When zhongziqi died, Yu Boya broke the piano: no bosom friend?

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The painting of Bo Ya’s drum and zither

Yu Boya is good at drums and zither, and Zhong Ziqi is good at listening. What Boya has read, Zhong Ziqi will get it. When Zhong Ziqi died, Yu Boya broke the zither and said that there was no bosom friend in the world. Yu Boya is good at playing the piano. It is said that when he plays the piano, even the horse eating grass will look up and listen. But at that time, the woodcutter zhongziqi was the one who knew the best of his zither skills. After “high mountains and flowing water”, the “bosom friend” became a bosom friend. The story of “high mountains and flowing water meet a bosom friend” has been around for thousands of years, but I don’t agree with Yu Boya’s “bosom friend view”. It is said that after Yu Boya identified Zhong Ziqi as his bosom friend, they broke off all contact for a very long time. After the second meeting, they were separated forever. Yu Boya has been enjoying himself alone for too long. He needs people like Zhong Ziqi to listen to his heart through the piano, but Ziqi under the nine springs certainly does not want to see a sworn friend because his death has closed his heart forever and is no longer open to others. Zhongziqi can not be the only person who can become Yu Boya’s bosom friend in his life, nor can a person make only one friend in his life. CaoXueqin said, “ten thousand liang of gold is easy to get, but it is hard to find a bosom friend.” But when you lose a friend, it’s a big mistake to think that no one knows you as well as he does. In my opinion, the story of “high mountains and flowing water meet a bosom friend” is like a legend coming out of the sun, which is out of reach. In real life, people don’t play two songs and then pay homage to others. It’s a biological instinct to set up defenses against others. Getting to know each other is a process of opening our hearts to each other. This process is sometimes bitter and sometimes sweet, but the result must be pleasant, because we can share happiness and sorrow with others from now on. The existence of friends will prevent us from being alone in the world, just as we met Boya before childhood. I wish all people in the world can express their most sincere thoughts to each other like Bo Yazi, but I hope people can make more friends. There are not only thousands of people in the world, but also many sincere and trustworthy people. Bo Ya, Bo Ya, why don’t you accept the next bosom friend? Maybe at the moment when you broke the strings, he passed you behind your back? Just because there is a saying that “it is difficult to make water through the sea, except that Wushan is not a cloud”, only the factor period knows you well, do you think that the neutron period of this life is an irreplaceable and insurmountable confidant? If the way you mourn at Ziqi’s tomb is not this extreme practice, but to express your sadness with music, maybe you can be relieved, maybe you can attract the arrival of your next bosom friend, maybe… Maybe, all these will become different.

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