love with Hassan’s kind of erotic abuse

When I saw such words appearing in the primary school teaching aids, I could only say:

10000 grass and mud horses roared past in my heart!

There are also a large number of so-called literary works with hot eyes, which I will not bring up, because he is a school leader. If he writes, he can become a must read for primary school students. If I write, it will be pornographic works, and if I do not do well, it will be sealed.

What is learning valve? They are the interest gangs that have become rigid. They do not have any literary accomplishment, and may even be illiterate. However, they have interest chains and networks, and they can manipulate literature and take charge of art to form gangs.

I think of a poem, which reads as follows:

Go home from work at noon

Aunt said your baby was very good

I asked why

She said she would take them out to play in the morning and pee at the door of their office

I called my mother yeah

The other one peed at the office door

Pee and talk

Both your mothers peed

If you wrote this poem, you would show it to the teacher. The teacher was so angry that he clapped his desk and tore your composition to pieces, saying that what you wrote was bullshit.

However, if this poem was written by someone else, for example, the daughter of a great writer, the same text content can amaze the audience with four skills, publish it for major publishing houses, and at the same time, it can be rated as a professor. The whole literary and art circles are amazed at the artistic attainments of poetry.

The editor in chief of contemporary magazine commented:

Starting from the details of life, she has the delicacy and sincerity of a pilgrim. She finds a clever way of expression in the gap between classical aesthetics and modern life, and has reached a new realm, a natural and healthy view of love and lust, with natural and equal judgment.

Professor of Beijing Normal University commented:

Some people may not be as close to the essence of poetry as she is after a lifetime of writing. Poetry in poetry is a natural bloom, which comes from their own quality and accomplishments.

The language of the poem is very clean, natural, simple and flexible, which makes people feel that there is no trace after reading it, but also the wind.

The doctoral director of Northwestern University said:

Confucius once divided people into those who were born to know and those who learned to know. John Stuart Mill further divided poets into natural poets and refined poets. And she may be a born knower, destined to be a natural poet. Once she became a poet, she was like a light lark, reciting her thoughts and feelings about nature and the world wantonly and wantonly with a gentle and loud song.

What is learning valve? This is the learning valve!

They don’t care about art, literature, aesthetics They formed huge interest groups to boast to each other, and they monopolized education and academia by virtue of their mutual relations and intertwined forces.

They have mastered the criteria for judging.

Of course, they prefer liberal arts, because science and engineering need achievements after all, and liberal arts, especially literature

If you say you can do it, you can do it if you can’t;

Say you can’t, you can’t, you can’t!

Xuelv dare to put a piece of shit in front of you openly, and then everyone says it is a work of art!

I have seen such works of art, such literary works, I

First of all, I would like to apologize to the Anglo Saxons. I always said that the Anglo Saxons were shameless. They supported a large number of cultural compradors. With an Oscar or Nobel Prize, a large number of so-called “masters” in China cheated their teachers and destroyed their ancestors to discredit their own country.

However, in my opinion, the cultural comprador is a little better than the school leaders, because the Anglo Saxons have to take their own face into account. To win the Nobel prize or Oscar, at least they need to be a little literary and artistic Otherwise, how can they deceive the Chinese people and flaunt their own beacon of democracy?

They also want to do long-term business and cut more leeks

So ordinary lackeys, they still don’t look up to them. You can’t do it if you want to be a traitor.

However, the school leaders dare to say that they are really fragrant if they are not willing to make a face public or if they are making a shit.

Ordinary people, however, are helpless in the face of organized crime.

This will not be the beginning, let alone the end

I just want to say to the scholars:

You have earned money and fame, and no one can touch you.

Just ask you, can you get some face?

It really makes no sense to be disgusting after making money.

It’s just a disaster to Chinese art. Can you spare the children?

Can I have a face?

China never wants to surpass the United States. China just wants to be a better China.

So I said last year: the United States will never defeat China. We only worry about turning China into an American.

But can China not become the United States?

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