Which five immortals are the five immortals in the Northeast? Are the five immortals in the Northeast powerful?

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Which five immortals are the five immortals in the Northeast? Are the five immortals in the Northeast powerful? The five immortals include “fox, yellow, white, willow and grey”, corresponding to fox, weasel, hedgehog, snake and mouse respectively. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

Due to the folk worship of living beings, it gradually evolved into a powerful demon fairy. It is generally believed that the five immortals are both demons and immortals. If they are worshipped, their families will be protected; On the contrary, if they are offended, they will also be retaliated.

Fox Fairy

Fox, called fox fairy by the people, is the most well-known spirit. The records of the Nine Tailed Fox in the book of mountains and seas are very clear, and it is included in the four auspicious omens. But in the folk, the records of fox immortals are different. “Youyang Zazu” records: “in the old saying, wild foxes are named purple foxes. When they hit the tail and fire out at night, they will become monsters. They will wear skulls to worship the Big Dipper. If the skulls do not fall, they will become human beings.” it tells us how foxes need to transform people. And “the fox has a beautiful pearl in his mouth. If he can get it, he will be loved by the world” shows that the fox will turn into a beautiful woman to confuse people’s minds. In addition, the legend of the fox getting married is also handed down by the older generation. It is said that in the depths of the woods where the sun is raining, children will see a wedding procession beating gongs and drums. All of them are wearing red wedding clothes. But if someone looks back and looks at the child, all they see is a fox face. In the list of gods, it is described that when Daji was born, the fox carried the bridal gift of the bridal sedan chair and came all the way to marry her.


The Yellow fairy is known as the weasel. Its scientific name is weasel. It is also jokingly called “yellow skin” in the folk. Its mystery is mainly manifested in its ability to control people’s spirit, which is the folk saying of “Wong Tai Sin upper body”. Once someone provoked Wong Tai Sin, the family members would be as if they were suffering from hysteria, crying and talking nonsense. Moreover, the possessed people will talk about Huang Daxian’s own experience, as if they had come to revenge for her life. In fact, this statement is too exaggerated and mysterious. Modern science has shown that weasels can release gland fluid when in danger. This gland fluid has a hallucinogenic effect and can cause nervous system disorders in a short time. Therefore, people who inhale this gland fluid will be like “possessed”.


For “Wong Tai Sin”, another very interesting story is the robbery of adults. Of course, the robbery here is not the same as that of Yehua and Bai Qian. It is said that when a weasel reaches a certain age, he can spit out human words and imitate human behavior. At this time, it will find a small hat, wear human clothes, and take a branch as a crutch. When it meets passers-by, it will open its mouth and ask, “what do you think I look like?” If a passer-by answers, “you look like a man!” Then the weasel can successfully turn people into immortals; If the answer is like something else, you have to continue to practice. Of course, passers-by who answers wrong will be miserable and may suffer from the crazy revenge of Wong Tai Sin. In the book of mountains and seas, the animal similar to the yellow weasel is named as Wei Wei. According to the opening chapter of the Nanshan Sutra, “magpie mountain is first called the flamboyant mountain, which is near the West Sea… There are animals. It looks like Yu with white ears. People walk on it. Its name is Pang Pang, which is good at eating.” That’s it. Modern scholars say that this creature may be a ferret. It can be seen that weasels have a long history.


The third “white fairy” is the hedgehog. Nowadays, the countless hedgehog videos on station B really make our immortal look shameless, but it doesn’t affect his status as an old man. I wonder if it feels that human believers are serving it? People have different opinions about Bai Xian, but most people regard it as a symbol of disease prevention and disaster prevention. It is said that Bai Xian, the incarnation of Bai Xian in the world, is an old lady. She is proficient in witchcraft and can cure all diseases. Here I would like to add a little knowledge to you. The incarnation of earth immortals in the world is called “Ma Xian”. Such people will be selected as disciples by the earth immortals, and then they will act as a medium for immortals to communicate with people. The earth immortals will communicate with people by attaching themselves to them. Although there is no direct description of hedgehogs in the book of mountains and seas, a powerful beast seems to be a close relative of hedgehogs. According to the mountain and sea Sutra – Western Mountain Sutra: “there are animals on the (Jiashan) mountain. They look like cattle and have hairy stomachs. They are called poor and strange. They are cannibals.” Ying, GuoPu Zhuyin GUI; Stomach, same hedgehog, hedgehog. From the description of poor Qi’s appearance, it may be a hedgehog plus that looks like a cow but has a hedgehog needle!

Liu Xian

Liu Xian is the snake fairy. The worship of snake god comes from ancient times. In the book of mountains and seas, there are a wide variety of snakes, whether they are immortals or fierce beasts. Xiang Liu, the snake monster killed by Dayu, also proved the nickname of Liu. It is said that Fuxi and Nuwa, the great gods of ancient times, were both human heads and snake bodies. The snake is considered to be the embodiment of the dragon and included in the twelve zodiac signs. It can be seen that the status of the snake is very high among the ancestors. However, some snakes are also deadly, so there are some stories about snake demons among the people. In short, if you encounter snakes in the wild, you’d better hide far away.

Grey Fairy


The last grey fairy is a mouse with a bad reputation. Although modern science has confirmed that rats can spread a variety of diseases, and it is listed as one of the four pests. But the traditional worship of grey immortals is also very particular. Mice are regarded as a symbol of wisdom because they are ambushed in the daytime and emerge at night. Therefore, grey immortals have the ability to predict the future and determine good or bad luck. In many film and television works, the image of grey fairy is also a fortune teller with small round sunglasses and bamboo sticks. In addition, rats often appear in barns, and grey immortals are worshipped as warehouse gods in some areas. In the book of mountains and seas, there are records of several rodent species. Among them, “ear rat” has huge ears and is immune to all poisons; The flying rat has no wings, but can fly freely in the trees, because it is the adorable honey glider of the whole network; Another kind of “Yu bird”, which looks like a mouse but has wings, is small but invulnerable. It can be seen from these records that the cognition of rats in ancient times seemed to stay on the positive side. As the first of the twelve zodiac animals, the rat must have an irreplaceable position in people’s beliefs. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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