Which monster has the most magic weapons in journey to the west? Why did the Supreme Lord give me so many magic weapons?

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Which monster has the most magic weapons in journey to the west? Why did the Supreme Lord give me so many magic weapons? Readers who are not clear can watch it together with the Xiaobian of China story network.

Friends who have read “journey to the west” more believe that they have a very deep impression on the king of golden horn and the king of silver horn, two powerful monsters. In the whole journey to the west, which monster has the most magic weapons? It must be the king of golden horn and the king of silver horn, because they stole a lot of treasures and magic weapons. What are these precious magic tools? Let’s take a look next.


1. Seven star sword. Taoist magic instruments are even treasures of many places.

2. Banana fan. After it was collected in Kunlun Mountain, one fan burst into flames, which is just the opposite of the Iron Fan Princess’s fan.

3. Purple gold gourd. I believe everyone is relatively familiar with this line: do you dare to promise when I call you? As long as you promise, it will be put into the bottle immediately, regardless of whether you use an alias, alias, online name or real name.

4. Jade fat clean bottle. This magic weapon is very strange. It turned out to be the work of Guanyin, which was copied from a mountain village. It also has powerful functions, similar to Zijin gourd. As for why Lao Jun wanted to copy Guanyin’s works, snail has analyzed them in previous articles.

5. Gold rope. The strangest thing about this magic weapon is that it was originally the belt that the Supreme Lord tied his trousers. After it was stolen, it was equivalent to that he carried his trousers to work every day.

Sun Wukong was almost killed by these magic weapons. Fortunately, he had enough brains and thought of many ways to get them all in his hands. However, just as he was happy to get so many treasures, a line of words floated in the sky——

“Sun Xing, return my baby.”

Monkey king looked up and saw that it was the Supreme Lord. He pretended not to know: “what baby?”

The Supreme Lord said, “the gourd is for me to hold pills, the net bottle is for me to hold water, the sword is for me to refine demons, the fan is for me to fan fire, and the rope is for me to wear a robe. The two monsters are the boy who looks at the gold furnace and the boy who looks at the silver furnace. Just because he stole my treasure, he came down from the world and found nowhere. But you caught it and got merit.”

The two boys stole five magic weapons at one go. If you tell me, we may not believe it. Therefore, Sun Wukong immediately refuted him and said, “you old official, are really rude. Even if you let your family members be evil, you should ask for a lax charge.”

However, the Supreme Lord said: “don’t do my business, don’t blame anyone. This is the Bodhisattva on the sea who asked me to borrow it three times and sent him here to turn into a demon. I’ll see if your disciples really want to go west.”

When Sun Wukong heard this, he was so angry that he said a very vicious curse: he should have no husband all his life!

Then, the question comes. The Supreme Lord sent these two children to the lower world as demons. But why did he send five magic weapons at once? Was he really afraid of being killed by Sun Wukong? Obviously not!


The real reason is that these five treasures coincide with the five elements and gossip! The purple gold gourd belongs to fire, the net bottle belongs to water, the seven star sword belongs to gold, the banana fan belongs to wood, and the front gold rope belongs to earth.

What has kept monkey king under pressure for 500 years? Wuxing mountain! Why can Wuxing mountain hold down monkeys? Because although he has learned the art of immortality, he is still in the five elements!

It can be seen that any magic weapon in the journey to the west is not an ordinary person. It was stolen by monsters and has a meaning. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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