Where on earth is Gu ailing from?

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s horizon (id:hooyar_380097485)

In fact, Gu Ailing is very honest. People made it very clear to the media that he is an American in the United States and a Chinese in China.

There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that Chinese law does not recognize dual nationality, but as a world-class elite, you can sing: my Chinese heart.

For a while, I turned on Tiktok and pushed a bunch of foreigners to me every day. They all said that I love China, and then suddenly there was traffic blessing, making a lot of money.

As for whether this international friend really loves China, I can’t go into his heart to see, but I think he must love RMB very much, and this love has been responded to.

Gu Ailing is just an enhanced version of this kind of foreign friend. People have a clear idea of which mountain to sing. Obviously, helping the Chinese team win the gold medal is to maximize their comprehensive income.

Although American sports stars make a lot of money, it is really difficult for Miss Gu to give her too much excess return in this event. How many Americans will care who won the gold medal?

But she said she loved China, and then she was such a big beautiful girl of mixed race who won two gold medals in the Beijing Winter Olympics. The publicity value and commercial value were achieved at once.

With the great popularity of China, even the gala in the fashion circle can participate in it. If it is only an American Chinese athlete, can you go? Let alone during this period of time, various business activities and endorsements have even got cramps in their hands, and they have been on top of each other for several generations.

Considering only the maximization of personal and commercial interests, Miss Gu is fine. Self-interest is not her fault.

However, it is very troublesome to ride on the wall in terms of nationality. If you are Chinese in China and American in the United States, who are you outside China and the United States? Choose to be a person? This wave hurt the feelings of runren people. After they got their foreign hukou, runren people were deprived of their Chinese nationality. Some people tried to muddle through the customs. They were found at the customs exit and entry, so they were cut off their Chinese passports. Others ran to social media to make a fuss, trying to keep pace.

As soon as the Gu ailing incident occurred, it immediately triggered the collective anger of the runren people. The runren people were the first to be rushed.

We all want the same benefits. Why can you take advantage of me?

The strongest power in the world is envy, jealousy and hatred. So who is the most excited about Miss Gu’s nationality? Let’s think about it.

But ordinary people were also hurt a little, because in the face of a wave of publicity, they automatically substituted the deeds of scientists of the older generation like Qian Xuesen directly into the little girl, so Gu ailing automatically had countless imaginary auras.

There are so many people who have won the championship. Why does Gu ailing love the attention and commercial value most, because she has stacked a lot of buffs.

In fact, she has never cheated anyone. It’s just that everyone likes to cheat themselves. Then there are a lot of hot media, or they join together to hype. As a result, the aura is getting bigger and bigger, and it’s a bit embarrassing.

At the time of the most serious outbreak in Beijing, the family took a private plane with their whole family and returned to their hometown in the United States.

The United States allows dual citizenship. The United States is the common country of the world’s elite. As long as you are elite enough, you can definitely enjoy all the benefits brought by capital when you go to the United States. Your property automatically belongs to the United States. It doesn’t matter where you become an elite in the world. As long as you have American citizenship, you have to pay taxes honestly to the U.S. tax bureau.

How many red necks can an elite with dual citizenship make for the United States? How much money can you feed those who are keen on buying zero yuan?

Why does the United States refuse?

We have seen the recent exposure of the drug teaching material incident. Many people who don’t even have American passports and have always held great benefits from China. The big guys in the system can even give the hint to Americans from the spirit without reservation. What would happen if they had dual citizenship?

Why is it that every time something is done in the United States, countless countries immediately have no brain to respond? Even if the US emperor makes it clear that he is letting you suffer, are the elites in these countries so stupid that they can’t even tell right from wrong?

No, the ass decides the head.

Take Ukraine for example. If you look at the Ukrainian cabinet, there are a lot of returning elites with American passports. Can they not listen to the United States? In the accounts of Ukrainian tycoons, they are all dollars. Dare you say no?

Since the war between Russia and Ukraine, why did a bunch of Russian elites run away? Don’t they love Russia? If there is no conflict of interests, of course, you can say all kinds of beautiful things. But now that Russia and the United States have reached an impasse, if both sides look at it, their interests will be frustrated.

Abul, such a rich man, could not be completely cut off from Russia. Even if he took an Israeli passport, he was still greedily hunted for wealth by countries all over the world.

Do you think Europe and the United States are really interested in Abu’s family property? No, no, no, it’s called learning from past mistakes and avoiding future mistakes. Hang street lamps to show to the public those rich people who have not completely surrendered to Europe and the United States. Incomplete surrender is tantamount to guilt. You can see what you should do.

At present, China is not the largest country in the world. Even if its GDP exceeds that of the United States, our social system is there. Common prosperity is not in vain. For many elites, you talk to them about banning disorderly capital expansion and giving consideration to fairness. This is a matter of personal life. Where can there be more benefits from blowing the “American Dream” every day?

But China is rising. Where is the huge market? Do you want the elites to give up? This is more difficult than killing them. Is China’s business environment good? You can just ask musk, or go to India to visit the following multinational companies that have been fooled into being cheated.

Loving China is an honest expression of respecting interests and reality.

Before trump became president of the United States, he loved China very much and registered a company in China to earn some RMB. Trump not only loved China himself, but also made his little granddaughter love China. He learned Chinese at a young age and recited Tang poetry.

Biden also loves China. His son Hunter Biden’s company in Shanghai also helped the Chinese enterprise Luoyang molybdenum industry to purchase the cobalt mine in Congo. Because the United States believes that China’s purchase of cobalt, a strategic resource, has harmed the interests of the United States, Biden stepped forward and took advantage of his father’s power as vice president at that time to complete such a purchase. It’s really a kind help. Can it not be called love?

Well, if you want to say that this is about little Biden, it has nothing to do with old Biden. Hehe, it’s the playboy who doesn’t need the old face of dad. Who cares? So you think it’s Biden Jr?

Up to now, I believe that Americans love China, but the way of love may be a little unacceptable.

If they don’t love China, why do they buy Chinese goods every day?

Well, you or say, you were forced to buy Chinese goods. You bullied me and bullied me. President Wen read too little. You said no. being honest is the deepest love.

But when it comes to the competition between countries, when China’s rise will harm their free harvest of the interests of the world, and when it wants to make decisions on behalf of the United States, what will they do?

Trump launched a trade war. No matter what problems the United States has, it immediately throws the pot on China. Can you say that President trump loves China?

Within a few days of taking office, Biden began to plot various small moves around China. What is the purpose of his trip to East Asia? Who are you demonstrating against in any military exercise? Can you say he loves China?

The American media have reached a consensus that as long as there is news about China, the good news will be blocked, and the bad news will be broadcast immediately. If there are not so many bad news, it will be fabricated by itself.

Under their long-term propaganda, even children would say in TV programs that if they owe China a lot of money, kill them and so on. For this, one of us, Ms. Fang, thought that was a good point.

The China they love is a China that accepts the abuse, works honestly to provide cheap goods, and lies down as Rua without complaint.

The elites belong to the whole world. The elites have no country. Because globalization can bring him the most benefits, his ass must be in the United States, which controls finance in globalization. Finance cannot produce wealth, but it can transfer wealth efficiently. What people want is to transfer wealth.

So most elites, or those who call themselves elites, link their own interests to the interests of the United States, or not to the interests of the United States, but also to the values represented by the United States.

In their view, it is normal for the United States to think about Rua and PUA. It also represents their emotional harvest.

But for ordinary people, we can’t agree with them. People finally began to find that they are ordinary people and can’t become elites in their life. They can only live the life of ordinary people. After disillusionment, they found that many things shouldn’t be like that.

When elites deliberately play the game of class solidification, you can’t blame the common people for waking up early.

So now the society is very disgusted with the behavior of enriching people and taking benefits everywhere, and also coming here to fight against PUA.

Do you still remember how one of Mr. Ali’s vice presidents, Gao Hua, made roast on social media after running away from the epidemic in Shanghai?

When you went to Baidu people’s home, you thought that they came back to feed weak Chinese science and technology only after their patriotism broke out. When they boasted, they said that at the critical moment, the fox’s tail was exposed. The hometown of Gaohua elites is the United States.

A person who grew up in China and took root in China can identify with many Chinese policies emotionally, such as the anti epidemic policy that Gaohua elites particularly hate, but the general public knows that we ordinary people can’t get an expert number to see a doctor. What if we let medical resources run? This is what the elites scoff at because they have a lot of money and resources and can always find someone willing to serve them.

When the epidemic was at its worst, the corpses in New York, the United States, could not be put down, so they had to be put in refrigerated trucks. Ordinary people were thrown out of the hospital to survive. However, the rich also had the best private hospital services.

So, don’t talk about empathy. The huge basic conditions are there. How can ordinary people and elites empathize?

I remember when I was a child, I paid special attention to the Olympic Games and the number of medals in the Olympic Games. If an athlete played badly, he would immediately be scolded by the people of the whole country.

Have you found that people pay less and less attention to the Olympic Games? We can also tolerate the mistakes of athletes, but pay more attention to the spirit of sports reflected in the competition?

Why do you think this is? In the past, China’s reform and opening-up policy just got in touch with the world. It was always trying to make others look up to it. Economically, it was not good. Sports were also good.

Now that China has firmly established itself as a world economic power, its people are becoming more and more big country minded. We don’t care so much about other people’s comments.

Does it matter to us whether a foreigner loves China or not?

But still, in a bad public opinion environment, we always have to break through. The elite media in Europe and the United States also have to eat. We might as well let them have a look. We really value China and the benefits of being long in China.

The greatest characteristic of the elite is that they are extremely self interested. Only when they are strong enough to break the financial hegemony of the US dollar will their motherland be completely transformed.

Before that, why be naive?

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