Which monsters are the three monsters in the journey to the west? What will happen to them in the end?

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Che Chi country is a country that Tang monks and disciples passed by on their way to learn scriptures in the novel Journey to the West. Do you know that? Next, the editor in chief of China story network will explain it to you

Chechi state fighting is a famous segment in journey to the west, which tells the story of Chechi state three demons fighting with Sun Wukong to bet on life and death. The three demons of Chechi country are Taoist disciples and are very respectful to the patriarch of Sanqing. Why dare you fight with the monkey king who has given face to Sanqing

First, the two sides quarreled


On the morning of the second day after monk Tang arrived in Chechi country, he was ready to go to the court to change the customs clearance ultimatum. Fearing that King Che Chi would embarrass the Tang monk, Sun Wukong followed him to see the king. As soon as king Che Chi heard that the four monks wanted to see him, he ordered them to be arrested. At this time, the grand master objected, thinking that the four were from the Tang Dynasty and must have some magic power, so he advised the king to cross examine the identities of the four before letting them go west. The king heard that it was reasonable, so he ordered the four masters and disciples of Tang monk to see him.

The three immortals of tiger power, deer power and sheep power were teased by Sun Wukong yesterday. So this morning, they went to the court to find King Che Chi and reported to him. The king hurriedly got up to meet the tiger immortal and asked them what they wanted to see. The three of them then told the monks that they had killed the Taoist priest, released the prisoners without permission, and disturbed the Sanqing temple. The king was so angry that he wanted to kill the four disciples.

Sun Wukong hurriedly defended: “the National Master said that we killed two Taoist priests without any evidence. Let’s admit it and let two monks pay for their lives. We let 500 monks go without a witness. Let’s admit it and let one monk pay for his life. It’s obviously intentional to make a scene at Sanqing temple.” When King Che Chi asked about the reason, Sun Wukong lied and said, “we only came to Che Chi Kingdom yesterday. We are not familiar with the land. How can we know where the Sanqing temple is? Besides, we should catch the thief and take the stolen goods. Since someone disturbed the Sanqing Temple yesterday, the national teacher should catch the troublemaker. If it is a person who uses a false name, it will not be unfair to us.” The king listened to the reason and hesitated.

II. Compete for rain

Not long ago, thirty or forty people of Chechi state asked to see the king, saying that there was no rain in the spring, imploring the national teacher to rain, and the king approved. Then king Che Chi explained the reasons for respecting Taoism and suppressing Buddhism to the Tang monks and disciples, and asked the four to compete with the national master for rain. If they won, they would be given an ultimatum for customs clearance, let them go west, and if they lost, they would be killed. Sun Wukong agreed without fear. The king then went to the five Phoenix Tower to watch the competition.

Tiger power went to the altar to pray for rain first, and Sun Wukong asked him to explain the process of praying for rain, so as to avoid entanglement between the two sides in the future. The tiger immortal replied, “I take the token as the number: one token rings the wind, two sounds the clouds, three sounds the thunder flashes, four sounds the rain, five sounds the clouds disperse and the rain collects.” Hearing this, Sun Wukong let him go up to pray for rain.


On the stage, the great tiger fairy prepares the rain praying items, then sticks to the sword, reads a spell, burns a amulet, hits a token, and suddenly the wind blows. Sun Wukong didn’t see it well, so he flew into the air and ordered Feng’s mother-in-law and Xun Erlang to stop blowing. Seeing that the wind stopped, the tiger power immortal burned the rune paper and struck the token twice. Suddenly, dark clouds covered. Sun Wukong then ordered tuiyun boy and bouwu Lang to step down.

The tiger power immortal was a little impatient. He recited a spell, burned the rune paper, and struck a token three times. Deng Tianjun then led Lei Gong and the mother of electricity to come, but was stopped by Sun Wukong. Seeing that there was no thunder, the tiger immortal became more anxious, so he added incense, burned amulets, chanted mantras, and fired four tokens. The Dragon King of the four seas rushed to rain, but was still stopped by Sun Wukong. Then Sun Wukong ordered all the immortals to use the golden cudgel as the signal: one finger to release wind, two finger to spread clouds, three finger to flash and thunder, four finger to rain, five finger to rain and clear the sky. The immortals listened.

Sun Wukong asked the tiger power immortal to come down. He had to go back and tell the king that the Dragon God was not at home. Sun Wukong then said that the national master’s magic was not effective, and he could invite rain himself. When the king heard this, he asked Sun Wukong to beg for rain. Sun Wukong then asked Tang monk to recite scriptures on the stage, and he was responsible for the rain himself. Tang monk then read the Heart Sutra, while Sun Wukong commanded the immortals in the sky. It rained heavily. When the king saw this, he praised the monkey king’s magic.

Three, compare meditation

King Che Chi wanted to let the Tang monks and disciples go, but the tiger immortals refused to admit defeat, saying that the rain was their own credit, and that they invited the Fengyun thunderstorm five Division. It was only because they were late that the monks took the credit. The king hesitated, so Sun Wukong proposed: “the Dragon King of the four seas who rained has not left. If the national teacher can let them appear, the credit for the rain will go to them.” They didn’t have this ability, so they let the monkey king shout. As soon as Sun Wukong shouted, the Dragon King of the four seas appeared. The king and his ministers saluted, and then Sun Wukong let the immortals go back.

King Che Chi wanted to let the Tang Monk and his disciples go west, but the tiger power immortal refused to accept it and proposed that it be better than meditation. When the king asked how to compare them, the tiger immortal replied, “the ladder is holy, that is, to fold 50 tables into a Zen platform, and then ride the cloud to sit on the Zen platform. Whoever starts first will lose.” When the king heard this, he asked Tang Monk if his disciples dared to gamble, so Tang Monk went out to compete. The tiger power immortal flew to the meditation platform and sat down. The Tang Monk also stepped on the auspicious cloud turned by Sun Wukong. Seeing that the two sides had been competing for a long time and could not decide the outcome, the great immortal Lu Li changed a bug to interfere with the Tang monk.

Tang monk was bitten by a bug, and he felt uncomfortable all over. So he shrunk his head and rubbed his clothes. When Sun Wukong saw it, he felt something was wrong, so he became a bug and drove away the bedbugs. Sun Wukong thought this was a Taoist trick, so he changed into a centipede and went into the nose of a tiger immortal to make trouble. Huli Daxian was bitten and fell off the stage. Officials of Chechi country rushed to rescue him. The king then planned to let the Tang Monk and his disciples go west, but Lu Li Daxian refused to accept. On the pretext that the elder martial brother had a relapse, he wanted to continue the competition of “guessing the medals on the partition board”. The king had to agree.

Four, the reason why the three demons dare to fight

The king of that country said, “my master, I have not been invited. How can I be willing to surrender today?” The old Taoist said, “I have something to tell you, so I’m here. Where are the four monks from?” The king said: “I was sent by the eastern Tang Dynasty to the Western Heaven to get scriptures. I’m here to change Guan Wen.” The three Taoist priests clapped and laughed and said, “I said he left, but he is still here.” (journey to the west, 45 chapters)

The walker took a step closer and clapped his hands together and said: “Your Majesty, these side door spells have not achieved any results, and they can’t be regarded as mine. Now there is a dragon king in the air, and my monk hasn’t given them out. He still dares not retreat quickly. If the national master can make the Dragon King appear, it will be his credit.” The king said happily, “I have been emperor for 23 years, and I have never seen what a living dragon looks like. Your two families show their magic power. No matter whether they are monks or Taoists, those who can be called are meritorious; those who cannot be called are guilty.” How can a Taoist have such ability? The Dragon King dared not stand out when he saw the great sage here. (journey to the west, 45 chapters)


The main reasons why the three demons of Chechi country dare to fight with Sun Wukong, who gave face to Sanqing are as follows:

First of all, the three demons are just ordinary goblins. They only learned the five thunder magic of Taoism. Then they went to Chechi country to show their magic power. They have been worshipping Sanqing here and praying for the elixir of immortality. Since Che Chi is an ordinary person with no magic except for the three demons, the king is also respectful to the three demons. Therefore, the three demons have been running roughshod in Chechi country, and they don’t know anything about the outside situation. The three demons have been arrogant and domineering for 20 years. Therefore, whenever they are teased by Sun Wukong, they must fight with him to win back face in front of the king.

Secondly, Chechi country is surrounded by Flaming Mountain in the East and Tongtian River in the west, which forms a natural barrier to Chechi country, making communication between the country and the outside world very limited. The three demons don’t know about the Tang Monk’s disciples taking scriptures from the west, nor have they heard about the monkey king’s havoc in the heavenly palace, nor do they know about the rumors that Tang Monk’s flesh can live forever. It can be seen that the three demons have very limited understanding of the outside world, and the information channels are very blocked. Therefore, the three demons did not know that Sanqing also wanted to give face to Sun Wukong, so they were arrogant and dared to gamble with Sun Wukong.

In the end, the tiger power immortal and Sun Wukong failed to gamble for rain and could not invite the Dragon King from all over the world to show up. It can be seen that they do not know anything about the heaven, that is, ordinary monsters. Sun Wukong can invite the Dragon King of the four seas, make the five orders of the tiger power immortal fail one by one, and invite the Dragon King to appear. It can be seen that he has a great face in heaven, much better than the three demons. However, the three demons are still determined to gamble with Sun Wukong. It can be seen that their brains are not smart enough. Some of them have been watching the sky for a long time and do not know how many pounds they have. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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