Which of the top ten annual star dramas in 2021 do you like best

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Recently, the fifth eagle eye ingenuity list hosted by the TV series eagle eye was announced. This program is also the result of four months of layer by layer selection. Which of the top ten annual star dramas in 2021 is the best in your mind? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Top ten annual star plays in 2021

Part 10: the traitor, starring zhuyilong and nursery rhymes, tells the story of linnansheng, zhuyizhen and others who have completed the transformation of faith under the leadership of the party.

Part 9: Xiaomin’s family. The play, starring Zhou Xun and Huang Lei, tells the story of divorced men and women regaining their love.

Part VIII: the ideal city, starring Sun Li and Zhao Youting, reflects the current situation of China’s construction industry and tells the story of the growth of cost engineer Su Xiao.

Part 7: adversary. The play is starred by guojingfei and tanzhuo. The play uses the daily life of a spy couple to tell the story.

Part 6: I am very good in my hometown. The play, starring zhouyutong and Bai Yufan, tells the story of a group of young people working hard in their hometown.

Which one do you like best

Part V: the children of the Qiao family. The play, starring Bai Yu and song zu’er, tells the story of the five children of the Qiao family who support each other and depend on each other for their lives.

Part IV: meritorious deeds. The play is starred by Wang Lei and Lei Jiayin. The play is divided into eight units and tells the stories of eight meritorious figures.

The third part: anti Mafia storm, starring sunhonglei and Zhang Yixing, tells the story of the central steering group’s anti Mafia and evil elimination in lvteng city.

Part II: love of mountains and seas. The play, starring Huang Xuan and Zhang Jiayi, tells the story of Xihaigu’s people and cadres who have completed poverty alleviation in response to the national poverty alleviation policy.

The first part: the awakening era, starring Yu Hewei and Zhang Tong, tells the pursuit of truth and ideals by Chinese advanced elements and passionate young people a hundred years ago.

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