Which is more important, law or morality?

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In the first episode of 1566 of the Ming Dynasty, the cabinet calculates accounts, and the national treasury cannot make ends meet. As the chief assistant of the cabinet, Yan Song tried to make up for the deficiency and decided to increase the export of silk, which was the background of changing rice into mulberry.

Shenzong asked: what do farmers who change their mulberry fields eat?

Mr. Yan replied that the grain in Zhejiang has always been transferred from other provinces every year, and this year we can do the same.

Shenzong asked: the grain transferred from other provinces must be more expensive than their own. Are the mulberry farmers in Zhejiang willing?

Mr. Yan continued to answer: the yield of mulberry per mu is higher than that of rice. There must be no problem.

After the change from rice to mulberry, the national export increased, the income of the people who planted mulberry trees in Zhejiang increased, and the income of the people who sold grain in other provinces increased. From the starting point, there is no problem in changing rice to mulberry. From Jiajing to the cabinet, they also agreed to this plan.

As Shen Yishi committed suicide, yangjinshui pretended to be crazy, zhengbichang and hemaocai beheaded, Gao Hanwen dismissed him, and the policy of changing rice to mulberry was completely aborted.

Why did something that could have been “beneficial to the country and the people” end up like this?


Today, let’s talk about: which is more important, morality or law?

There are many reasons why “changing rice into mulberry” failed. However, one of the direct triggers is that a “small group” wants to take advantage of the overall situation to develop its own “small abacus”.

Ma Ningyuan, Zheng Bichang and he maocai, together with yangjinshui and Shen Yishi, have made a joint effort:

On the one hand, they purchased a large amount of grain from other provinces and prepared a large amount of cash. This seems to prevent farmers

After changing rice to mulberry, there was no rice to eat.

On the one hand, they did not advance according to the requirements of normal work. Instead, they kept delaying until the people had planted rice. Only then did they start to step on the young crops and destroy the levees and flood the fields, until people’s complaints were boiling.


Seriously, the goals and results of these two aspects are diametrically opposite. Are they schizophrenic?

No, because once there is no harvest this year, people will have to sell their land in exchange for food. This small group can start to “save the market”, take the opportunity to buy a large amount of land cheaply and sell a large amount of food at a high price. At the same time, because of land acquisition, if the harvest this year is lost, it will be changed from rice to mulberry.

Moreover, the “risk” of such a thing seems very small, because after all, this group of people did not “break the law” at the beginning, but were “immoral” at most. They didn’t “do anything”, but just “didn’t do anything”:

Just didn’t inform the farmers in time

Just didn’t explain in time

Just didn’t make compensation in time

They don’t need to do anything, just don’t need to do anything, they can quietly “beat” their little abacus.


In their eyes, such actions,

1? On the one hand, there is no violation of the law and the overall situation will exert pressure

2? Outstanding completion of tasks assigned by superior leaders

3? I took this opportunity to complete my accumulation and profit sharing

Kill more with one stone, why not?

If you ask who has lost?

“I can only suffer a little more.”


The more things and people I have seen over the years, the more I have discovered a magical phenomenon.

Most people in the world want to make money by making efforts to make things successful, making big increments together, and making money by virtue of integrity and intelligence.

There are those people in the world who want to make money by trying to screw things up, robbing others of their stock, and making money by virtue of immorality and irregularity.

Such things happened not only in the Ming Dynasty, but also in modern times.

Recently, “Zhengzhou” has become a popular online City, but this “red” is not something to be proud of.

Where is “red”? One is “red code” and the other is “red flag”. “Red code” is clear to everyone. It has been preliminarily handled recently, so I won’t repeat it. Today we mainly talk about “red flag”.


“Red flag” refers to “Cui red flag” and “red flag brother”. “Brother red flag” has become famous for a long time. No one knows it in the small circle. Some people turn pale when talking about “red”, and many people lose their wealth because of “red”.

When baidu searches “red flag”, there will be hot topics such as “mangrove trap”, “high price mediation book routine loan”, “the black hand behind the shareholder dispute of talent placement project” and so on.

Recently, he became famous because he “helped” Zhengzhou “innovate” the “talent introduction” method, that is, the so-called “uncompleted residential flats bind talents”.


In order to make the most profit from this “real estate project introduced by talents”, we would rather stop the project than return the misappropriated funds. We would rather have a lawsuit than kick out our partners. We would rather have nearly a thousand talents introduced from Zhengzhou homeless than cooperate with the government.

What he relied on was that the “talent introduction trap” was becoming more and more popular, and the government could not afford to delay it; With the bank interest increasing day by day, the partners can not afford to delay, the project is forced to shut down, and the buyers can not afford to delay. And because others can’t afford it, and he can afford it, he charges too much

A series of reports about him have been deeply excavated for a long time. Interested partners can search them. Whether he has the energy beyond ordinary people’s imagination in the real estate, financial and judicial circles, or he can easily operate the land of state-owned enterprise restructuring from tens of millions of steep variables to billions, it makes the bystanders feel “this is OK?”


These specific cases will not be repeated one by one. What is more interesting is that the “red flag brother” seems to be what he said above: he messed up things by working hard,

And make money.

Since the earliest boiler plant was poorly managed and messed up, it was able to go bankrupt and restructure at a low price to purchase overall assets and then carry out land operation; After investing in mangrove project partners, they fail to invest and do not quit, thus dragging down the loans to crush the partners and seize equity; By lending 20million yuan to the other party, the other party was unable to get in touch with the other party and made a mess, thus confiscating the other party’s hundreds of millions of assets and forcing the other party to pay high interest rates

It can be seen that the “red flag brother” has messed up a lot along the way. If you want to say which law he has violated, there may be no “solid” evidence, but to be honest, the money is getting more and more

He is very smart and knows the law very well. He not only doesn’t “directly” violate the law, but also “intelligently” learns to “use” the law. It can be seen that the money he earns, and even a lot of “profits” can only be obtained by relying on the judgment of the court


The plot written by cuihongqi and the required “initial expenses”

Just like the “Ma Ningyuan” of the Ming Dynasty, a very smart man not only took advantage of the mentality that the superior leaders could not afford, but also took advantage of his ability to master the rules due to poor information, and grabbed huge benefits from the middle.

When you want to ask him “why” and “why”?

He will ask you, “did I break the law?”

In the words of teacher Luo Xiang:

“The law is only the lowest moral requirement for people. If a person claims to be law-abiding, he may be scum.”


After committing a crime, such people will not think that they have moral problems, but just “unintentionally” violated the red line of the law. It would be good to learn a lesson and try not to touch the red line next time, even if the actual result is worse.

In his mind, “law” is not a standard worthy of awe, nor the direction of popular sentiment, but just a tool to play with.

Law is only the minimum requirement of morality. A law-abiding person who has never been imprisoned in his life does not mean that he is a noble person.

He may be a villain you know in your life, but you absolutely don’t want to deal with or make friends with;

He may be a villain who doesn’t talk about the right and wrong of the principle, goes up when he sees the good, and hides when he sees the bad;

He may be a villain who is very warm to you on the surface, but behind his back is plotting to hurt you;

He may not break the law, but he may be scum.


It is true that the law can not solve all social problems, because more problems actually depend on the “code of ethics” that everyone follows.

If the society is “forced” that everything must be required by the “law”, there will be some funny and sad things, such as:

When men and women talk about marriage, they must first do property notarization. If there are more and more cheating marriages and they can’t be disposed of, because most people can’t imagine that the other party is rushing to share your property when they get married

If you are brave enough to do justice on the road, you must sign the disclaimer first. If you act bravely for a just cause, you still need to bear the corresponding civil and legal liabilities, because most people did not expect that the other party would hold onto the rescuer

Doctors must first go for a comprehensive examination to save lives. If there are more and more medical malpractices and can not be properly treated, because doctors can’t think that treating patients and saving people still needs to pay the price of life and property

It is true that the law can not solve all social problems, but also hope that,

Those who lack moral standards,

Those who lack awe,

Those who disrupt social order,

Reality can give him his “fairness”!

Otherwise, it is “unfair” to those who stick to morality, revere rules and abide by order!


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