Where is Xing Tian’s head? What should Xingtian do if he loses his head?

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Hello, everyone. Speaking of Xing Tian, you must have heard of him.

There are always various characters in myths and legends, and these characters always have very strange places, either in appearance or character. In ancient legends, there was such a “freak” at the level of “God of war”. He had no head, but he could still take up arms and fight constantly. This is really amazing, and the man who has no head but can still fight is Xing Tian. His image often appears in various game works. Then, who cut off Xing Tian’s head?


??1. Where is Xingtian’s head

Xingtian’s head was cut off by the Yellow Emperor, and Xingtian himself was a great general of the Yan Emperor. It sounds strange. Isn’t Yandi and Huangdi partners? Why did the Yellow Emperor attack Xing Tian? In the book of mountains and seas, it is said that “Xing Tian and the emperor fight for God here”. It is relatively simple. In fact, under the premise that Xing Tian is under the control of Emperor Yan, there are two possibilities to fight with the Yellow Emperor. One is to be instructed, and the other is to take revenge.


There was indeed a battle between the Yan Emperor and the Yellow Emperor. That was the battle of banquan. This battle ended in the failure of Yan Emperor, but Yan Emperor’s son and his subordinates refused. After the Yellow Emperor killed Chiyou, Xing Tian couldn’t help but sneak up to the Yellow Emperor to compete with him. The Yellow Emperor can defeat the Yan Emperor and kill Chiyou. Naturally, he is not a vegetarian. He also takes up arms to fight with Xing Tian. Xing Tian was still too young in front of the Yellow Emperor. He cut off his head if he wasn’t careful.

??2. What about the headless Xingtian

However, this is a fairy tale after all. It doesn’t exist in reality. Everything is possible in the myth. No head is nothing for Xing Tianda, because he still has a body. Xing Tian’s body squatted down to find his head. However, the Yellow Emperor worried that he would have to fight again after looking back, so he buried Xing Tian’s head in Changyang mountain. Xing Tian’s body had no eyes and could not see these, but he could feel these changes, so a new Xing Tian was born.

“Taking the breast as the eye, the navel as the mouth, and performing dry Qi and dance”, the two nipples are used as glasses and the navel as the mouth. In this way, there is no obstacle without a head. Xing Tian, who has been reborn, continues to stand up against the Yellow Emperor. This is also a point that TaoYuanming later admired Xing Tian: “Xing Tian dances dry Qi, and his fierce ambition is always there.” As for the Yellow Emperor, there is a legend that he was afraid and admired because he saw the fighting spirit of Xing Tian, so he slipped back, leaving Xing Tian alone still waving weapons in the fight.


??3. Other legends of Xing Tian

There are legends about Xing Tian and other versions. The popularity of this version is not high. Let’s talk about it as an extension. It is said that Xing Tian and several other warriors were sent to subdue a man eating monster, but the monster was so powerful that only two warriors were left, one of them was Xing Tian. However, another man wanted to take the credit alone, so he killed Xing Tian and hid his head in the mountains. Xing Tian could not bear such humiliation. He also took the breast as his eyes and the navel as his mouth and returned to his tribe.

After returning, Xing Tian killed his enemy, but when he wanted to explain to others, no one believed him. Moreover, seeing such Xing Tian, they thought he was a monster and attacked him. Xing Tian had no choice but to escape. He was looking for his head day and night. Once he saw human beings, he would hate to kill him. This kind of punishment is also somewhat sad. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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