Which aspects does empress earth, the fourth of the four emperors, mainly control?

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Which aspects does empress earth, the fourth of the four emperors, mainly control? In Taoism, it is in charge of yin and Yang and nurtures all things, so it is also called the mother of the earth. The following is a brief introduction to the relevant contents in detail.

Empress Houtu is the goddess who is in charge of the fertility of yin and Yang, the beauty of all things and the earth and mountains. The name of Houtu began in the spring and Autumn period, but her identity came from a variety of views, such as human name, official name, God name and so on.

In the myth of Taoist system in China, the empress earth is one of the four emperors. The Jade Emperor is in charge of heaven and is the God. The empress earth is in charge of the earth and is the mother earth.

In the hearts of the people, empress Houtu is the protector of agriculture and the God of the earth because she is in charge of Yin-Yang fertility and the earth.

The so-called heaven was born and earth was raised, so the etiquette of worshiping heaven and earth was formed.


The earth is vast and boundless. The power of the earth is infinite. The earth is pregnant with and loaded with all things. It is the root of survival. Therefore, people worship empress Houtu very much.

In the history of our country, the sacrificial ceremony for Empress Houtu was often held. The important thing is that the emperor often presided over it in person, which shows her position in people’s hearts.

In ancient times, Houtu was also honored as a community God (the community God is also the land God. In ancient times, both the land God and the place where the land God was worshipped were called community. In Chinese folk customs, people would establish a community to worship the land God every sowing or harvest season. Because the ancients believed that the earth produced everything and was the foundation of survival, the land God was a god worshipped by people). In the late Zhou Dynasty, empress earth and the Yellow Emperor were both gods of the central government.

The Houtu temple built in the Han Dynasty is the assistant God of the Yellow Emperor. There is a saying that “the emperor is heaven and the emperor is earth”.

According to the records in the book of rites, Jiao teshou:

“The earth carries all things, the heaven shows the scene, takes materials from the earth, and takes methods from the heaven. Therefore, it respects the heaven and is close to the earth. Therefore, it educates the people to be kind and repay.”.

What is recorded here is very simple. The reason why we respect the earth is that the earth carries and nurtures all things, so we respect the earth.

Houtu Madonna temple is located in Shanxi Province. Dianshan Temple faces south. It is an ancient temple complex of the Ming Dynasty. There are three groups of statues in the main hall, a total of 13. In the middle is the seated statue of the virgin of Houtu. On the East and west sides are the seated statues of the virgin of Jiutian and the virgin of Shiling, which are 1.16 meters, 1.1 meters and 1.2 meters high respectively. On both sides of the virgin, there are two standing statues of maidens with a height of 0.82 meters. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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