Where is the mythical Beihai? Address and location of Beihai

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In ancient myths and legends, China has four seas, namely the East China Sea, the West China Sea, the South China Sea and the North China Sea. These places all exist. Many friends don’t know where Beihai is. So today’s China story.com Xiaobian will bring you a detailed article. Let’s have a look.

Beihai is truly recorded in Chinese history, and the location of Beihai is different in different historical dynasties. Beihai first appeared in Chinese history books in the Han Dynasty. In the biography of Su Wu in the book of Han Dynasty, it is recorded that Beihai lies down, eats snow and Zhanmao, and never dies for several days. The Huns, who thought they were gods, moved to the North Sea of Wubei to make herdsmen. The milk, but to return. Other officials, such as Chang Hui, have their own places.


In fact, Su Wu was an envoy to the Xiongnu. After being detained by the Xiongnu, he herded sheep in Mobei. The Xiongnu thought Su Wu would starve to death if they didn’t give him food. Unexpectedly, Su Wu survived by eating snow and felt. The Huns thought Su Wu was a God, so they escorted him to a deserted place in the North Sea and asked him to graze rams. Only after rams gave birth to lambs can they come back. He escorted his entourage, Chang Hui and others, to another place.

According to the textual research, the North Sea where suwu herded sheep is actually Baikal Lake. Baikal Lake belonged to China in the Tang Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, and later it was assigned to tsarist Russia. It covers an area of 31500 square kilometers. According to the ancients, such a large lake can indeed be called the sea because it is boundless.

Lake Baikal is long and narrow, 636 kilometers long, 48 kilometers wide on average, and 79.4 kilometers wide at its widest point. It is like a curved moon embedded in the green mountains of eastern Siberia. Lake Baikal covers an area of about 31500 square kilometers, ranking eighth in the world. The total volume of Baikal Lake is 23600 cubic kilometers, accounting for one fifth of the total water storage of the global freshwater lake. It is the deepest and largest freshwater lake in the world.

The Beihai Lake in the Han Dynasty is Baikal Lake, but the Beihai Lake in the Yuan Dynasty is different. The territory of the Yuan Dynasty is very large. According to the records in Volume 58 of the history of the Yuan Dynasty: if the Yuan Dynasty, it will rise in the new desert, merge with the western regions, flatten the Western Xia, destroy the Nvzhen, have high officials, and set an imperial edict in the south, so it will go down to the south of the Yangtze River, and the world is one. Therefore, its land is beyond Yinshan in the north, quicksand in the west, Liao in the East, and Yue in the south. Gahan is 932 miles east-west and 13368 miles South-North.

According to historical records, the northern territory of the Yuan Dynasty included Baikal Lake, which belongs to lingbeixing province. To the east of lingbeixing province is Liaoyang province. The largest jurisdiction of Liaoyang province has been to the Arctic Ocean. However, in the map of the Yuan Dynasty, the North Sea is not the Arctic Ocean, but the sea of Okhotsk, that is, the sea area between Sakhalin Island and Kamchatka Peninsula.

The sea of Okhotsk is called the North sea not because it is to the east of Siberia, but to the north of Sakhalin Island and waixing’an mountains. It has been the territory of various dynasties in China for a long time. Therefore, after the Tang Dynasty, the sea of Okhotsk was called the North Sea for most of the time.

The North Sea is indeed located in the north of China, but it is not the Arctic Ocean. Whether it is the sea of Okhotsk or lake Baikal, it is frozen in winter. Therefore, in myth, the North Sea is also related to cold. For example, in the 77th chapter of journey to the west, several teachers and disciples suffered in the lion camel City, and put the Tang Monk teachers and disciples in the steamer. It was Sunwukong who asked the Dragon King of the North Sea to cool down, which saved him from suffering.


In Chechi state, Monkey King fried with Yangli Daxian. Yangli Daxian called lenglong, which made the hot oil pan not hot. So monkey king invited Beihai Dragon King to break the cold dragon, and Yangli Daxian died in the oil pan. From this, it can be seen that Beihai Dragon King was in charge of the cold, so Monkey King would ask Beihai Dragon King for help in case of cold.

Whether the North Sea is Lake Baikal or the sea of Okhotsk has nothing to do with modern China. Lake Baikal now belongs to Russia. Although the sea of Okhotsk is not entirely the internal sea of Russia, it is also the coastal area of Russia. I have to sigh at the sight of this reality. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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