When truss becomes prime minister, he can kill Britain!

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British radical foreign minister truss, who claims to be the first to use nuclear weapons, will soon become Britain’s new prime minister after a game. As a result, Britain will undoubtedly take another detour! In fact, in recent years, Britain has been taking a big bend, and it has gone farther and farther!

If we want to talk about Britain’s detour, we must start with Britain’s “brexit”. That year, after the European debt crisis, there was a fierce game within the EU. Germany, France and other EU member states wanted to ask Britain to pay more dues, and finally forced Britain to give up sterling, so as to integrate Britain into the euro area. When Britain is incorporated into the euro area, the EU will get the British coinage right, which is equivalent to “returning blood” to the EU.


Britain has always played the role of a bridge between the United States and the European Union. Sterling is the most important medium in this bridge. Britain wants to gain more benefits from sterling, the sovereign currency, and Britain’s perfect financial system. Once the pound is merged into the euro area, it is equivalent to the British government transferring the coinage right to the European Union, and Britain’s huge interest will no longer exist.

In the face of the gradual pressure from continental European countries led by Germany and France, then Prime Minister Cameron certainly refused. In order to prevent Germany, France and other countries from pressing closer, Cameron threatened “brexit”. Although he threatened the EU with “brexit”, he did not want to bear relevant historical responsibility and political pressure, so he announced that he would hold a referendum on “brexit”. Whether to “leave” or not is up to the people.

The “brexit” referendum was originally Cameron’s clever trick of “throwing the pot”, because everyone thought that the British “brexit” referendum was just a formality and could not really leave. If the referendum failed at that time, the British government would go downhill. In the end, at most, it would pay more EU dues, so that it would not lose the right to coin the sovereign currency sterling.

However, there are unforeseen circumstances, and some things are so small. Just because everyone thought that “brexit” was impossible, a large number of British young people took it as a game. When the elderly said that they could not leave, their rebellious mentality was that they did not want to be the same as the mainstream, so they insisted on voting for “brexit”. But in fact, they did not know what “brexit” meant. They just took the referendum as a game and a tool to express their personality. It happened that the weather on the day of the referendum was bad, and those who opposed to “brexit” felt that the referendum on “brexit” could not be successful, so many people who opposed to “brexit” did not vote that day. Due to various factors, the “referendum” was passed in the end!


Originally, I wanted to go through a show and play with the pot, but I didn’t expect to get rid of it. Cameron, the then prime minister, soon resigned. Next, on whether or not “brexit” has been going on in the UK for several years, the EU originally did not want Britain to “brexit”, but it worried that other countries would follow suit, so it wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. Within the UK, there have been many twists and turns. After taking over Cameron in July 2016, Theresa May struggled for three years and finally failed to achieve “brexit”. She also resigned in July 2019 under a series of pressures.

Theresa May’s resignation, to a large extent, stems from the pressure of the United States, because the United States wants a Britain that is politically inclined to the United States. For this reason, the trump administration has issued a very severe threat to the United Kingdom. Under the strong political pressure of the United States, Britain elected the radical and pro american Boris Johnson to power.

After Boris Johnson came to power, he first achieved Britain’s “brexit” by dividing two by three, and then completely turned to the United States politically, standing at the forefront of anti Russia and Anti China. However, after all, politics can not be a meal. The inflation rate in Britain in July was as high as 10.1%, and the Agency predicted that it would probably exceed 15% next year. Serious inflation made Boris Johnson’s political achievements weak, so various scandals about him broke out in a concentrated way. Although he was very reluctant, he was forced to resign in the end when cabinet aides resigned one after another.

Boris Johnson was forced to resign, and the British Conservative Party launched a fierce contest. Finally, sunak, an Indian MP who was the former chancellor of the exchequer, and truss, a former foreign secretary, were elected from 11 candidates. In fact, during the competition between sunak and truss, sunak’s support rate was higher at first, but the British people can’t accept an Indian Prime Minister at least now, so truss is almost certain to win.


More importantly, truss is very radical, and this political stance and attitude is very in line with the needs of the United States, because truss’s attitude can ensure Britain’s position on Russia and China, and Britain will support the United States at all costs under truss’s leadership.

How radical is truss? When she was running for prime minister, she even said that if she was elected, she was willing to launch a nuclear war. What are you saying she’s not crazy? The spokesperson of the Russian foreign ministry directly sarcastically said that she should shoot a British TV series. Britain is a small country. Even if it has a nuclear bomb, it can only defend itself against a nuclear power like Russia. How can it take the initiative to declare that it will launch a nuclear war? Truss made a lot of radical remarks in the past, all of which showed that she was more immature politically than Boris Johnson. When she took office at No. 10 Downing Street, she was booed. Many people even thought that she would be the shortest lived Prime Minister of Britain.

If she continues to follow her usual words and deeds in the past, she will certainly continue to be sharply hostile to Russia and play an active anti China role in her term of office. Such a role means that Britain has reached a dead end politically.

The United States is anti Russia and Anti China at the same time. With its current national strength, the United States must push its allies ahead as “cannon fodder”, otherwise the United States will have no good fruit to eat. What is more frightening is that the United States not only wants to push its allies ahead politically and militarily, but also needs to draw blood from its allies economically. This will be a very terrible thing!

Take Britain as an example. The exchange rate of sterling has almost fallen below the low point of more than 30 years. According to the current trend of substantial appreciation of the US dollar, it is inevitable that sterling will fall below the new low of 30 or 40 years. In this way, the British economy, whose main business is finance, will suffer heavy losses in the future. On the one hand, as the pound has dropped by nearly 20% in the past year, the sharp depreciation of the currency against the US dollar will inevitably continue to push up inflation. The inflation rate in Britain has exceeded 10%, and the consequences of continuing hyperinflation will inevitably force the Bank of England to raise interest rates substantially, which will inevitably lead to a hard landing of the British economy. Some people say that truss will become Britain’s shortest lived prime minister, which is also justified, because Britain’s economic situation is too bad now. If the inflation rate continues to be 20%, the British society can’t stand it.


Politically, the United Kingdom is at odds with Russia and China, economically, it is in a mess, and it has been picked up by the big brother of the United States. Britain, which has already left the EU, has actually lost the opportunity to integrate into the global pattern. Judging from the current state of Britain, the right thing will definitely not be done by truss’s character. If the current trend continues, Britain has no way to escape, and what awaits him is an economic crisis.

In the face of such a predicament, if a country’s leaders know how to recuperate, they will certainly adjust their policies with the economy as the core and try their best to solve economic problems. However, the former foreign secretary of the United Kingdom is obviously a politician who does not know how to govern the country. When she was foreign secretary, she always tried to attract attention and obtain political resources in a way that was not surprising. When she became prime minister, she would certainly not solve practical problems from a practical point of view. She would definitely create problems from a ideological perspective. How can she really solve the British problem as a person sitting on the American side?

Based on this logic, Britain’s big trouble has just begun! However, in a mess like Britain, the United States is exerting pressure externally, and there are serious economic problems internally. Politicians with some ability are basically unwilling to discredit themselves at this time!

How can Britain not suffer from this kind of thinking? The future of the British economy is in a mess, and disgusting inflation has been cut by the United States. What can truss do to deal with it? According to her strengths and the way she gets political resources, she can do nothing. How long can she do under such circumstances? Therefore, it is reasonable for some people to think that she will be the shortest lived Prime Minister!

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