Which dynasty was lancaihe from? How did lancaihe, one of the eight immortals, become an immortal?

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Which dynasty was lancaihe from? How did lancaihe, one of the eight immortals, become an immortal? This is a problem that many readers are concerned about. Next, China story net will work with you to learn about it and give you a reference.

Among the eight immortals, LAN Caihe has the lowest social status and the most ordinary people. There is a lack of accurate information about his name and life experience. In the Qing Dynasty, some people even thought that Lan Caihe was just a Qupai name.


It is recorded in this work that Lan Caihe and people who do not know where he is. He often wears ragged clothes, with one foot in boots and the other barefoot. In summer, I wear thick cotton padded clothes in my long gown, but in winter, I lie in the ice and snow, and my breath is like steam. He often sang TA TA songs in Chang’an city. The lyrics were mostly fairy stories. On the street, he took pictures with more than three feet in his hands and sang when drunk. People came to see him sing. He seemed crazy when he sang, but he wasn’t. The lyrics are written casually, and the song is full of immortality and unpredictable. He often put the money he got on a rope and dragged it along. Even if it fell, he didn’t look back to pick it up. His money was sometimes given to the poor and sometimes spent in wine shops. Some people saw him as a child, but when they saw him again when they were old, they found that he looked exactly the same as before. Later, someone saw him drunk in the restaurant and heard the sound of Sheng Xiao. Suddenly, he flew into the sky on a crane. He threw down his boots, clothes, belt and clapping, and slowly went up into the sky.

The complete poems of the Tang Dynasty records a poem named “Ta Ge” by LAN Caihe:


The world can be geometric when the songs are blue and harmonious.

The beauty of three spring trees, the fleeting time throws the shuttle.

The ancient gangsters never return, but more people come today.

Riding a phoenix and a phoenix to Biluo in the morning, I see a mulberry field with white waves in the evening.

The bright light of the long scene is in the sky, and the gold and Silver Palace is high and steep.

Luyou said in the book of the Southern Tang Dynasty that he was a recluse at the end of the Tang Dynasty, and that the song of gathering and holding the board and stepping on the steps was the work of Chen Tao, a recluse of the Tang Dynasty. Therefore, some people think that Chen Tao is lancaihe.

Based on these anecdotes, some people in the Yuan Dynasty wrote many dramas, such as LAN CAI and Suo Xin Ji Yi Ma, Han Zhong Li Du Tuo LAN Cai he, and LAN CAI and Chang’an farce. In Yuan zaju, it is said that Lan Caihe’s surname is Xu Mingjian, the word is Botong, and LAN Caihe is his musical name. In history, Xu Jianli was a man, and his poems were collected in the whole Tang poetry. Therefore, we can probably judge that Lan Caihe should be a Tang Dynasty man. In Yuan opera, LAN Caihe sang in Gou LAN. When he was 50 years old, he made a mistake in his official position. He was beaten 40 times by the government. Later, he was led to immortality by Zhong Liquan. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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