White Deer playing the edge ball video White Deer dancing rubbing chest scolded

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Bai Lu is a very popular artist in Yu Zheng. The film and television works of Bai Lu in recent years have also been broadcast well. Moreover, Bai Lu has also participated in a lot of variety shows. With his own personality, he has also attracted a lot of fans, which is a very popular flower. The video of white deer playing the edge ball caused controversy. White deer in the video rubbed his chest and was scolded by many netizens. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Video of white deer playing edge ball

White deer often show their dancing videos on Tiktok. Some of these dancing videos are cute, some are funny, but some are sexy. White deer had previously aired a dance video on Tiktok, in which white deer’s hands crossed from top to bottom, but it was right at the chest.

So after this video was released, some netizens complained that roast was playing the edge ball. This kind of chest rubbing action looks particularly pornographic, and the clothes of white deer on that day are also very sexy, which is difficult to avoid people’s imagination. This video of white deer has also caused a lot of controversy on the Internet, especially black powder holding a variety of slanders against white deer. Then white deer deleted this dance video, but also did not want to cause misunderstanding.

White deer were scolded for dancing and rubbing their breasts

White deer’s character is always careless, and this kind of dance action is quite common in dance, especially in women’s group dance. Many dances of white deer are learned from the Internet. They don’t think so much at all. They just want to try different styles of dance. In this dance video of white deer, only some men will have bad ideas. So those who go to black and white deer to seduce men because of this dance video really wronged white deer.

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