Which goddess in the book of mountains and seas is in charge of beauty? Whose daughter is this goddess?

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Do you know who is the goddess in charge of beauty in the classic of mountains and seas? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, China story network editor tells you.

In ancient times, among the descendants of emperor Zhuanxu, there was a very poor girl named Zhuanhe. Since her birth, Zhuanhe’s father had died early, and her mother had to bear hardships to bring her up. I thought the tragedy was over, but I didn’t expect Zhuanhe and his mother to meet a fairy when they went out to play. He looked at Zhuanhe, sighed, looked at her mother, and sighed again. Zhuanhe hurriedly asked the immortal what he saw. The immortal looked grim and spit out two words “no life”.


It turned out that after Zhuanhe’s father died, he unfortunately did not stay away from this family. No matter the mother whose hair has been gray or Zhuan he who is still in the period of green girls, he has no appearance of longevity. Like everyone else, Zhuan he, who was still in the mood for age, was very afraid of death. She didn’t want her life to pass like this, so she ran to Xianshan and began to learn the art of cultivating immortals.

Over the past few years, Zhuanhe’s practice has made great progress. She walked into the water in a long skirt, and every drop of the river was obediently avoided as if she were human. In the winter with goose feather and heavy snow, Zhuan he also wore a thin skirt without changing his complexion. Some people bullied their orphan and widowed mother and came to provoke them. Zhuanhe took his time and moved the other party thousands of miles away with a gentle touch of his finger.

Cultivating immortals is not an easy thing. When Zhuanhe mastered 36 kinds of magic, she was already gray haired. Although people around envy her magic power, they will still make fun of her life in vain. Zhuanhe didn’t take these gossip to heart. She smiled and turned away.

The next day, when Zhuanhe went out, people saw a wisp of green silk on her head. In another day, there is another wisp of green silk. Did Zhuanhe practice rejuvenation? In people’s speculation, Zhuanhe’s white hair turned green, and his face became young day by day, like a 17-year-old girl. On a calm day, Zhuanhe finished dressing up and came to a wilderness. In full view of the public, she became an immortal.


No one knows what Zhuan and Chengxian are in charge of. But some girls who saw her beauty recover with their own eyes had other thoughts. They quietly worship Zhuanhe, hoping that their faces will be young and beautiful forever. Over time, Zhuanhe became the goddess in charge of beauty.

The Zhuan surname is rare, but it is a direct descendant of the ancient emperor Zhuanxu. In thousands of years, the descendants of emperor Zhuanxu developed into four clans, namely, Lu Zhong clan, Boyi clan, Shun clan and Yu clan. Therefore, Cao, Chai, Peng, Huang, Luo, pan, Li, Chen, sun and Deng, which are common today, are all descendants of the Chinese and American gods in the ancient book of mountains and seas. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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