Which immortal is Sigu Xingjun? Why is rhinoceros afraid of SIMU Xingjun?

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For those who are interested in the journey to the west, the editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

When it comes to rhinoceros essence, the Xiaobian thinks that these are really not powerful. However, Sun Wukong can’t beat them, and he was really beaten to the core. Fortunately, Sun Wukong moved to rescue the soldiers, and was finally rescued by the Four Eyed star. The Four Eyed star was able to defeat the rhinoceros essence. So why is this rhinoceros essence afraid of the four Jupiter? Now we might as well take a look at this issue together!

In the 92nd episode of journey to the west, the Tang Monk mistakenly regarded three rhinoceros as deities to worship when he was watching lanterns on the new year’s Eve in Jinping Prefecture, so he was caught in the cave by three rhinoceros. The three brothers of Wukong master found the Xuanying cave of the rhinoceros. However, because they were defeated, Bajie and Sha monk were caught. Wukong had to go to the heaven palace to ask for help.

Taibai Jinxing said: if I want to take him, I’ll just fall in love with the four wooden birds.

The four wood bird star is one of the 28 stars. As we all know, the 28 stars are not Wukong’s opponents at all. But why can the four wood bird star subdue the rhinoceros spirit that Wukong can’t beat?

It turns out that this is related to the five elements theory in ancient China. The three rhinoceros spirits belong to the earth, and can control water, so they steal the lamp oil. Earth can produce gold, so it can become a golden Buddha and confuse all living beings. Wukong can’t beat goblins because Jin is born in the earth and is the younger generation of goblins; Although Bajie is a wood and can conquer the soil, it is difficult to conquer the three soils alone; Sha Wujing is a kind of earth, which is similar to goblins and can not be overcome.

Wukong invited four Jupiter from heaven – jingmuyu, jiaomujiao, doumuyu and kuitung – to subdue demons in the lower world. Wood can conquer the earth, so he drove three rhinoceros spirits to the sea. Rhinoceros soil can conquer water and produce gold, so it has to run to the West Sea. Doumuyu and kuimu wolf are land animals, so they clean up the goblins in the cave; Jingmu Jiao and JiaoMu Jiao are water creatures, so they went straight to the sea to chase three rhinoceros spirits.


Ao Shun, the Dragon King of the West Sea, heard that sun Dasheng and ER Tianxing were chasing three rhinoceros, so he ordered the prince mo’ang to call the sailors and besiege the goblins. The well wooden dog is the most powerful. The word “dog” is from “dog” to “dry”. The dog belongs to the dog’s soil, and it is the dog that can dry the soil. Therefore, when the well wooden dog catches the cold rhinoceros, it bites the cold rhinoceros to death, and then grabs the ear of the hot rhinoceros and catches it.

Therefore, the four wood bird star can subdue the three rhinoceros spirits that Wukong cannot fight. This is also the legendary “one thing drops one thing”. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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