Where does the moon come from? Look at how western myths are told

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In ancient times, there was a place where the night was always dark, and the sky was like a black cloth.

Because here, the moon never rises and the stars don’t twinkle.


In fact, when God created the world, the night was still very bright.


Once, four young people left this land and came to another country. There, when the sun disappears behind the mountain in the evening, there is always a light ball hanging on the treetop, sprinkling a soft glow. Although it is not as bright as the sun, everything is still clearly visible. The passengers stopped and asked a village man who was driving by what light it was. “This is the moon,” he replied. “Our mayor spent three yuan to sell it and tie it to the top of the oak tree. He had to oil it every day to keep it clean and bright. In this way, he would charge us one yuan a week.” The village man pushed the car away.

One of them said, “we can also use this lamp. There is an oak tree as big as this in our hometown. We can hang it on it. How happy it will be at night without groping in the dark!”

The second said, “I’ll tell you what to do. Let’s get a carriage and carry the moon away. People here will buy another one.”

The third man said, “I’m good at climbing trees. I’ll take it down.”

The fourth bought a carriage. The third man climbed up the tree, drilled a hole in the moon, put on a rope, and then put the moon down. The glittering ball was then placed on the carriage, and they covered it with a piece of cloth to prevent others from discovering that they stole it. They successfully transported the moon to their own country and hung it on a tall oak tree. The new lamp immediately shines brightly on the whole earth. All rooms are full of light, and all ages are happy. The dwarf came out of the cave, and the children also danced in circles on the grass in little red coats.

Those four people are responsible for adding oil to the moon and cleaning their bodies, and charge one yuan a week. But they grew old slowly. One of them became ill and soon died. He asked to bury a quarter of the moon as his property in his grave. After his death, the mayor climbed up the tree, cut off a quarter of the lamp with fence scissors, and put it into his coffin. The light of the moon has weakened, but it still shines. When the second man died, another quarter was buried with him, and the moonlight weakened again. After the third man died, he also took his share, and the moon became darker. When the fourth entered the tomb, the original darkness came back.

But the various parts of the moon were put together again in the underworld, which made the dead in the dark restless and woke up one by one. They were amazed to see the world again. The faint moonlight was more than enough for them, because their eyes had become so weak that they could not stand the strong light of the sun. They got up excitedly and began their old way of life again: some people went to the theatre and danced, some people went to the inn to ask for wine, and when they were drunk, they quarreled, and finally fought. The noise grew louder and louder, and finally reached heaven.

Saint Peter, who guarded the gate of heaven, thought that the lower world was rebellious, so he summoned heavenly soldiers and generals and asked them to defeat the demons if they invaded the heaven.

But no demon came, so he rode his horse through the gate of heaven and went down to earth. On earth, he told the dead to calm down, let them return to the tomb, took the moon from their hands, and hung it in the sky. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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