Where is the Ukrainian “counter offensive”?

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Original: Shenpeng source: official account: heihara has been authorized to reprint

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has faded out of everyone’s view recently, but in fact, the war situation is undergoing major changes.

With the support of the Russian armed forces, Lugansk armed forces have completely controlled the city of northern Donetsk. Ukrainian officials confirmed that Ukrainian troops had “withdrawn” from northern Donetsk; The Ukrainian defense ministry criticized the dissemination of evacuation information without formal confirmation by the military.


At the beidun front, the Ukrainian Marine Corps officer interviewed said that his company was composed of 100% experienced professional soldiers, and up to now 80% of them have been killed or injured. With the loss of these experienced elites, the combat effectiveness of the Ukrainian army will become worse day by day.


Such an important outcome of the war has made netizens on an island panic, and they have angrily scolded “zeliansky actors are harming the country” and “I won’t work for the United States”




You see, this painting style is more objective and calm than some communities in China.

At the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Russia did not play beautifully.

The pig made a sudden advance, with high casualties, weapons and equipment thrown everywhere, and the Moscow sank This has given the “Jingwu” people on the Chinese Internet an illusion that Russia is really vulnerable to a single blow, and that “willful” will come to no good end, while the “international community” is united, and Russia’s defeat is only a matter of time.


Therefore, the war reports of Ukraine’s “great victory” were flying all over the world. There was no way to annihilate the enemy. The positions were “changed”. When Mariupol was surrounded, a group of people brushed “Mariupol is still there” every day; At the beginning of the Donbas war, a group of people planned the Donbas counter offensive every day Now Mariupol is gone, Donbas’ counter offensive is also out of sight, northern Donetsk is lost, Ukraine’s regular army veterans are exhausted and seriously downsized, so they have to “retreat” again.

In fact, Russia has never won any clean “big victory” in its history, and there is no magic “micro operation”. What they are best at is to fight bad wars and win bad debts. The worse, the better. The situation is not bad. They are not very good at fighting. Once they are bad, they will enter their advantageous fields. They can use their rich experience in bad wars to defeat most of their opponents.

In fact, it doesn’t make sense how many generals you killed, because field marshals and generals died casually in World War II.

It doesn’t make sense to destroy several tanks, shoot down several planes and sink several antique warships, because at their level, they will damage and destroy a lot This nation is not good at playing with strategies to fight immortal wars. They are better at recklessly hitting a bloody head, and then killing their opponents by doggedly fighting. Even the Soviet Union, when it seems that “I have the advantage”, often makes a mess to make people laugh; But when it looks very weak and “like a broken house with air leakage on all sides, it will collapse with one kick”, whoever kicks it will be unlucky Hitler had already done it.

Some people say that fighting a war means fighting the economy. You think that the economy is the dollar, that is, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, apple mobile phone, nike shoes In fact, the wartime economy is to have enough to eat, burn with oil, and not be cold and hungry. The real economy is actually oil, coal, steel, wheat, wood NATO is shouting sanctions against Russia every day. What has been sanctioned? Sanctions forced Russia to force European countries to settle natural gas in rubles? The ruble of sanctions has become a financial product?


Some people talk about “a just cause has more help than an unjust cause”, and what they say is “retrograde”. What I see is that more countries still have frequent trade exchanges with Russia. The mysterious Eastern powers have been buying Russian energy and resources and providing light industrial products. On the contrary, under the “great assistance” of the west, Ukraine lost again and again, lost a large area of land, and continued to turn around carrying boundary markers After a while, I’m afraid the value of the united front will not be mixed up.



In fact, the worse the fight, the better. The longer it takes, the better. It would be fair to drag both NATO and the United States off the battlefield and roll in the mud on the Great Plains of Ukraine.

I won’t laugh at the Ukrainians if they fight like this.

Ukraine is a created country, all its territory comes from the “gift” of Russia, all its legitimacy comes from the Soviet Union that defeated fascism, and it is also a fragile country that was cheated, betrayed and disarmed by both the East and the West in the drastic changes in the Soviet Union and East Asia.

The strength of the whole Ukrainian country was exhausted in the color revolution in 2004 and the Ukrainian civil war in 2014. The Red Army and revolutionary tradition were abandoned. The professional army with a glorious history was disbanded and insulted. Fascism rose up. The right-wing populists coerced politics, and carried out a long-term military strike and genocide against the Russian people in eastern Ukraine This country has long been torn apart. Dongwu industrial zone cannot provide productivity for the country, and “European farm” has become a “European womb” Ukraine is actually just a geographical concept.

Ukrainians have every reason to choose. Some people are pro Russian, some are pro western, some miss the Soviet Union, some miss the white bandit army, and even some are spiritual fascists. It is difficult for a country to unify its thinking. Even in China, some people miss the KMT, and some people wash the land for the rural groups Everyone’s ass decides his head.

It is ZELINSKY, the actor, and the Ukrainian government who should be laughed at; What should be laughed at is Europe, which has vowed to help Ukraine but can not cut off the Russian spirit; It is NATO that announced “severe sanctions against Russia”, but did not dare to end up; It is the United States that boasts about the “lease act” and actually sends goose feathers thousands of miles away.

They are those schizophrenic patients who are obviously beautiful, strong minded and Anti China, but pretend to “love peace, oppose war and support Ukraine”.

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