When Wang Wei lived alone, he wrote a poem with only 20 words, but cured the world for more than 1200 years!

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Sitting alone in the bamboo grove, playing the piano and howling.

People in the deep forest don’t know. The moon comes to take photos.

——Bamboo Pavilion by Wang Wei

In the past, I always yearned for prosperity and excitement,

I always feel that only standing in the middle of the crowd,

To feel your true existence.

Today, I just woke up,

Life is a lonely journey.

All the way forward, all the way to meet,

Sometimes they gather and disperse, but they are normal.

What we can do is not to accommodate and chase,

But learn to reconcile with yourself,

We can not only cherish meeting, but also be alone.



That night, Wang Wei sat in the bamboo forest,

Reflecting the bright moonlight,

One person, one piano, accompany each other.

The sound of the zither is deep and far away, singing faintly,

At the interval, only the echo came,

The wind moved the forest, and the bamboo leaves swayed gently.

Sitting alone in the bamboo grove, playing the piano and howling.

People in the deep forest don’t know. The moon comes to take photos.

——Bamboo Pavilion by Wang Wei

The night is deep and everything is quiet,

Only one bright moon hangs high in the sky.

People, through the music and singing,

It seems to have achieved interaction with everything around,

It seems to be integrated with nature,

Each other, I have nothing.




At this time, Wang Wei was in his old age,

Living in seclusion in Lantian Wangchuan, often alone,

But I am deeply absorbed in this rare serenity.

Back in those days, I was a scholar in high school and a senior official,

But he was relegated because of his subordinates’ involvement.

He was only half official and half reclusive, but his wife suddenly left,

Apart from being a loving mother, you are lonely.

When he was surrounded by ronghua, he never thought about it,

It turns out that life is doomed to walk alone.

I used to be afraid of loneliness,

I always feel that prosperity is happiness.

Later, he was forced to walk alone for some time,

Awed by the majesty of the Yellow River and Mount Tai,

Feeling the magnificence of the sunset on the long river,

After the rebellion of an and Shi,

Only then discovered that the most beautiful scenery, the most peaceful heart,

It turns out that I met them when I was alone.




There is nothing in my heart, and the eight winds cannot move.

Keep quiet in the secluded place and place it alone,

No noise, no worldliness, no entanglement.

You can clear your worries and worries,

Reach the realm of clearing the fog and seeing the moonlight;

You can concentrate,

Build hedges and plant chrysanthemums in your heart, which is quiet and rich.

In solitude, give yourself a moment of leisure,

With a clear mind,

Observe the passing of spring and the coming of autumn, and recognize the changes with each passing day,

It can concentrate, cultivate the mind and nourish the temperament,

Not at all

Years flow eastward,

Time passes.




Linhuiyin once said,

“If you want to measure how powerful a person is inside,

Just see if he can be alone.

When alone, people who can still be calm and full,

It must be someone who knows himself,

It is clear about what you want and what you don’t want.

In my opinion, the most solitary,

Zhang Ailing is the one who shines on the flowers near the water.

Aloof, sensitive and outstanding,

Live quietly, leave quietly,

Extreme loneliness, but also the ultimate blooming.




Since childhood, Eileen Chang has been in deep trouble.

My father is ruthless, always beating and scolding, without any pity;

Mother has no love, demanding, never warm care.

I am wandering and have no basis, and I am lonely in my heart,

After that, he was hurt by hulancheng.

Only when you are alone can you stay away from trouble,

Only a leaf does not touch the body, is the most reassuring.

In her later years, she traveled as far as the United States,

Without seeing the past, living alone.

Being alone is the best way for her to protect herself,

Being alone is also her most arrogant gesture in maintaining freedom.



Take off your disguise and enjoy being alone,

Learn to accept yourself and get along with yourself,

There is no need to flatter and cut off the dependence on the outside world.

After that, I found that I could cover everything,

Alone, there are thousands of possibilities.



When Mu Xin was 19, he used to recuperate under the pretext of illness,

Braved the winter cold, he took two boxes of books and hid in the mountains.

The mountains are quiet and desolate, and life is cold and simple,

The mountain people don’t understand why the rich childe asks for hardship.

But the loneliness in the eyes of others,

But the most wonderful existence in Mu Xin’s heart.

There, he read and wrote all day long,

Live a simple and full life.

When winter passed, he returned with some manuscripts.




He said, “you don’t have to look for me where there are thousands of people.

If you want to meet me, I am in a place where all kinds of joys and sorrows meet,

All we can do is to go back to nature after a long journey. “

He is always so delicate and elegant and full of air,

Hard to build their own art world,

Listen to Mozart, draw, write poetry, and speak literature,

Even in prison, suffering, life has never stopped.

Enjoy life alone, and it is also very complete,

There is no loneliness, only one person’s ups and downs.




Mr. Yang Jiang once said:

“Life is nothing more than knowing yourself,

Train yourself and transform yourself voluntarily. “

What is life to be like,

After all, it’s up to you the final say.

Being alone can be a kind of loneliness,

Similarly, it can also become a kind of Qinghuan.


The so-called “closed door means deep mountain”,

A clear and firm heart,

Is the real source of a comfortable life.

Give yourself time,

Brush away all the glitz with tranquility,

Observe the original mind, get a clear mind, hold the heart,

Fearless of all disturbances,

In the most comfortable way,

Enjoy the most precious years.


May everyone who is not willing to live up to time,

Can dance in the ordinary days,

In solitude, the heart belongs,

In life, free and brilliant.

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